We Didn’t Know…We Asked…We STILL Don’t Know!!!

25 Jul

Warning: If you are a student or a minor, please leave this blog NOW!

This RCS District and Community Plays or Appears to Have Been Playing Pretty Loosey-Goosey With Money Raised…What’s Worse, When Questions Are Asked of Those In A Position To Answer…We Are Ignored!

“Ignore” is the Beginning of Ignorance

Why is this, we have to ask? Why is it that Mr James Latter, a sitting member of the RCS board of education,  having been asked a number of times about the not-for-profit status of the RCS Athletic/Sports Association, about its accountability and reporting on its revenues and outlays, on its federal tax filings and disclosures. Latter, despite having been an officer in the association, ignored the questions and continues to ignore the questions. (That’s nothing new, Latter never actually responded to the allegations of his violation of student-parent confidentialities; he certainly didn’t resign at that time as was demanded by several residents. He’s still taking up space on the board of education.) This seems to be commonplace in the previous Coeymanazi-run regime: just ignore the questions. (Cathy Deluca, now almost three weeks after the famous RCS Bottle Blitz has still not disclosed how much money was taken in!)

Now comes the revelation that the “old” RCS Sports Association has been disbanded,  and a “new” RCS Sports Association has been started. But, again, no one seems to know who it is and no one in the office of the Superintendent of Schools can provide any answers regarding its operating status, its registrations, its tax status, its officers, etc. But the “new” Association is allegedly operating an Indian  football camp, the camp is contacting parents (apparently using a list kept by school administration), parents are allegedly sending in checks for $75 to cover participation, the camp is allegedly on school property, and the Superintendent of Schools, Ms Elizabeth Smith, has no answers. No one even knows who the “new” RCS Sports Association is! Much less even regarding the “new” Association’s insurance status!!! How can this be?!?

The School District and Organizations
Must Be Held Accountable!

We think it is imperative that the School District, the Board of Education, the “old” Sports Association and the “new” Sports Association, as well as residents and parents be well aware that just because the “old” association has been dissolved and a “new” association is taking its place does not make the old association’s  duties and obligations vaporize. The “old” association still has some serious taxation, organization and accounting questions to answe,r and to produce its closing and final balance sheet, just as any organization accepting and soliciting money from the public and using public facilities on the pretense of being non-partisan and non-profit. The question that still remains to be answered is, “What did you do with the money?” And Mr James Latter can be very helpful in getting that and other questions answered. He hasn’t yet but maybe if a Notice of Claim or a lawsuit is filed, he’ll be more willing to spill his guts. What do you think, Jimmie?

Until those questions are satisfactorily and completely answered, no “new” RCS Sports Association or Athletics Association should be allowed to operate in any way whatsoever in the RCS school district, in the RCS schools, or on RCS school properties! Citizens, residents, taxpayers, parents have the absolute right to know what the “old” RCS Sports or Athletic Association was doing and how, and needs the oft repeated but still unanswered questions answered. NOW! Mr James Latter knows about these things and so do the organizers of the “new” RCS Sports Association and the RCS CSD board of education, the RCS CSD Superintendent of Schools, the RCS CSD attorney and business manager have the duty, obligation, responsibility to summon those “old” crooks and the “new” organizers to answer all questions about their organizations. NOW!

The RCS Superintendent of Schools Elizabeth Smith’s responses to residents’ questions about the “new” RCS Sports Association were far from satisfactory. Answers like, “I expect that…”  or “I don’t know…” are simply unacceptable. Why don’t you know, Ms Smith? Isn’t it your job or the district business manager’s job to know or for the school administrator to know? Or is this sports association game going to be played by the same loosey-goosey rules as the last one, and then the hocuspokus will happen: those responsible go South (as in South to Florida…rumor is that the Delucas are planning a trip down that way).

Going South, Jerry?

One point is crystal clear: NO organization should be operating on school property, NO organization should be appropriating the school district’s name or moniker, NO organization should be directly marketing to parents or residents as if it were acting for or on behalf of the district, and NO organization should be soliciting funds or contributions as if it were doing so for or on behalf of the district, a district school, students, or a school organization UNLESS it has produced all certifications, registrations, documents, etc. as to its organization, its officers, its tax status, its finances, etc. for examination by the entire board of education, and unless it is subjected to the approval of the board of education, who will then accept the application on behalf of the district. Of course, the Superintendent of Schools, the RCS school district attorney, the district business manager would all be called to provide their opinions and recommendations before the board of education would vote on the organization.

It is apalling that to date, no one in the RCS district offices can give any straight answers. Moreover, it is embarassing that the residents’ elected representatives, the RCS board of education, has been unceremoneously sidelined and by-passed while the “old” regime and the “old” association did as they pleased, and then when they were called out, disappeared.

The non-teachers, citizen-resdient members of the new Board of Education summed up the future route to be followed: As BoE member Mr Lukens pointed out: “With regard to groups using taxpayers’ property; school grounds which are owned by the taxpayers and they [the taxpayers], I believe, they do have the right to know. And I believe we should make a strong effort, before we allow any group to use taxpayer property–it is our duty–to make sure that they have a certificate of insurance that the public can see on our website, and have all the appropriate paperwork in order just like all of us have to do if we want to do business.” And as the BoE president, Mr Vadney concluded, “Paperwork must be in order just like anyone doing business. I totally agree with you; we went through this last year. Before anyone comes on district property all paperwork should be in the district’s hand, must be checked out and verified before they are allowed on the property. If this is not happening, then we must do it. We must secure our liability. It’s for everyone, no matter who it is.”

Mr James Latter: Come clean! Produce the closing financial report and statement on the “old” RCS Sports Association. Whoever–we don’t know yet for certain who they are–probably the same group as before but different names–the “new” RCS Sports Association is, they must appear before the RCS board of education, introduce themselve, produce their registrations, certifications, filings, approvals, etc. BEFORE they start operating football camps, concessions, or anything else in this school district! Superintendent of Schools, Ms Elizabeth Smith, get your paperwork in order and ensure that all necessary and required paperwork is on file, verified, and confirmed by the RCS CDS District offices, AND approved by the RCS CDS Board of Education.

Still outstanding is a response on a decade of overpayment of school employees due to inadequate checks and balances, and the fact that no one ever come forward to admit they were receiving more than they should have received! Crooks! This came out in a recent scathing audit report of the district. No one’s sure if or how the money can be recouped! By the way, that was playing loosey-goosey with your money, dear readers. Still no answers.

Of course, the teachers’ clique represented by Whalen, Reville, and Engel opposed any accountability of the RCS Sports Association. Was that a surprise? BTW, the Coeymanazi contingent was conspicuously absent from the meeting. Have they gone underground? Matt Miller seems to have dropped of the face of the earth, too! (Maybe Matt “the Mutt” Miller is stocking shelves at Shop’n Save, trying to make up the $10 grand he lost when his cushy and illicit “energy manager” position was not renewed. No more double-dipping, Mattie!)  R.J. D’Esposito must have had a gladiator movie to watch or was he quilting that nite? Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca and Bottle-Blitz Cathy may have absconded with the bottle and can money to Florida. Who knows? Who cares? Lorraine Misuraca (Lorraine Misuraca should not be confused with Jenafer “Jena” Misuraca, VP of the PBC PTO for some 5 years) might be organizing a shadow PTO or even a “new” RCS Sports Association. (Will Lorraine M. ever pose again with Cathy Deluca, we wonder?) What do you think?

Do Whalen, Reville, Engel, Latter really think it’s in the public’s best interest, for the good of the public, “for the kids,” to refuse to make those organizations doing business on RCS school property accountable, answerable for their activities? Is that how Whalen, Reville, Engel, Latter and the teachers clique represent the public’s interests and students’ interests on the board of education! We’re not surprised that James Latter wants to keep things quiet. But Whalen, Reville, Engel and their arguments and what they were saying on July 24 certainly sounded like they wanted to continue the loosey-goosey rules and not ask questions. They’re very loyal to their Coeymanazi handlers, as we know well.

P.s. Jerry Deluca, perhaps you can answer this question: Is it a misdemeanor or a felony for a police department employee to retrieve personal information on citizens using police computers and dbases if it’s done for personal agendas and not for an official investigation? Also, isn’t it the law that felons lose their state pensions? Cathy Deluca: It may be unlawful for you to use an email that misleads recipients to think that you are representing police business (like, for example).  Just asking.

Is that your final answer?
Regis wants to know.
So do we!
The Editor

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!

4 responses to “We Didn’t Know…We Asked…We STILL Don’t Know!!!

  1. Jenafer Misuraca

    July 26, 2012 at 8:30 pm

    Lorraine is my Husband’s Aunt. Please correct the article to say Jena Misuraca. I have been a part of the PBC PTO for the past 5 years and will continue to support it and any organization in need of volunteers that support our kids. Thank you! Jena


  2. Audrey Toussaint

    July 26, 2012 at 9:35 am

    It is absolutely ridiculous that the Sports Association was allowed to operate as long as it had. Before any new Association should be allowed to operate, they should have all legal and necessary documentation done and it should be posted on the RCS Website for the public to see. No camp of any sort should be allowed to operate on school grounds without (again) the legal and necessary documentation, insurance, etc.

    How is it that these things are allowed to happen? If the Superintendent is failing to respond appropriately, should any requests for information be sent to the State Ed as well?


    • Fides qua Creditur

      July 26, 2012 at 9:51 am

      We think you are absolutely right, Audrey! That’s exactly what we are saying in our recent article.
      We have the right to know who is doing what, when, where, and have complete information on who they are and that they are legal.

      We also have to cut throught the smoke screens that the teachers clique and the Coeymanazies are constantly throwing up, the red herrings; their sole intention is to distract people from what’s going on and what has been going on for years around here. Time to stop it and I am personally happy to see that people are finally starting to see through the bullshit and are starting to realize that Vadney, Robbins, Lukens, Sylvester and Krzykowski are up to the task, putting their foot down hard on the crooks’ necks, now that they’re not being stymied, bullied, harassed, coerced by a gaggle of demented supporters of the crooked Coeymanazis on the board of education and in the RCS community.

      Thanks very much for your comment. Get out into the community, everyone, and proclaim this new era of progress and transparency. Good things are happening and they need the community’s support!

      The Editor



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