What’s that smell!?? Oh, it’s YOU, Jerry!

08 Aug

Warning: If you are a student or a minor, please leave this blog NOW!

As I was navigating the obstacle course in a local supermarket a bizarre odor hit my nose as I was passing the newspaper display. As I inched closer to the display I wondered to myself, “Is it the Times Useless, the News Herald, the Daily Mail that is emitting such a foul stench?” As I got closer to the News Herald, I was certain it was the cause of the odor. But why?

Where ya been hidin’, Jerry?

I decided to explore the origin of the smell a bit more and opened a copy of the August 9th News Herald. As I perused the substandard writing and the idiotic reporting, I just couldn’t put my finger on it…until I reached page 9,  the Letter to the Editor. Now the putrid odor was almost unbearable but now I saw why…I had found the source of the stench…

We were wondering where Dirty Hands Jerry Deluca has been these past weeks. The word is that he was told by higher-ups to shut up, lie low, and stay away from meetings. He was apparently becoming too much of a liability, an embarassment even to the Coeymanazis!.

But far be it from Dirty Hands Jerry to shut up for any length of time…unless it concerns how much money was made in the recent RCS Bottle Blitz, more than a month since the first collection, and still no figure…and so our illiterate Coeymans police investigator got someone to write a Letter to the Editor for him, did he? And this one is another example of Dirty-Hands Jerry’s dyslexia and avoidance of reality.

The first paragraph of Jerry’s vomit is a short history of the RCS Sports Association and how much time it has invested to raise money. We know that they raised money, Jerry, our question was and still is: How much and what did they do with it? No bookkeeping, no state registration, no tax filings. Did you miss that, Jerry?

The second paragraph tells us where Dirty-Hands Jerry thinks the money went…but then, as a police investigator and co-conspirator–much of the questionable unlawful activity occurred on Dirty-Hands Jerry’s watch–and he should know that all he is spreading is rumor and hearsay. For months we have been asking the same questions: How much money was raised? When? Where is the recordkeeping documenting how it was spent? Where are the registrations and reportings required by the law? You forgot to put that in your letter, Jerry.

Here’s a tip for you, Jerry: If you’re going to make accusations, use some solid facts like: Who? Where? When? and What? In our expererience words are said by people with names at a specific place and at a specific time. It’s always good to be able to tell your readers exactly what was said. You’re just too used to being overly vague and getting away with it. Not any more, Bucko!

Then the real bullshit comes in the third paragraph: Old Dirty-Hands Jerry attacks members of the community who have been asking and still are asking: Where is the bookkeeping? Where are the registrations? Where are the tax filings?!?

We’re still asking about the Deluca RCS Bottle Blitz, too. So what’s the story Jerry, Cathy? Is the RCS Bottle Blitz going to be the next big scam? Maybe the Board of Education needs to get a policy in force that requires anybody, ANYBODY who uses school property for ANYTHING to go through an application process, a background check, etc. Any anyone who claims to be raising money or collecting from the public on the pretense of doing it for the RCS Central School District must produce documents and documentation within 5 business days of the project. How’s that grab ya, Cathy? Where’s the money Cathy Deluca?

Dirty Hands Jerry throws out the old red herring in his typical tactic of distract and misinform when he praises the coaches, especially naming his buddy Gary Vanderzee, who as Jerry puts it, “are being forced to defend their operation and integrity to School Board Members.” DUH! No, Jerry, they are not being forced to defend anything but they should be. They will be held accountable though; the RCS schools are not run like the Coeymanazi police department, you know.  And, Yes, Jerry, anyone employed by the district or operating anything on school property is answerable to the RCS board of education. You should know that…but sorry, I forgot, you’re reading impaired and probably would not have been able to read the state law or the RCS Central School District website that publishes what the duties and responsibilities of the board of education are under New York state law. And NO! Jerry, the board of education hasn’t said a word against the coaches…IT’s the RESIDENTS who are asking the Board of Education find out and to report back to the community why there are so many coaches compared to other districts! Accountability, Jerry, something you have no clue about. By the way Jerry: How much did Cathy Deluca, your wife, collect on the RCS Bottle Blitz? Is there a good reason why the information has been provided only to a select group of “friends” and not to the community? Who is holding the money?

Oh! Let’s get back to your misguided letter to the editor, Jerry, because you are obviously very confused. The Board of Education is asking a non-school organization, an outside organization, the RCS Sports Association, to prove who they are, what they are doing, that they have the required registrations and records, that they are reporting their income, and that they have the required insurance coverage. The RCS Sports Association is using the RCS initials but is NOT an RCS Central School District organization. The RCS Sports Association, whatever it does, is like any other outside organization and must comply with RCS Central School District policies and procedures, not to mention New York state and federal laws. But you wouldn’t know anything about that, would you, Coeymans police investigator Gerald Deluca? What’s the law, you ask?

Gerald “Dirty-Hands Jerry” Deluca: You have done more to destroy this community than any single person or any group of persons in this community. You have spread more hate and suspicion than any single person or group in this community in living memory. You have a lot of nerve slithering out from under your rock and spreading your stench again!

By the way, Jerry Deluca, weren’t you on the board of education for several years during which the RCS Athletic/Sports Association was engaging in their deceitful, unlawful practices? Hell, you were even president of the board, weren’t you? Why didn’t you pick up on it, Jerry? Why didn’t you ask these questions about accountability, complying with the law, protecting the interests of the district  and the taxpayers? Why are you all of a sudden so mouthy now? Where were you when all of this was happening and no one asked about it? Maybe you could put the answers in your next letter to the editor, Jerry.

Is that YOU, Jerry?

Several months ago we reported on sports injuries suffered by high-school athletes when we reported on the misconduct of your so-called “revered” coaches and their abuse of the athletes, bouncing helmets off the kids’ heads, kicking them, verbally abusing them. We also reported on the swimming coach’s abuse of male and female swimmers and about parent’s complaints…he’s still there. Now the Times Useless picks up the story months after we published the information and does a full-page Sunday spread on it. Typical Times Useless, a dollar short and an hour late.

But what you seem not to have gotten after all is said and done, Jerry Deluca, is that the Board of Education has NOT gone after the coaches…if you hadn’t been practically banned from the meetings you’d know that. It’s the coaches who have attacked the Board of Education for doing what the law and common decency requires the board to do: treating all outside service providers equally and fairly.

What you seem to have missed is that the RCS board of education is asking the RCS Sports Association to comply with the law, which it refuses to do, and to ensure that the school district is not liable for any illegal activity or for any accidents or incidents that might be connected with the Sports Association’s activities on school property. What you seem to have left out in your little hate speech is that it is not Jerry Deluca, you’re just a nobody, nor the RCS Sports Association, they’ll be under IRS investigation soon, we hear, who is responsible for the wellbeing of the students, for effective policies and procedures, and for protecting the interests of the RCS school district taxpayers and ensuring that all organizations doing business on RCS school property are legal and properly insured. That’s exactly what the RCS board of education is doing.

So back to your garbage heap, Jerry, you’re stinking up the place again!

While you’re back there, you might want to ask Cathy when she plans to publish (anywhere but on Facebook)  the figures on how much money was generated by the first RCS Bottle Blitz over a month ago. You can’t seem keep things honest or decent at home, how dare you point fingers at the honest ones in the community!

Afterword: Mike Varney recently posted a comment on this blog cautioning another reader to avoid wild accusations. Yes, the same Mike Varney who, while viewing on his cell phone (!?!?)  the April 14th BoE meeting and the voting not to accept the self-serving pay freeze offer by the teachers union, rushed to get to the meeting to express his disappointment to the board. Now what’s that do for Mike’s credibility? We’re blessed he chose not to run again…or did he chose not to lose? Who cares. Well, Mr Varney, you were a member of the board of education a couple of years ago, right? What we’d like to know, Mr Varney is this: Why didn’t YOU didn’t question the obviously deviant and unlawful practices of the RCS Sports Association when you were on the board of education? Wouldn’t that be a fair question for the feds to ask? We may yet see.  Perhaps if previous boards of education had any common sense and any interest in doing their jobs the present situation would have been nipped in the bud! But then, Gerald Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca was on the board for several years, as was Cathy Long-Deluca, and was president of the board, too, and was able to corrupt it from within.

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!

6 responses to “What’s that smell!?? Oh, it’s YOU, Jerry!

  1. Mike Varney

    August 12, 2012 at 11:40 am

    If you watch the video of the meeting, you’ll see that my comment about the pay freeze was actually my secondary comment. The reason I came down to the meeting was the treatment of the employee.

    It shouldn’t be surprising to you that the TU article was written with a certain agenda in mind. Generally speaking I have no real concern as to the public’s view of me (never had), so I saw no reason to correct the story. The base quote was correct; although it was slightly out of context – – my prior sentence was something to the effect of “The BoE has been asking for salary givebacks for 2 years now…”… my intent was to point out that the BoE (in various forms over the last several years) had been trying for a contract giveback for so long, and when they finally got it they were seemingly turning their nose up at it. However, that was before it came to light that they got the paperwork 5 minutes before the meeting. To hold an opinion on that kind of issue with only taking 5 minutes to read & consider is disappointing to me.

    It’s been my longstanding opinion that if you can’t make the meetings, you shouldn’t hold your seat. We had a similar situation years ago with Howard Shafer; when it became evident that his Albany County meetings conflicted with the BoE meetings, he resigned from his seat.

    It should also be pointed out that my BoE term overlapped with both John Vadney’s and Mike Robbin’s, both longstanding community members. Yet the RCSSA issue did not come up at all during that year.

    Mike Varney


    • Fides qua Creditur

      August 12, 2012 at 12:42 pm

      Thank you very much, Mike, for taking the time to respond at length to our remarks. That’s very generous, indeed, and very informative for our readers.

      For the record, I did review that video several times and again since you posted your comments. Whether your remarks regarding the pay freeze were secondary or not is not self-revealing from the video but for argument sake, we have no problem accepting that condition from you. The fact does remain that what the greater public read for better or for worse was in the Time Useless. Whether or not you have any interest in what the public thinks of you, you will have to admit that when you publicly spoke those words you made and left a durable impression on the hearer, and later on the reader, that was far greater than yourself, and affected a far greater group than yourself. You should morally be concerned with that, at the least.

      It’s not surprising that the Times Useless took your words out of context and misused them, as usual, for an ulterior agenda. We see that quite frequently now and have identified the Times Useless as a second rate, if not third-rate source of information, little of it reliable and most of it simply destuctive, appealing to the lesser intellects and lower mentalities in the community.

      As for Josephine Tracey-O’Connor’s conduct and ethics, they speak volumes for themselves. She was a disgrace on the board of education and a disgrace off the board of education. She was the incarnation of conflicts of interest and unethical conduct while on the board. The fact that she kept the seat on the board despite the fact of knowing that there was a conflict between the interests of the community and her personal agendas was reprehensible. She betrayed the trust and confidence of the voting community in many other ways, too.

      The regrettable possibility is that Josephine O’Connor expects to become a teacher and expose her deplorable character to the sensitive and impressionable youth of some unfortunate school district must be averted at any and all costs. Individuals like Josephine O’Connor, given her public performances, have no place in the school lerning environment.

      This community has quite the variety in cockroach species and it would be an entomologist heaven, were it not so desperately in need of psychiatric attention.

      Thank you again for your comments. We appreciate your sharing your insights with the community via this medium.



  2. Mike Varney

    August 10, 2012 at 10:20 pm

    I am not an accountant, nor a CPA. I do not work in the finance industry at all. That wasn’t what I brought to the table.

    During my tenure, we had other issues that were pressing at the time; the RCS Sports Association wasn’t one of them.

    I served on the Board of Education for 4 years; 1 as the president. When I felt my effectiveness wasn’t 100%, I did not seek reelection and let others with greater drive take my spot.



    • Fides qua Creditur

      August 10, 2012 at 10:30 pm

      Thank you for the correction. We always welcome it when a contributor can improve our service by ensuring that we are and continue to be error-free. In your case our informant was obviously wrong and we apologize for attributing to you qualifications which you very correctly disavowed. Perhaps if we had more qualified persons in terms of ethics, honesty, and general “energy” on the one side (the teachers clique) the community would fare much better. It is admirable that you opted to give way to others who may have had more “élan vital” than you at the time. Again, one would wish that were the case on the present board where there are a couple who are mimicking the dead but claim to be alive.

      Thanks very much for your correction.

      The Editor



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