Asskissers: No Answers, Just Censorship

17 Jul

Warning: If you are a student or a minor, please leave this blog NOW!

It Seems That Getting Answers Or Even Getting To Speak In This So-Called Community Is Getting More And More Difficult

Asked Several Times About How $$$ Much the so-called RCS Bottle Blitz Made at the First Collection on July 10, Cathy Deluca Avoids Answering and Tells Her Following, “Just Ignore Him!” Why, Cathy, is it Such a Big Secret?

They just love the fresh taste
and keep comin’ back for
more of the same!

Then the poop really hits the fan when Cathy Deluca is asked why she and Chubby Chubby-Chaser Hubby, Dirty Hands Jerry, don’t use some of their political connections to get some fundraisers, like ARANY, Deluca Public Affairs, Main Street Small Business Coalition, any of the local businesses (if any are left in RCS)–Yeah, the same ones the Coeymanazies like to punish–might organize something. Then the cat fur really started flying! That was getting “political.” The Deluca herd of moos really got their bovine knickers in a twist!

Do The Belong To You?
Don’t get these big mommas in a twist!

It’s always the ones who are spewing the rhetoric about community and doing what’s good and what’s right. Actually, it’s a gaggle of ass kissers who are sucking up to their Coeymanazi leaders, or a bunch of sociopathic obese humanoids who don’t dare appear in public, and so spend their waking hours worshipping the Bottle Blitz and its big momma, Cathy Deluca, on another censored FaceBook site.

One of our regular contributors, following a lead, joined one of the many RCS happy-happy FaceBook groups, “RCS Friends and More,” and tried to contribute some sense and insight to the bunch there. Well, try to convince a herd of cows it’s not milking time and prepare to get trampled by the stupid moos! Here’s an exchange relating to the RCS Bottle Blitz, where the contributor simply asked, one week after the first collection efforts, how much money was collected:

On June 23, 2012, Cathy DeLuca posted an announcement about her RCS Bottle Blitz project on the RCS Friends and More Facebook Site:

RCS Bottle Blitz for Field Trips!
Please consider donating your REDEEMABLE bottles and cans
100% of the proceeds will go to Field Trips for RCS Students
Drop Off Dates:
July 10 (1pm – 8pm) & 11(10am – 4pm)
August 14 & 15, September 8 & 9
High School Cafeteria
Volunteers are needed to help sort. Large Group Pick-Ups may be arranged.
To Volunteer or for further information please email us at

Then, on July 11, the day after the first day of the Bottle Blitz, Deluca the announcement:

Now on a positive note. The turnout for the RCS Bottle Blitz was a great success! The community participation was awesome and we are looking forward to an even bigger truck load in August. We had 72 cases of glass bottles and 47 LARGE bags of plastic and cans. I will let everyone know what the final $$ is as soon as I’m notified. I Huge Thank you to EVERYONE that helped sort and to the Staff at RCS for all their help and encouragement. So save us your bottles and cans, the next dates are August 14 & 15. And again THANK YOU EVERYONE!!

Then the fun begings when our contributor, HWV, asks on July 17th:

HWV: OK, Cathy, it’s been almost a week. How much was realized by the first day of the Bottle Blitz? How much $$$, Cathy???

[Editor’s Note: You will recall that Cathy Deluca’s advice to members on the RCS Friends and More site was, “Just ignore him.” Well, she’s good at following her own advice, managed to avoid answering the question at all. Starting to sound like the RCS Athletic Association’s transparency under James Latters’ “leadership?” This community had better demand accountability if Deluca’s asking for public support! There are legalities, you know! Are you listening superintendant of schools Elizabeth Smith?]

Debbie Oatman:  What is your problem? No matter how much they raised, it will be more than they had. Geez…why not try to be a team player rather than attempt to “stir the pot”. It’s time to heal. Do you not see what’s happening in your district? Come on, grow up, be the role model your kids need to see. Don’t you see how all of this crap is affecting your students?

HWV: Ms Oatman, of course I see what’s happening around here! How can you be so naïve? I’ve been watching, listening, analyzing for some time now. What have you been doing?

Michelle Waldenmaier Koeppel: Mr [redacted] I am going to ask you one more time to stop this on this page or I will remove you.

Jamie Cabiati Guntert: Love this! If there is any other way we can help raise money for this cause, please keep us posted.

HWV: Yes. Ask the Delucas if they can use some of their “political” connections through ARANY, Deluca Public Affairs, the Main Street Small Business Coalition, the NYS Assembly, the DEC to get some support. May be more effective than picking up bottles.

Debbie Oatman: Great job Cathy! Sounds like a great way to try to build up some much needed morale and comradery in a district torn. One small step at a time…

HWV: We all have to use the resources at our disposal, don’t we? Even when we have to do it out of the limelight. Corporeal acts of mercy are most valuable when they are done unseen! Remember the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector?

Debbie Oatman: At least she’d doing something constructive and trying to take a small step at fixing a very broken district. You seem to want this mess to continue. Drama king maybe?

HWV: Look, as soon as we open our eyes and admit that there are not only good times but bad times, too, and admit that perhaps we may have something to learn even from the bad, there will be growth. If the name-calling continues, as you’re doing, suggestively rather than objectively, this area will continue to be broken. Look around you, read the blogs, synthesize, think, reflect (look within yourself) and we may get somewhere. As long as you’re focused externally, you’re missing what’s going on inside yourself. That can be a big mistake! Drama king? Not at all! Wounded healer, pastoral servant, perhaps. Interested observer, definitely.

Ashley Anne Irwin:  [Redacted], I thought you wanted these “discussions” to happen on your blog? So, why continue to start them in this group? If people want to see your opinion about things, they know where to look.

HWV: I don’t know what you’re talking about, Ms Irwin. Do you? The original question related to a community action inaugurated by Cathy Deluca, who, with her husband, Jerry Deluca, apparently have quite a number of “political” contacts, and are… involved in a number of business enterprises. Historically, such people are golden for fundraisers, and, if curried, may do a lot for a community or organization. Are you following this line of thought. One contributor can send a whole class on a field trip that might require tens of thousands of 5-cent deposit or 10-cent deposit bottles or cans. I would ask where the local businesses stand on this but there aren’t very many left, are there? I hope you can follow this train of thought. If not, I’ll explain it more simply by private e-mail, or on my own FaceBook account. Just request to be friended.

Ashley Anne Irwin: Her original post had nothing to do with anything political, you brought that up. And last night, one of the administrators asked that nothing “political” be brought to this group to respect the numerous members of this group that do not want to see it. So, stop.

HWV: Are you now deciding what’s political and not political? I mentioned “political” contacts nothing “political.” I’m wondering if you are reading challenged? The adjective “political” as used above has noting to do with making a “political” statement. You’re wasting my time; are you a product of the RCS schools?

Ashley Anne Irwin: Yes, sir, and I’m very proud of that. I’m proud to be part of an amazing community and district.

Debbie Oatman: If she’s wasting your time, then why bother to respond? Ashley…actions speak so much louder than words. So far, all we’ve seen/heard from Mr. [redacted] is alot of rhetoric. He seems to thrive on dysfuntion. I think we should not feed into him anymore. Let him go to his blog and spew his venom. He doesn’t seen to have much support anyway.

They’re at it again!
Got any gum, Michelle, Cathy, Ann?

HWV: I don’t know how much support I personally have, but when I visit the Smalbany blog I see they have more than 43,000 visitors and it seems to be growing by a couple of hundred each day. If you visit the blog, you can see for yourself. What are you afraid of? Anyway. You are boring me so you don’t have to read any more of my “rhetoric.”‘ Peace!

Michelle Waldenmaier Koeppel:  I really thought that this was going to be a site where we could share good news and catch up on old friends. Dan Gonyea set this site up for people to get together and share good times. I had the fortune of being an administrator of this page and I think that this is a disgrace and I am going to delete all the posts.

Jena Misuraca: Michelle I have been the PTO VP for the past 5 years and this year was forced to delete our entire PBC PTO page due to the arguing. It is sad. Good luck managing this page.

[Editor’s Note: Misuraca is probably referring to the Pieter B. Coeymans PTO  site that was dominated by Donna Leput-Hommel, and several other Coeymanazis, who, during the budget campaigning, tried to punish local businesses for not supporting the 2012-2013 school budget.]

 Michelle Waldenmaier Koeppel:  [Redacted] obviously you did not see my post below about the disgrace that is going on here. If you do not have anything nice to say please do not say a thing. As an administrator I will remove you from this site your drama continues when people are posting positive things. This site is for the “Friends and children of RCS” Please stop this non sense. Anne Irwin likes this.

HWV: I’m afraid this side is a bit too closed-minded to make any significant contribution to anything. You have made your statements rejecting every possible attempt I have made to offer alternative viewpoints and to foster some sort of openmindedness. Your subscribers appear to be dyslexic or aphasic, or lexically challenged; as a result, they continue to march off the cliff despite charitable warnings that the bridge is burning! It’s very difficult to communicate intelligently with a hoard of depressed lemmings hell-bent on suicide. So, dear censor, please “remove” me from this site. I am personally requesting that action for the above reasons. That way I won’t be disturbed in my important work by bored matrons’ pessimistic whining, and Mrs Deluca’s impoverished attempts to look clean. Thank you for complying with my request as soon as possible.
Unable to post comment. Try Again.

And so it went. Cathy Deluca ignores the question. Her bovine followers follow suit. The aphasia, dyslexia of the lexically challenged friends and graduates of the progressive RCS schools system continue with the status quoThey can’t read, and if they do they don’t understand what they’re reading. They retaliate by name-calling and ignorance. When that fails, their watchdogs come in with the censorship. We don’t understand what you’re saying so bye-bye! Nazis!

So, if you ever consider joining one of the so-called RCS “friends” groups, just be aware that you might have to memorize the very simple language script, to say just the right thing, to stock up on asskisser’s gum, and you’ll need to really like kissing cow-ass!

My Advice To
“RCS Friends And More”
The Editor

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!

10 responses to “Asskissers: No Answers, Just Censorship

  1. CommonSense

    July 17, 2012 at 2:12 pm

    Oh, and while you’re “moderating” my comments, Let me take the time to express my appreciation to you from the entire community for advertising the upcoming Bottle Blitz!


    • Fides qua Creditur

      July 17, 2012 at 2:15 pm

      You’re very welcome. It is our sincere hope that the RCS Bottle Blitz is in fact a resounding success, that the students of the RCS CDS benefit from the proceeds, and that it doesn’t turn out to be just another red herring or scandal in the making. It is very possible that some of us may expect more from the community than it is capable of giving; sometimes in the best of ways, we tend to overestimate our brothers and sisters, and what they’re capable of. Sometimes, too, we tend to underestimate them, with surprising results.



    • Fides qua Creditur

      July 17, 2012 at 6:34 pm

      This message is directed to the individual calling him/herself CommonSense with the e-mail address lilcountrygrlxxx[a]

      This will serve as a first warning to you to stop sending comments directed to the Editor or discussing or referring to the person of Harold W. Vadney. Your communications are salacious, annoying, insulting, and alarming. Your communications are unwelcome.

      You have previously been publicly warned that your communications that are off-topic will be immediately trashed. This warning is an enhancement and intensification of that warning.

      Any continuation of your insulting and annoying communications will result in a charge of harrassment.

      Thank you for your cooperation.

      The Editor
      Smalbany a.k.a. Albany NY


  2. CommonSense

    July 17, 2012 at 2:07 pm

    Fides qua Creditur, you seem to not realize that you too are a hypocrit: “But there’s also a very troubling aspect to your using a pseudonym to make your comments: That aspect is that you have no qualms about stating another person’s name in full, apparently without any reason or authority to do so. How is it you take liberties with someone else’s name {CommonSense’s note:”The Gals”} but seem to be very protective of your own? Hypocrite, if I may use the term so accurately.”

    You use other’s names on your blog at liberty, while hide your own name to prevent anyone from knowing the underlying reasons for this blog and its real intentions. It seems you may actually just be desperate for human interaction and the fact that you were banned from the group put your tighty-whiteys in a bunch and the fact that everyone, even your family, is starting to turn on you is making you frustrated.

    Was it even necessary for the group’s posts to be an entry on your blog? If [name redacted] was having an issue, as most people sometimes have in life, he should have dealt with it the normal way by getting over it.

    Come out of the Closet [redacted].


    • Fides qua Creditur

      July 17, 2012 at 2:24 pm

      I’m certain you will have to agree that, whether I am a hypocrite or not, even the nastiest and most uncomplimentary comments about me do get approved and posted. If that’s the action of a hypocrite, then I am guilty as charged.

      Having made that statement, you might note, know or have heard that some comments sent to this blog have not been published. The reason for that action, the trashing, is because they refer to persons with whom I am not familiar or to persons who may not have had the opportunity review the comment, or even to read it once it goes up. We refuse to publish salacious or unkind comments on those who cannot respond. If that’s censorship, again, we are guilty as charged. But we do have a certain power by and through this blog and we do not want to abuse it. If that’s censorship or hypocrisy, then, again, we are guilty as charged.

      Well, CommonSense, either you have some identity issues or you are lying or both. I say that because if you are male, why are you using an email that is lilcountrygrl106[a], “lil country girl“–My, my! That is really m-a-l-e, or g-a-y, isn’t it? Most of the guys I know don’t call themselves “li’l country girl” in email addresses or anywhere! Are you in or from Concord, MA? So, if you have been referred to as a “gal” it is because you did not choose to select a male-ish pseudonym, or to use your real name. Not our fault. If your writing has certain a passivity, a certain femininity to it, not our fault either. But now we know you to be a male, as you say, we will certainly bear that in mind.

      You see, you deserve to be classified with the “gals” because you are bitchy and catty. While I may be paternalistic, even patriarchal, you fight your fights like a girl, tooth and claw. That’s one of the reasons we assumed you to be one of the cows. Maybe it’s you who should work on your presentation.

      Your style and your approach make the impression that you spend a lot of time watching gladiator movies with a box of Kleenex at your side; maybe it’s you who should come out of the closet!

      Finally, I am not the subject of this blog, nor is my style at issue here. The blog is what it is and if you don’t like it, just stay away. Do yourself and the rest of us that favor. In the meantime, please be advised that unless your future comments have to do with on-topic remarks or contributions to a better understanding of the issues presented on the blog, you will be wasting your time and your comments will be trashed. That’s not censorship, it’s simply good editing.



  3. CommonSense

    July 17, 2012 at 1:35 pm

    First of all I am Male, Not another “gal.” Secondly, I don’t know who I’m talking to because “Fides qua Creditur” you in fact censor your own name- Might that be because you want to protect yourself? From whom? Why? Need I really ask? Therefore, I didn’t feel it was necessary for you to know mine.

    My point (which you also seem to only respond to what you feel like) is that If [name redacted] didn’t want his name known, he shouldn’t have contributed to your blog. I’m assuming you didn’t ask the “gals” if they wanted their name on the blog? Seems quite unfair in the eyes of the “truth.”

    I have no idea what your referring to by “knowing” [name redacted]. I only know what he has said in that group and what you claim he “sent” you. I’m just curious as to why, for a “blogger” who seems to think the “bottle blitz” is so insignificant and a waste of the community’s time to support, are so desperate to know the results? If anyone else was the least bit curious, they would’ve asked her themselves. Now, you have taken the fact that no one else asked as people in the community “kissing her ass”…why didn’t you take it as “people just don’t care”? You and [name redacted] might be reading too much into it. People have the right in this country to support whatever they feel like supporting, it is obvious because you still have this blog, so why attack others for supporting the bottle blitz? That’s the same as people attacking you for not supporting it.

    I used to actually check this blog for interesting reads, seems you’re running out of things to blog about and you have become quite boring.


  4. CommonSense

    July 17, 2012 at 12:47 pm

    I don’t believe i ever referred to you or anyone as “stupid.” My point was that it is Ironic for you to title your most recent entry “No Answers, Just Censorship” while you in fact are censoring your entries by using only initials of the people who claim to support you and by not supplying your readers with the entirety of the posts in that group. It would seem to me that everyone in that group had agreed to act like adults and not “talk trash” about the community and their peers any longer, but your contributor, [name redacted], continued to harass other members of the group by commenting on multiple posts. It seems [name redacted] may be a little more anxious than everyone else to know the results of the “Bottle Blitz” that you claim to be insignificant anyways. Also, why would your blog censor “[name redacted]” to only include his initials “HWV”? If he is an honest contributor, and if this is an honest blog, it would state both sides of the conversation in its entirety- names and all.


    • Fides qua Creditur

      July 17, 2012 at 1:16 pm

      Censorship is not protecting persons who may not want to have their names out there. Censorship is selectively publishing or not publishing for a specific agenda; redacting names or identifiers is done to protect the individual’s privacy. Two differnt things, dear. Can you get a handle on that?

      The names we mention are already published on the RCS Friends site and can easily be associated with the views we published here. No problem, if the group is open. It would be a problem if the group were a closed group, unless those persons had already gone public with their views, in which case they and their views are public knowledge. Get it?

      Two things can happen: either the commentor will become a hero among those to whom s/he appeals, or a pariah in the case where her/his views may be true but unpopular. It’s not up to us to second guess the commentor or the public.

      On the one hand, a problem with putting a face on a publication is that the publication becomes the person whose face is on it. That leads to both bias and prejudice. The face/person then becomes a hero to some and a villain to others. Either way, the message is tainted with the face, which then becomes a symbol of the group that either idolizes the person or demonizes him or her. Are you still with me? Have I lost you yet?

      So, you seem to think you know who HWV is. So what? Does that change anything in the comments? You tell us.

      Moreover, I think you and the other gals are reading too much into the simple question of how much was made by the first collections by the Bottle Blitz. Are you trying to say that the question itself is not legit? Or are you saying that you don’t like who’s asking it? Either way, you’re in for a good argument.

      Or, are you suggesting that those who are miffed by the question might be a bit self-conscious, a bit “anxious,” as you put it, or are in denial of all the past thieving that’s been going on in your precious RCS community and which, thanks to this blog and the empowered citizens and residents who read it, are coming to light on almost a daily basis with audits and investigations? Can it be that a question like, How much did you get, Cathy? might taste like the many unaswered questions relating to overpaid school staff, irregular accounting practices in schools, villages, and towns, lack of required policies for transparency, the very well known but still unanswered questions relating to the RCS athletic associations tax classification, its tax filings, and its bookkeeping or lack thereof? Do you think that HWV’s question of “How much, Cathy?” might hint at yet another scandal? Or do you think that Cathy Deluca is not accountable to anyone asking for transparency? Is the question too early? If so, why hasn’t Deluca simply responded? She hasn’t responded with a whisper to the question! Why would that be? Is she too good to respond? I don’t think that could possibly be the reason, not with her record.

      And, dear CommonSense, why have you censored your own name? After all, you are in charge of that and yet you have chosen to use a handle, a pseudonym. Might that be because you want to protect yourself? From whom? Why? Need I really ask?

      But there’s also a very troubling aspect to your using a pseudonym to make your comments: That aspect is that you have no qualms about stating another person’s name in full, apparently without any reason or authority to do so. How is it you take liberties with someone else’s name but seem to be very protective of your own. Hypocrite, if I may use the term so accurately.


      P.s. We feel that anonymity for a blog is appropriate for the reasons given above; for comments, however, we do prefer people use their own names. Obviously, in this community that could have dire consequences, considering the history of retaliation, intimidation,harrassment, and coertion. And considering also the liberties that some people take with names. Nostra culpa!


  5. CommonSense

    July 17, 2012 at 12:17 pm

    It would seem you have chopped up parts of several different conversations here. I am also part of this group, and I have read the entire posts for the past couple of weeks. I thought this blog was supposed to support the truth? This is an obvious misinterpretation of reality which makes me wonder what else you’re misinterpreting. Also, the name-calling on this blog makes me wonder if this blog is actually being used to attack people you have a personal issue with, rather than for the better of the entire community. If you see so many issues with this community then why aren’t you doing something productive to make change happen? Rather than waste your time blogging and bickering with people over the internet….Seems you don’t actually care about the community, rather than defaming the people you have a personal vendetta against. “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”


    • Fides qua Creditur

      July 17, 2012 at 12:35 pm

      Well, Commonsense, looks like we got your attention, didn’t we.

      If you think the conversations are chopped up, what would your order be? Can you send a complete set so that we can fix the problem you think exists?

      If you are a subscriber to that site, why are you using a pseudonym on this site? Why didn’t you use your real name?

      Actually, if you read HWV’s posts on that FaceBook site, you will probably see that there are some great ideas being attempted…unfortunately they floated way above the gals’ heads. Even a simple idea like, “How much, Cathy?” got misinterpreted! So with your criticisms, how would you suggest the normal person approach speaking to people like that? Do you really think that if a great idea were presented to them, I mean other than the simplistic and silly (am I thinking “Bottle Blitz” now?), that they would actually grasp it, accept it, discuss it?

      Come on! We’re not stupid…If you’ve been following that blather on Friends of RCS and More you can’t possibly be serious! Either you’re dimmer than you admit or you’re not being sincere!

      Are you completely nutz? There’s nothing at all “personal” about any of this. You’ve completely missed the point of the whole exercise. We have no personal vendettas against anyone. We leave that to the simple-minded amongst you. We offer an alternative take to the status quo that is obviously the cancer that is destroying the RCS community. Those cows on RCS Friends are just the simple symptoms of what’s become systemic.

      The offer stands: Send us your suggestions for corrections and we’ll honor them if they are credible. We don’t have access to that site.

      Thanks for the insights.




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