Read Our Lips…Let’s Try Again…Read Our Lips

01 Aug

Warning: If you are a student or a minor, please leave this blog NOW! 

There Seems to Be Some Sort of Mental Retardation That Has Affected the RCS CSD Athletics/Sports Association, Some Psychoid Residents,  the RCS Coaches, The RCS Teachers Clique, and the Coeymanazi Sockpuppet, Dayelin Roman, of the Albany Times Useless.

What Exactly Don’t You People Understand?

Can You Hear Me?

The RCS CSD superintendant of schools, Elizabeth Smith, is starting to worry me, and she should be worrying you all if she is correctly quoted in the Times Useless: “Superintendent Elisabeth Smith said the unusual move left her with questions about how to proceed.” What is it you don’t understand, Betsy? Ask us and maybe we can help you.  Here’s a start:

  • School superintendent, school district busness manager, are employees hired to manage…so start managing!
  • Board of education establishes all  school district policies
  • Board of education approves or disapproves the Superintendent’s recommendations regarding personnel matters and the many contracts the district must enter
  • RCS Athletic or Sports Association must comply with the directives of the board of education
  • RCS athletic directors like Ron Racey (now he’s got some skeletons), and so-called coaches like Gary Van DerZee, and Jerry Perrine coaches don’t make policy decisions, they comply with the policies and procedures enacted by the board of education. If they don’t they get disciplined.
  • The RCS board of education decides the conditions under which outside organizations operate on RCS CSD property. Period.
  • RCS Athletic or Sports Association is an outside, independent operator; it is not an agency of the RCS CSD, and so must comply with the policies and procedures set by the RCS board of education, even if the RCS Athletic / Sports Association chooses to ignore the demands of residents and to evade the laws of the state of New York and the United States.

Do you understand those simple bullet points, Betsy? You may have to gently pull the finger out, otherwise you can cause brain damage and not know how to proceed. Does that help, Betsy?

And Racey, Van der Zee, Perrine: Grow up! Stop your crybaby crap. You all have the opportunity and all have taken the opportunity to take to the podium and talk your shit. Now your Times Useless sockpuppet makes it sound like you’ve been deprived of the opportunity to be heard. Lying sacks of poo! You’re all crooks!

And Thank You! Judy Sylvester for taking a close look at their documents and finding that those so-called public documents were a public farce! Blank tax forms! Yeah, thanks Jerry Perrine for the try. But you didn’t pull it off, did you? Deceitful turd!

Some of you braniacs just aren’t catching on. Some of your brain surgeons just aren’t getting it. So here it is AGAIN! Please re-read our article We Didn’t Know…We Asked…We STILL Don’t Know!!!

Some of you braniacs just aren’t catching on. Some of your brain surgeons just aren’t getting it. So here it is AGAIN! Now re-read our article We Didn’t Know…We Asked…We STILL Don’t Know!!!

If you still don’t understand what’s going on, please re-read our article We Didn’t Know…We Asked…We STILL Don’t Know!!! 

Now Mr Loosey-Goosey James Latter, Ms Witless Whalen, Mr Rodent-brain Reville, Ms Dumbass Dayelin, you probably still don’t get it but here goes:

For months Mr James Latter has been asked by numerous residents to cough up the details on the RCS Sports/Athletic Association’s finances, operating status, and tax filings. These demands were made in public session by numerous residents. Latter and the RCS Sports Association ignored those demands. Instead of producing the information, the RCS Sports/Athletics Association disbanded itself. Now what does that tell you? (Latter denies any connection with the RCS Athletic Association but is quick to point the finger at William “Bill the Ferret” McFerran, who he alleges was an officer and member of the “old” RCS Athletics Association. But Latter still doesn’t take a position against the Association’s scandalous practices, he just votes the party line and doesn’t lift a finger to demand the truth. Why is that, Jimmy Boy?)

Now take your time. Think about it. We know it hurts to think but do it anyway.

Then, out of the clear blue sky…no one in the RCS CSD superintendent’s office knows anything about it, no one thinks to inform the Board of Education, but there’s a new RCS Sports Association…but no one knows who it is, no one has any information on its registration as a non-profit, no one has any informatin on insurance coverage or background checks, no one knows nothin’. But th e”new” RCS Sports Association wants access to students, to school facilities, to have the sports events concessions.

So, at the July 24th RCS board of education, the majority of the board says: No way! We need to see your paperwork before you get on school property.

Still following this? The “old” RCS Sports/Athletics Association couldn’t or wouldn’t produce the documents required by law to substantiate its claims and refused to account for how much money it pulled in and refused to say how they spent it. Now the “new” RCS Sports/Athletics Association is trying the same game. The Board’s response: Not again!

Now some of the lunatics in the RCS community are going bizarro…and again the Times Useless resident pinhead, Daylin Roman, screws up the facts…making the board of education look like they’re not protecting the community.

The bottom line, people, is: If you’re going to do business on school property or anywhere else, you’ve got to be registered, you have to keep books on what you take in and how you spend it, you have to identify yourself and your workers, and you have to have some sort of tax status and filing. What don’t you understand about this?

According to some of you dimwits, you’d like everyone to believe that if it’s free and done by volunteers, there’s no accountability. That if someone offers to do it for free, you’re an idiot if you don’t accept. Do I hear the BULLSHIT alarm going off again? I do!


According to the published information on the RCS CSD:

A local board of education is an agency of New York State that is governed by state law and the regulations of the commissioner of education. The Board of Education of the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk (RCS) Central School District is made up of nine members who are elected by qualified voters of the district. All board members run “at large” in the district and serve without pay for three-year terms. New York State law does not limit the number of terms a board member may serve. The board’s five main areas of responsibility are:

  • to establish all school district policies;
  • to develop an annual budget for public approval;
  • to approve or disapprove the Superintendent’s recommendations regarding personnel matters and the many contracts the district must enter;
  • to review courses of study and textbooks;
  • to act as a two-way communications link between residents and the Superintendent

In other words, the RCS Board of Education is doing exactly what it was elected to do! We hope that Dayelin Roman and the Times Useless get it now (…The Times Useless signed on this blog at least five (5) separate times on August 1st (a grand total of more than 27 visits) and have been reading this article.) Like it, Dayelin? Learning anything…like how to write?

The RCS Athletic Association is NOT a school organization but uses the district’s name. It is independent of the school district and the school district does not have any input into its organization or operation But the school district does make policies for who operates on school property and how they operate.

The coaches and others should shut their cake holes and mind their own business! The other stupids who open their big mouths should learn what they’re talking about…that includes that stupid strumpet-with-a-laptop  Dayelin Roman!

Try getting the facts straight, Dayelin!

The RCS Sports/Athletic Association has behaved unlawfully and got away with it in the past. The “new” RCS Sports/Athletic Association wil lhave to comply with policies and procedures just like any other outside organization who comes on school property to operate concessions and to generate money. That’s the bottom line. Live with it.

Or on this blog!
The Editor

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!

11 responses to “Read Our Lips…Let’s Try Again…Read Our Lips

  1. springtime

    August 6, 2012 at 10:07 am

    Bravo!!! When I go to the BOE meetings it is clear that the administration is not doing their job…nor are questions answered in a comprehensive manner…the public MUST start demanding that the administration and teaches are held responsible for their decisions. The BOE (unfortunately not all of the BOE members)is trying to protect the taxpayor and most importantly the students,,,I am so sick of the ignorance, complacency, acceptance of the public in regard to the never ending lies and misrepresentation by the administration, the teachers, and those community memberss who use the students as their excuse to rob and lie. Concession…RFP it out!!! If you want help writing the RFP I would be more than happy to do it!! RFP should NOT be prepared by the insiders unless it is approved by BUSINESS PERSONS! (andI don’tmean the RCS Althletic GRoupees!)


  2. Simon

    August 2, 2012 at 8:13 am

    My favorite part is that a special board meeting was called to talk about this cr*p. I’m glad we’ve solved all of the other problems in our schools and now can talk about hotdogs at basketball games and candy at volleyball games.



    • Fides qua Creditur

      August 2, 2012 at 9:18 am

      Simon, I’m very surprised that you have superficialized the entire issue. You’re usually very good at getting to the core of a matter but this time you are rather disappointing. Or is the dishonesty, the graft, corruption, favoritism that is at the core of this concession issue cleverly disguised as a hotdog. Have we quantified theft to the extent that theft of $100 is less of a theft than theft of $10,000? Isn’t conscience and character at the core of this issue. And if conscience and character are at the core, are we not discussing the conduct of adults in close relationship with the development of conscience and character in young people? Is the dishonesty in the concession stand separate from dishonesty on the football or soccer playing field, or is it superimposible?

      I’m very sorry to have to fundamentally disagree with you on this count. What is at the core of this concession and RCS Sports Association issue is in fact, a very, very important aspect of education and character modeling. And the adults, ignorant and stupid as they are, are missing the mark. The hypocrisy, too, is glaring! On the one hand this community wants to crucify someone for appealing his tax assessments or for being a maverick yet on the other hand this hypocritical nest of vipers is quite ready and willing to cast a blind eye on the unlawful conduct of an organization that is in a much more critical position to do real public damage by its misconduct…the RCS Sports Association.

      Rather than join the Coeymanazi rants now that they’ve been caught with their pants down (in some cases quite literally!) now that their croneys and lackies are being called out into the daylight and told to conduct their business competitively and honestly, just as we demand of our HVAC provider or even our RiteAid, we should be extolling the board of education for their courage in demanding accountability and fair play. That, Simon, is the core issue.

      We mustn’t trivialize this in the terms you are using and I’m truly disappointed that you have intentionally or unintentionally lapsed into mis-edcuation mode this time.

      There’s more to the hotdog than meets the eye!

      The Editor


      • Simon

        August 2, 2012 at 9:28 am

        As far as I’m concerned – – let’s not run any concessions at any sporting events. You’ve had rants about sugar drinks in the past… why are we selling any of the concession stuff anyways?

        The thing is the BoE doesn’t get that the public is OVER this issue. We (the public) get their point. BoE “GOOD”, Athletic Association “BAD”. But they still allow the debate to continue, and we (the public) see at as so silly a conversation that we have to assume it’s a personal conflict.

        This is one of those circumstances that someone just needs to put out that we should not have a concession this year (revisit next year if you want) in order to cool off all this controversy. Bang the gavel, and then move on the real work, such as how to improve our graduation rate.

        If the money aspect is taken off the table perhaps all the cooler heads will prevail and we can move on.



      • Fides qua Creditur

        August 2, 2012 at 9:43 am

        Now there’s the old Simon! Bravo!

        Yes, I have had my “rants” on sugared soft drinks and Twinkies but so has the First Lady, so has the American Medical Association, so has the National Institutes of Health, etc., etc. Why, because they’re b-a-d for the young, the adult, and their adverse effects become worse and more costly as the generations age. Sure I rant when there’s something to rant about.

        And yes! Why do we sell poisons at athletic events? It’s like what I see at church coffee hour where people should be in communion and fraternity. But they’re there for a Pavlovian reward for their attendance at worship…the very ones who should not be consuming caffeine and sugar are gobbling it down like they never saw the stuff: cookies, donuts, frosted cakes, etc. And then they head off home for their insulin shot!

        So it is at our athletic events. High fat, preservatives, high-density concentrated fructose drinks. What the HEY?!? And look around the field, half the fat slobs can’t even waddle back to their seats and their fat-assed brats are closely following their fat-assed role models! Heart disease, vascular disease, diabetes, joint disorders, early onset dementia! And then they want the government to pay the medical bills! Idiots, IDIOTS!!!

        So yes, I ask, I rant. And I agree, why is a concession necessary. How much can they possibly be bringing in in a given season, once the utilities and supplies are paid for? Oh! Yes! We’ve been asking that for months now. So no one can really say how much because they don’t keep records but what they can say is: We want our concession! Bullshit!

        What I say is this: The Board of Education is doing the right thing by demanding accountability! Asking for competitive Requests for Proposals is the safest and most efficient way of ensuring quality, competiveness, and accountability. And the RCS Sports Association, just because it includes “RCS” in its moniker (name) doesn’t entitle it to favoritism–just closer scrutiny because of its past abuses.

        Perhaps we can get a vendor who does real, natural yogurt products, real fruit juices (instead of fruit “flavored” drinks high in fructose and corn syrup), granola snacks, fresh fruits and fruit salads, etc. Perhaps with a real business policy and procedures we can get quality, competitive offerings instead of the freebies and junk food. You get what you pay for in this universe.

        The Editor


  3. Mike Varney

    August 2, 2012 at 8:02 am

    Laszlo –

    Please be careful while making your wild accusations with extreme generalizations.

    — Mike Varney, “Past Board Member”


    • Fides qua Creditur

      August 2, 2012 at 9:25 am

      We must all be careful to maintain credibility and not to drown in the emotional flooding that sometimes occurs when we’re discussing these sensitive matters.

      It is the policy of this blog to take real issues, research the facts, and then to deal with the situation as appropriate. We urge all of our contributors and commentors to do the same and not to make the impression of extremism or idle threat.

      We tend to give the commentors the benefit of doubt and publish most comments, since the comments are the readers’ opportunity to publish their views and are not necessarily the views of blog administration or management. If we were not to publish the very objective as well as the very subjective, we would be comparable to the irresponsible journalism of the Albany Times Union or, worse still, to the commentors on the Times Useless blogs who, by the way, do not have a forum for their vitriolic venom on this blog and have found a welcoming reception at the Times Useless.

      We also are grateful for the courteous and charitable offers of caution and correction extended not only to this blog administration but also to our commentors by other commentors.

      Thank you, Mike.

      The Editor


  4. laszlo polyak

    August 1, 2012 at 3:42 pm

    Whose pocket is the money going into? Answer: The past superintendants’ and present superintendent’s, or what percents, or the past or present board members. I don’t like being lied to; maybe I will file a law suit, too, to get straight answers? Well ?


    • Fides qua Creditur

      August 1, 2012 at 10:36 pm

      I’d rather not speculate about such things because they are very serious. What I do advocate, however, is that the matters be turned over to the competent government investigative authorities like, as you have suggested, the IRS, and let them do their magic and then turn it over to the authorities who are responsible for prosecuting. There is criminal activity here and it must be investigated and prosecuted. The criminal activity is not just the thieving but also the conspiracies, the public corruption, the wheeling and dealing that has become commonplace in this community.

      It’s pretty bad, No! It’s sickening when you think that a board of education and residents are asking for answers to which they are entitled, have a right to ask and receive answers and the freak teachers, coaches, and their village idiots crucify them for doing what any responsible executive board would do naturally, if it were a private sector corporation! What horse’s ass did these people fall out of? The board’s doing exactly what the law requires it to do.

      The Superintendant hasn’t got the cojones to be a decent thief, but she’s incompetent enough to pave the way for the real thieves to have a Roman holiday…and she’s doing fine by them.

      That ass Dayelin Roman is a real whore when it comes to selling her rag; she has no ethics, no conscience, no values…she cuts a really lousy example of a Florida Jew, doesn’t she? Maybe she’s Alan Chartok’s illegitimate daughter? Same stuff, if you ask me.

      My bet is on the IRS. A request for a formal investigation might get the ball rolling.

      Thanks very much for your comments.



  5. laszlo polyak

    August 1, 2012 at 2:56 pm

    yeah well, I think its time to go to the IRS to get my questions answered by special agents. Dayelin your invited so are the rest of you !!!!! Sorry if you all get audited in your personal life and business life but my money is in the IRS as getting to the bottom ! do you understand I want to see the 990’s that the facts by 8/15/12 or 8/16/12 im asking the IRS do got that!!!!


    • Fides qua Creditur

      August 1, 2012 at 3:14 pm

      I agree totally. Let the IRS deal with it…that’s their job. Residents shouldn’t have to beg organizations to disclose what the law says they have to disclose. And yes! When the IRS starts looking at the RCS Athletic Association’s records or lack of records, they’ll likely want to look at the organizers’ and officers’ records and filings, too. So not only does the RCS Athletic Association get auditied but the organizers and the officers, too. Serves them right. They don’t want to come clean to the community, let the IRS have them.

      When the IRS is done doing their clean up, and the reports come out about the laxity in the district offices past superintendants and present superintendents will have to answer some scathing questions, too. Then will the insurance companies start looking at the district’s laxity in managing risk? You’d think so, wouldn’t you? And with the all-round laxity in finances, management, insurance, risk management, don’t you think that the outstanding lawsuits and complaints might find a more sympathetic ear in the courts, they juries might ask what the hell were they thinking?

      At least the present board is cleaning things up. Maybe that woodchuck who thinks the RCS board of education is a bunch of fools for demanding compliance and compatibility might think otherwise when the audits and lawsuits come flying his way and the next outrageous tax increase will be solely to cover the fines, the increased premiums, and the punitive damages awarded in the lawsuits! Then who will be the fools?

      And Ms Smith stands in the corner, finger deeply planted in her nostril, looking around confusedly wondering what she should do in the situation. Well, at more than $140,000 a year, we need less of a brown-nosing nose-picker and more of a leader! But then, when real leadership shows its face in this community, it’s so unfamiliar, some asshole calls it a fool.

      Thanks for your comment and GO FOR IT! We’re with you all the way!

      The Editor



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