Albany County DA David Soares: Censured Blowhard

18 Jul

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Soares’ Reputation Doesn’t Do Much Soaring, According To The Media.

In Fact, It Soars Like A Turd In A Thunderstorm!

The Montana Flying Turd Bird Lands
In the Albany DA’s Office

Soares is running for re-election this year. His opponent, fellow Democrat Lee Kindlon, said in a statement this censure is “the tip of an iceberg of recklessness, mismanagement, and bad judgment that will end up costing Albany County taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Our Little Friend Albany County DA P. David Soares Appears To Have A Pretty Soiled Record When It Comes To His Professional And Private Misconduct. Here Are Just A Few Of The Tidbits Among The Many We Discovered.

Soares Mugshot

The public really needs to be aware of some of the incompetence and misconduct that our chief law enforcement officer in the county has to own up to while the hypocrite is prosecuting others.

Soares’ recently was censured by the courts for his inappropriate remarks about a judge and had to make a groveling apology.  An appeals court says in 2010 Soares made “reckless and misleading” comments about Albany County Judge Stephen Herrick. After Judge Herrick assigned a special prosecutor to Soares’ investigation of steroid distribution in Albany County, Soares issued a press release saying the judge created a “dangerous loophole” for defendants.
Now, a state appeals court says Soares’ comments went too far. Soares said he accepts the court’s decision–That’s damned decent of Soares, isn’t it?– but is looking forward. Forward to What? Hopefully not re-election in Albany county!

This was the third timeSoares has been reprimanded for making statements on pending cases. Censure is a form of public discipline meted out by the courts to punish attorneys,  and this most recent one follows two earlier disciplinary actions that reprimanded  Soares for making “improper and prejudicial public statements regarding pending criminal matters,” the appeals court noted. Soares just can’t keep his fat mouth shut, it seems.

Soares is running for re-election this year. His opponent, fellow Democrat Lee Kindlon, said in a statement this censure is “the tip of an iceberg of recklessness, mismanagement, and bad judgment that will end up costing Albany County taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.” (Source: News 10 report There’s a video of Soares eating crow on the site. See also “A state appeals court has censured Albany County District Attorney David Soares for making “reckless and misleading” remarks about an Albany judge who assigned his office’s high-profile steroids case to a special prosecutor in 2010” in Appeals panel censures David Soares, saying remarks about judge “reckless” by Robert Gavin (Friday, May 25, 2012)

Saratoga Politics writes “Mr. Kindlon is an impressive fellow. Lee Kindlon is the son of the prominent Albany defense lawyer Terence L. Kindlon as well as a Marine and Iraq war veteran, Kindlon is running against the baggage laden Albany County District Attorney David Soares in a Democratic primary.  (Read Lee Kindlon’s bio at, read position on issues at

Lee Kindlon
Ex-Marine & Historian

Soares has more enemies than I do, including New York’s immensely popular Governor Andrew Cuomo.

According to Saratoga Politics, “During the Occupy Albany movement, Cuomo had repeatedly requested publicly that the 11 p.m. curfews in both Lafayette Park and Academy Park be enforced. Soares stanchly refused, infuriating not only the governor but many politicians from all over the state. Well known radio host…Fred Dicker went on to blast Soares almost daily.”

Soares has also been criticized for his bizarre prosecution of defendants from Florida for selling steroids to residents of Albany County through the mail. A case that is widely viewed as nothing but a self-serving publicity stunt by Soares.

Soares’ doesn’t seem to acknowledge any boundaries and can’t keep it in his pants even at work: Soares also has acknowledged a longstanding intimate relationship with a junior female staffer whose siblings have been prosecuted on multiple occasions by his office.

And now we have his relationship with NXIVM and Keith Ranier’s favorite gun moll and femme fatale Kristen Keeffe. Now Kindlon is calling on the Attorney General to investigate NXIVM’s (see Secrets of NXIVM) and Kristen Keeffe’s role in trying to set up Joe O’Hara. (The documents are available on the Saratoga Politics site. Visit the Saratoga Politics site for the complete story at  This is the story of professional misconduct and mishandling of sealed court documents (see Saratoga Politics at And this is the Albany County DA? Come on, this dog’s gotta go and fast!

Get this! Soares’ piece of fluff went on leave of absence and then turns up with a new job (no doubt thanks to her boyfriend in the DA’s office, the DA himself). Soares’s girlfriend lands new county job. The Times Union reports that the staffer who David Soares is boinking gets transfered out of his office in wake of controversy and lands a new county job. (Read the story by Jordan Carleo-Evangelist and Robert Gavin at

In a Times Union report, “Fired DA’s aide gets job back: Albany County official will get back pay after ruling citing jurisdictional issue,” by Robert Gavin appearing on June 1, 2012, we learn that a former top aide to Albany County District Attorney David Soares who was fired in the wake of a scathing county audit has his old job back, a state appeals court announced Thursday.

“In over 130 petty cash audits during the past 121/2 years,” the audit stated, “our office has never encountered the problems with basic bookkeeping, accounting and petty cash account management that the director of administration for the office of the district attorney presents.”

Now that’s comforting. Here the Albany County DA is passing out checks all over the place, including to the Coeymans Police (we all know how that happened, don’t we?), and he’s got auditors crawling all over him and his staff for accounting irregularities! Nice going. Look’s like we have a case of the fox keeping the chickens; this is the guy who’s supposed to be prosecuting the crooks but Guess what! The biggest crook might be the prosecutor himself!

Now the connections are more than obvious and maybe we should demand a state independent audit of the Coeymans Police Department’s handling of cash, especially petty cash. Do you seriously think that they’d come off squeaky clean? If you do, I still have that bridge to sell you!

What’s worse, is that a major player in the RCS crime drama is Thomas E. Dolan, none other than the same Thomas E. Dolan who is the Town of Coeymans Town Board Liaison to the Coeymans Police who have so many cozy connections with our incredible Albany County DA’s office, and who recently received more than $18 grand in a gift check from Soares! Dolan is running for state legislative office–what that means is that the RCS mafia will then have a complete circuit from their next in Ravena-Coeymans to the New York state legislature! That’s gotta be stopped and stopped now! Can you imagine the corruption, intimidation, coercion, retaliation that would materialize when the Coeymanazis have a mole in the state legislature!?! That needs to be investigated and like YESTERDAY!

Are you listening Mr Lee Kindlon?

The secretary with whom DA David Soares has a romantic relationship has transferred out of the district attorney’s office and has been given a new post as a legal secretary in the county’s Department of Human Resources, according to county spokeswoman Mary Rozak, spokesperson for the county, who adds that Stacey Quackenbush’s (Soares’ piece of fluff) new post is a civil service job (does that mean she has to take a testicle…I mean a test?) and pays $37,108.

Caught with his pants down (no pun intended) Soares first insisted this whole situation was no big deal and not really anybody’s business, calling the revelation of the relationship by Albany Citizen One, “clearly a political effort to malign my reputation for the simple reason that my record as Albany County district attorney is one that I am proud of.” Yeah, you’re the county’s chief law enforcement officer, an elected public figure, in charge of prosecuting citizens, held to a higher standard, and your sleezy misconduct is none of our business? Maybe that’s how it works off the coast of Africa, in your native Cape Verde islands, but we have different standards here, Mr Soares! It is our business how you behave, Hypocrite!

Finally, Soares acknowledges his sordid  relationship with the staffer, calls revelation ‘political effort to malign my reputation’ and claims that politics are the reason a report surfaced that he has been romantically involved with an office staffer. But he doesn’t deny the unethical sexual a relationship, and is so arrogant and brazen he says it’s no one’s business. According to Mr Soares, “This issue is a personal issue,” Soares said in a statement on Saturday. “It is not newsworthy and certainly not appropriate for public debate or discussion.” (See the entire piece at You don’t need any help “maligning your reputation,” Mr Soares, you’re doing just fine on your own. Keep it up (again, no pun intended)!

Speaking of Africa, the African American community in Albany has lost all respect for their once darling David Soares; he received a thrashing at the African American community recently when he defended the Albany Police shooting of a Black teenager, Nah-Cream Moore.

Even African Americans
Are Skeptical of Him

In a report by Bryan Fitzgerald, “Skeptical crowd grills DA: Soares fields questions in police shooting of teen; few like answers,” in the March 30, 2012, Times Union, Soares defended the results of a grand jury review into the police shooting of Nah-Cream Moore, and he faced an often jeering combative crowd — with some people storming out of the South End meeting on that Thursday night. (Read the full report at Soares got a good ass-kicking from his own people! Is the African American community finally seeing through this self-interested politico?

There’s tons of adverse information on our darling (Oh! Did I almost write Darlington, our own Coeymanazi police chief’s wife, Leah Darlington is Soares’secretary and a familiar name in Ravena-Coeymans, Louis Neri, a former partner of John T. Biscone, is a defender in Soares’ office, and Ravena village justice Harold Warner’s daughter is also employed by Soares’ office; get’s cozier by the minute, doesn’t it?) just try visiting “Three Count Indictment of David Soares”  ( or “The Goods on David Soares” or even “The Observation Deck-A blog of opinions on local, state and national issues” (Times Union) Category: David Soares (

Here’s another apetizing tidbit on our wonderful DA: “Albany County DA Let Pedophile Cult Borrow His Subpoena Power” by Max Paige-Vieux (March 7, 2012) Paige-Vieux writes, “…the Albany Times Union series on NXIVM—Keith Raniere’s self-empowerment “technology” company—will totally move your eyebrows. Your effing eyebrows will never be the same again. It’s got everything: money, power, Joe Bruno, multilevel-marketing scams, gross kid touching, the heirs to the Seagrams family fortune, Ayn Rand novels, dumb language borrowed from Scientology, lawsuits, the 1980’s arcade game Vanguard, everything.” And continues, “The big political fallout from the story is going to rest squarely on Albany DA David Soares, who is up for reelection soon and whose opponent in the race, Lee Kindlon, is already using the Times Union series as a cudgel against him. The gist is that Soares allowed one of Raniere’s top NXIVM lieutenants, Kristin Keeffe, to use the resources of the district attorney’s office to build a case against a NXIVM whistleblower, Joseph O’Hara. Keeffe (whose name I am spelling correctly, believe it or not) then spent several weeks allegedly abusing the grand jury process, drafting subpoenas, preparing exhibits and then secreting some of this juicy material to NXVIM’s lawyers.” (See the rest at

That’s not all. Capital Tonight reports, “Albany Co. DA Soares Responds to Criticism. The Albany County District Attorney’s office plays a unique role in monitoring state lawmakers. But right now, it’s the current DA who is under fire from his primary opponent over the case against Personal Growth Company NXIVM. District Attorney David Soares says he stands by his handling of that case and the rest of his record. (

That’s all just a sampling from the mainstream media. There is some pretty scary stuff out there about Soares but it’s a bit too crazy–we’re not saying it’s untrue, just crazy–and we don’t have the space here to reproduce it. Take our word for it, the guy’s a sleeze and an animal! Just the kind of guy you want supervising law enforcement…and you wonder why we’re stuck with Coeymanazis? Re-elect David Soares and watch it get worse!

Gotcha, Soares!
Get Yer Hands…Pants…Up!

The Editor

Editor’s Apology: We’d like to apologize for referring to so many reports that appear in the Times Union newspaper (a.k.a. Albany Times Useless). This does not mean that we are endorsing that corrupt rag but it does have some great stuff on Albany County DA, and we haven’t been able to find any false facts in those articles, which appear to be supported by other, independent sources.  Not part of an apology, but you may also want to visit the blog, “Soares Spot” that publishes only information on David Soares in sordid detail  (

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!

4 responses to “Albany County DA David Soares: Censured Blowhard

  1. lomba

    November 21, 2014 at 8:10 am

    I never understood why people think that just because Cape Verde is off the coast of Africa, that Cape Verdeans will simply emigrate into the United States and then melt in to the African-American community. Just because Cape Verdeans have brown skin in most cases, does not mean that they have similar ethnic ethnic or cultural values as do African-Americans. Many people from Cape Verde, especially Brava, behind closed doors really do not care for the masses of African-Americans. Cape Verdeans from Brava see most African-Americans as lazy, and constantly complaining..


    • RCS Confidential

      November 21, 2014 at 8:28 am

      Thank you, Iomba, for your commment.
      We’re not generalizing Mr Soares’ incompetence or ethics failures to all Cape Verdeans at all. That would be fundamentally unfair. Our comments are directed solely and specifically towards Mr P. David Soares, Albany County District Attorney, who just happens to be from Cape Verde. Whether or not Mr Soares reflects the general opinion of Cape Verdeans in viewing “most African-Americans as lazy, and constantly complaining” is an interesting point of inquiry, since whatever his personal or cultural leanings or opinions are of “African-Americans” he has no qualms about playing the race card and appealing to the Black vote when it suits him. Perhaps that’s yet another instance of his deplorable hypocrisy.

      Thanks very much for your comment!
      The Editor


  2. Judith Maksym Roughton

    August 29, 2012 at 5:26 pm

    I have documentation to the following statements. Although I had little to support my allegations that my mother had been financially exploited and physically abuse. The abuse inflicted in such a manner it went undetected as a homicide. I contacted the Colonie PD, the detective (Morrison) and cheif (Steve Hieder) I sent documentation. I contacted the attorney generals’ office. Alex Baxter (AG office) that the PD were covering up my complaint. He replied, this was the “jurisdiction of the Albany DA,” and sent a copy of my letter to a Mr Clyne. (1/2001) February 2001 received a letter from Christian D’Allasandro (Soares right hand man) requesting more info, I obliged him. May, e-mail an investigation had been opened. Grand jury investigation was opened. Supoenas (I have copies)were sent to doctors, hospitals, banks etc.for medical & bank records. Dec. case was closed. Tried for 2 yrs to get copies of records, even a FOIA request was denied. I could not get them without authorization of D’Allasandro. My calls to him went unanswered, I called every agency(inc. Mayor Jennings) office for him to call me. I wanted to know why I couldn’t get a copy of the investigation. .He stated “There never was an investigation. In my letter of 2/14/2005 I only requested additional documentation.” In 2007 I was able to obtain all the records thru FOIA. The records show a conspiracy by Colonie PD, DA office, possibly AG of covering up for & protecting those resonsible for my mothers death. I have unquestionable documention of the corruption of the surrogate court (Catherine Doyle) and former chief clerk (Stacie Petitte) including 3 officers of the court,.David Golden, Robert Law, and Edward Swanson.
    Whatever happened to D’Allasandro? What ever became of the “Public Integrity Unit” Soares & Cumo established in June 2005? I contacted them also, and thier response was hilarious. Contacted again regarding records sent the first time, only to be told they don’t investigate complaints of corruptions & bribery or elder abuse. Which when first established elder abuse was one of thier concerns, of course now they have a different title.Filed a complaint with Grievence Committee. I was asked if how I retained the the services of my 1st attorney, if referred by who?” The NYSBAR referred him. My 3 complaints were dismissed. hahahaha.
    Is it David P. Soares or P. David Soares, I’ve seen it both ways. Who is this MR. Soares?
    Coming off a plane at Albany Airport one can immediately smell the stench of corruption.
    and evil surrounding the city.
    It’s time for quaility and fresh air in Albany


    • Fides qua Creditur

      August 29, 2012 at 6:44 pm

      Thank you very much, Judith, for your excellent contribution! Thank you very much for coming out on that fraud Jennings and the so-called “Public Integrity Unit,” which for all practical purposes is a mobile make-up team that’s sent out to make ugly politicking look pretty. We don’t have one of those in Coeymans so our corruption is clearly visible with all of its lesions.

      Soares is a joke who was voted in by the race ticket, similar to the Obama debacle. All smoke screen, no competence. But it gets the powerful backers what they want and keeps the minorities quiet as their white masters continue to shackle them. Poor stupid poor!

      Soares and Cuomo are a real odd couple but since the debacle on Lafayett Park with the demonstrators, Soares and Cuomo are more like oil and water…Both are bad news for New York and both are as corrupt as anyone can believe.

      Catherine Doyle has been a colorful figure and was censured by the NYS Commission on Judicial Conduct for lying and giving false testimony in an investigation of another crooked judge. Bitch Democrat that she is, she got re-elected to the Surrogate Court, I believe. We have another piece of work you may have read about on this blog, Joseph Teresi, censured for inappropriate contact and anti-pro-se bias. We’re saddled with his son, Greg Teresi who is village and town attorney for Ravena-Coeymans. We’ve got it all!

      Mr Soares is the immigrant son of Cape Verde parents, a tiny island republic off the coast of East Africa. He was imported with his parents, his father a carpenter, and P[aulo] David Soares attended Albany Law School. It’s all available in his biography, cleaned up of course for political reasons. Just like Obama, we’ll never know the truth. My biggest beef is firstly the race ticket that got him in but later disliked by the blacks who pushed him in (just like Obama). His background is unclear. His ethnic background and cultural credentials are suspect. His performance as DA is absolutely abominable! He’s a crook and corrupt but worse still, he has done nothing effective in his role as head law enforcement officer in the county, except for perhaps sending law enforcement back to Cape Verde standards; i.e., medieval levels. He’s USELESS!

      Thanks again very much for your contribution. I do hope that our readers appreciate what you have gone through and are grateful to you for sharing the reality of the American nightmare injustice system and our thug corrup law enforcement sytem of protect-your-back-if-you-protect-mine fraternity.

      Our prayers are with you!
      The Editor



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