Times Union Only Gets Worse…And Worse…And Worse

16 Jul

Warning: If you are a student or a minor, please leave this blog NOW!

The Times Union is Continuing Its
Disgraceful Abuse of the Public Trust and Misrepresenting Facts.

And a small loudmouthed minority of you go around bitching about the blogger this and the blogger that, and the blog! So far, my dear friends and neighbors, this is the only place you have been able to read the facts, the truth, and what’s more, everything you read is supported by verifiable sources! So what’s your beef, people? Too much truth and not enough misinformation?


Well, if That’s Your Problem, You’ll be Pleased to Know that the Smalbany Times Useless is Continuing to Make the Ravena Coeymans Selkirk community the laughing stock of the entire depressed and provincial Capital District.  You really need to ask youself, citizens, residents of Ravena, Coeymans and Selkirk why is it that the Times Union is picking on you and your community as if there’s not enough to find in the New York state governor’s mansion, the State Legislature, in other school districts across the region. Why is the Times Union so obsessed with Ravena, Coeymans, Selkirk? Is that all the news there is in the Capital Region?

Time To Tell the Rag

 When is the School Superintendent going to protest the lambasting and scandalizing of her district? When is the Times Union finally going to get some ethics, some decent reporting skills, some integrity, some balls and go after the real problems in the Capital District, in the State Legistlature, in the Albany County District Attorney’s Office!!!

When are YOU going to finally take a stand?

It’s Obvious: The Albany Times Union Is
Bullying US, the Average Citizen!
Where are its real interests?

Have you ever wondered that the Times Union hasn’t reported a thing on the real corruption in our community? The Coeymans Police Department, the Coeymanazis who pushed the 2012-2013 school budget, the teachers and teachers union who staged the performances, for lack of a better description, by students in and around the voting area, the double-dipping, the fact that when all of the craziness was going on it was the teachers, the teachers spouses, and the teachers union who had the majority on the RCS school board! Doesn’t anyone hear that? Read it again! Now do you understand?

Those blind prostitutes at the Times Union, instead of praising the RCS CDS school board for making courageous decisions once the citizen/resident side got the majority, crucify the board members who were duly elected by this community.

Instead of praising the board of education members who voted to give Matt Miller his walking papers, that’s the teacher who pulls $88 grand out of the district in salary, who works a reduced teaching load so that he can take care of union business at taxpayer expense–no state department allows an employee to do union business on state time and pays that employee–but the RCS central school district does. And then, when the sitting citizen/resident side of the board under the presidency of John Vadney gives the parasite the boot, and refuses to renew Matt Miller’s position as “energy manager” and refuses to pay him an additional $10 grand on top of the $88 grand he receives in salary, the Albany Times Union sides with the crooks, and blasts the RCS board of education.

The Delucas are posting all over the place on social media that poor Matt “the Mutt” was a victim, that it was not good sense, not right, but personal and a political move, when the RCS board of education opted to save this district $10 by not renewing a useless position that was being misused by the district crooks to reward an insider, Matt Miller, president of the RCS CSD teachers association. How corrupt is that?

Who in hell does the Times Union think it is telling this district how to run its affairs. It’s this district that will solve its own problems and it doesn’t need the Smalbany Times Usless’ help to do it.

Don’t you wonder who’s behind all of this crapola? Who it is that’s perverting the facts, and what’s in it for them to make this community look like a gaggle of inbred woodchucks basking on a dung heap of a community? Someone must have an “in” and is getting special service from the Times Useless to have them mess up the facts so criminally, and conspicuously  avoid reporting on the real problems.

But the gnawing question is: How can a well-established regional newspaper be so stupid? You’d expect that sort of unprofessional behavior and indifference to the truth to be something you’d see in a small-town, mom-and-pop rag that would foster local feuds and biases. But to have a Hearst Corporation company act so imbecilic and so irresponsibly? They all need to be given their walking papers!

Now some giant dork of an editor at the Times Union gets on the bandwagon–but we have noted that she or he didn’t identify him or herself in the article, there’s no by-line– and is insulting the whole damned RCS community in a Sunday editorial.

Haven’t You Noticed Anything Yet?

And hasn’t anyone asked the question why John Vadney is getting all the attention in this fraudulent aggravated harrasment frame-up? Wasn’t Dirty-Hands Jerry’s good friend Josephine O’Connor the source of all the lunacy in the first place? Wasn’t it Josephine O’Connor’s father, Joseph “Joe” Tracey who accosted a local business woman and threatened her and her family?  Wasn’t it Joe Tracey who got himself arrested by the Bethlehem Police? Did you ever ask why it had to be the Bethlehem police? Wasn’t it Joe Tracey who got slammed with a protective order to keep John Vadney’s family from harm? Wasn’t it Joe Tracey who admits in a sworn deposition that the morning after getting slammed by a Town of Bethlehem judge with an order of protection to stay away from John Vadney’s home that Joe Tracey actually violates the protection order, drives to Vadney’s home, sees the police there, and then takes off? Did you every ask how Joe Tracey or was it Deluca, as a favor to his  dear little pet Josephine O’Connor, who took Joe Tracey’s complaint and sent the Coeymanazis to arrest John Vadney–in violation of Judge Jordan’s order of protection! No police in the civilized world would have actually arrested anyone on such idiotic grounds, but the Coeymanazis did. And you didn’t ask why? And you didn’t ask who gave the orders?

There are obviously very good explanations for all of this: What good would it have done the Coeymanazis to take the businesswoman’s complaint and arrest Joe Tracey for his misconduct. Answer, in case you need help with it : NONE. But did you ask why the Coeymanazis responded so immediately and so totally to Joe Tracey’s fraudulent complaint? It was all a conspiracy, a set up to get rid of citizen/resident board members and to keep the teachers majority. Once the they got rid of the citizen/residents–look how many times and how they’ve consistently tried to get board members to resign! It was almost a regular occurrence! They have cooked up so many scandals and half-truths to get public backing and they, the Coeymanazis, still failed.

But if you can frame, set up a prominent leader on the board of education, that, my friends would be a real blow to everyone.  And so, in their insane logic, they keep repeating the same idiotic mantra and the Times Useless keeps printing it like a good tabloid should, hoping that somehow, if you hear it enough, you’ll believe it. Don’t let that happen! For your own good! For your own self-respect! For your own survival!

Coeymanazi Message to You

Then the vote YES! bunch got the 2012-12 school budget approved by the board of education by the teachers majority at the time, saddled the community property owners with an additional 6.8% tax levy, pulled at everyone’s heart strings with the shroud of “it’s for the kids,” did everything that the RCS community is now being investigated for, and now they and the Times Useless are trying to shift the public’s attention to everyone but the guilty ones! Are you RCS citizens/residents totally missing all of this?

The Coeymanazis and the Delucas cry, “Get rid of Vadney, the  Lukens, the Robbins, the Krzykowskis, the Sylvesters (yeah, they have already been attacking Judy Sylvester!) on the board!” Who do they suggest to take their places…some select Coeymanazies? Is that why are they are attacking Judy Sylvester, because she voted her good conscience on the board of education president and vice president, because she voted her good conscience on getting rid of Matt Miller and saving the community $10 grand! She’s on the blacklist now because she didn’t vote the Deluca way! Are you still missing the connections?

More than $41 is an awful big temptaion for those already in the school system and receiving the benefits of the school budget and the contracts that may come out of it. And you think that those standing to benefit directly or indirectly for their favors and support are going to let a bunch of normal citizens make decisions that may prevent the graft, corruption and thievery that’s been going on in this district for years…the swimming pool was just the start.

The teachers and Deluca wanted James Latter to be president of the BoE; that failed. Then they tried to get him in as vice-president, that failed, too! James Latter was their only choice! But we all know James Latters history of misconduct, just read this blog and our article James Latter: Why Is He Still On the Board of Education? What do you think, we make this stuff up? It used to be reported in the News Herald but now that’s a Coeymanazi rag, too. Just ask around. Ask some parents about Latter’s misconduct! But James Latter was the Coeymanazi choice because he plays the Coeymanazi game.

It’s really nutz. I just read on one of the social media sites one of our own residents, R.J. D’Esposito, big idiotic grin on his fat face, posting a link to the latest Times Useless smear of the RCS community! This is the same R.J. D’Esposito that Dirty Hands Jerry keeps in tow. Why would D’Esposito relish in passing such garbage on, and drawing more attention to that despicable RAG that it ever deserves. That’s like shitting where you eat…maybe he does. We’ve been  told that  the FaceBook bandits on “RCS Friends and More,” apparently run by the Coeymanazis led by Cathy Deluca, whose favorite phrase is: “Just ignore him,”  allow R.J. D’Esposito to post the TU links (is that little grinning weasel working for the TU, we wonder?), but on reader tried to get equal time for this blog as an alternate viewpoint and the “RCS Friends” keep on removing it.  Deluca and her minions apparently would rather publish the anti-RCS blather from the Times Useless than the truth and true facts. There’s your community leader Cathy Deluca, for you. Well, with “RCS Friends” like D’Esposito and Deluca, we certainly don’t need any enemies!

We just heard (July 16, evening) that Michelle Waldenmaier Koeppel, one of the administrators on RCS Friends & More (FaceBook) has gone on a deleting rampage and has deleted all of the “political” comment on the site. Her reasoning is because the site is only for “getting together and sharing good times.” Of course, we know the real reason for the tyranical purge, don’t we? Now the majority of posts are by Guess who? None other than Cathy Deluca!

Lord Jeezis! When are you people going to wake up and smell the burning toast? How much of a smoke alarm do you people need to start pumping water on your burning community? How much longer are you going to lie down, roll over, get kicked, and thank the abusers for the abuse?

When are you finally going to tell that rag, the Times Useless, to go play someplace else? When are you finally gooing to stand up for what’s clearly, conspicuously, obviously right, and decisively clean your house of the Coeymanzies!

Get smart and stop believing all of the shite you’re beeing spoon fed! This is really getting embarrassing and really frustrating to stand on the sidelines and watch you people get creamed!

You Need to Make Some Choices!
The Editor

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!

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11 responses to “Times Union Only Gets Worse…And Worse…And Worse

  1. Rextrains

    July 29, 2012 at 11:55 am

    Sample cancellation note:
    Dear Sirs,
    Please cancel my subscription to The Albany Times-Union as my puppy is now housebroken.
    john doe


  2. laszlo polyak

    July 17, 2012 at 9:38 am

    Simon, I would be more that happy to take you up to NYSED to show you then we can go to the Bethlehem courts, and then to the NYS Dept of Child Protection; I be willing to bet you they wouldn’t allow kids on a state highway! Remember the motorcyclist who died to get the traffic light there? It was dangerous for those kids, and adults were sanctioning it. I didn’t care which way the vote went. I have a teaching degree, too. and my audit method is to just follow the money and you will find the truth. I request and produce records to document both sides of any issue, but when I say let’s go to the source, no one ever comes. So we can go ….there are at lease over 2 dozen NYSED employees who live in the RCS dist they see and report what they want to or not, too.


  3. laszlopolyak

    July 17, 2012 at 7:15 am

    Let me see if I understand the Times Union in its’ editorial. It’s demanding that the NY State commissioner of education remove RCS board members John Vadney and Rodney Kryskowski. The Times Union writers and editors want to crucify but I guess they never heard of “due process”. Or did they forget that several months ago they printed a front page Sunday story about a so-called “sovereign citizen” which is bringing the FBI down and investigating. The moment the commissioner tries to remove either one of these individuals without due process, the FBI will be removing the NYS commissioner with lightening speed from his post for failing to comply with civil rights and due process. I used to work for NY State Ed Department fiscal management, auditing! Apparently, the Times Union likes to leave out hugh sections of actual facts. So let me go back to the beginning of the school year. First we have Mr. Ladder, who serious violated the federal FEPRA act, commonly known as HIPPA in NY State, endangering several students. And then we have the RCS superintendent of schools failing to implement the anti-bullying or Dignity Act or training on time, again in violation of the law. Now, then we have Josephine O’Conner jumping up and down the hallway on election night alleging that Mr. Vadney called her fat”. Now this is where the Times Union misses the main facts via three different news writers. That day began for me approximately 8:20 am. I went to cast my vote. I had to plow through a field of high school students wearing “Vote Yes” tee-shirts. And I then walked along the halls seeing posters saying “Vote Yes.” I didn’t care one way or the other, so early morning. I went in and voted. I ran into Starr, the school district administrative secretary who was signing up two 18 year boys to vote. I came back in the evening to go to the concert and sat with SED employee who was incognito. As I ran into four or five that night due to all the allegations and they were there undercover. That was bad enough but I also I walked by Mrs. Whalen shaking people’s hands, and saying “vote for me” at the entrance door. I was horrifed to see a bunch of junior high school kids on a NY State highway “Vote Yes”. One of the SED personnel broke their undercover and told one of the schools principals to get those kids off that highway. After the concert that same SED personnel saw more kids holding signs “vote yes” in the pouring rain. As she walked by Mrs. Whalen, board member, shaking hands saying “vote for me.” I personally know of nine people that signed in to vote that night but that did not vote because they got tired of waiting. Will there be a revote? No. The 6.8% increase was 4.8% higher than the 2% cap. That increase was allegedly to maintain the monies lost by the State and Federal governments or in actual dollars that us auditors deal with $0% increase. As that evening continued there were dozens of people that were around Mr. Vadney and never heard him say anything about calling another board member fat. So what is the TU going to print when he is acquited? Never mind the handful of SED personnel that were there that night too. Now, Josephine O’Conner’s father based on hearsay and gossip went after John Vadney. The Bethelham police arrested Joe Tracey and was ordered by the Bethlehem judge not to go near or contact the Vadneys. The next day Joe Tracey drove to the Vadneys’ house. According to his own deposition violating the Bethlehem court order. That is going to be interesting in Bethlehem court. And it won’t surprise me if the Coeymans court dismisses all the charges against John Vadney. But if the Times Union wants to really sink its teeth into the RCS school district it should look into the overpayments and job salaries made to RCS personnel for years and now it has to be recovered. Perhaps it should ask the NYS department of education commissioner, Dr. King, for a complete detailed audit to find out how many millions previous RCS BOE personnel squandered.


    • Fides qua Creditur

      July 17, 2012 at 7:17 am

      Yes Mr Polyak, We agree. Any real fact-finding, verification, etc. requires work. The Albany Times Union is not interested in work. It’s interested only in selling their rag. The sleezier the content, the more of their rag they can sell. People buy sleeze. It will be interesting to see what they have to say when the fraudulent charges against Vadney are dropped and the lawsuits start flying right and left.



      • Fides qua Creditur

        July 17, 2012 at 8:25 am

        Excellent challenge, Simon. “Show me, don’t tell me!” And that’s been the policy on this blog since day 1. The place for speculation and opinions is right here in the comments. Everything else on this blog is “Show me, don’t tell me.”

        Raises an interesting anecdote from this week’s experience with the Friends of RCS and More group on FaceBook. We just recently posted comments from a thread on that group where Jerry Deluca posted a poorly worded (and written) diatribe, got creamed by other commentors, and Cathy Deluca had to come to his aid with an apology. Grovel, grovel. But a so-called “good friend” of the Delucas, a guy named Gonyea, made her an administrator, so she’s all over the place on that group…it’s her billboard. Well, some grinning gonzo, R.J. D’Esposito, practically lives on the “Friends,” likes to post links to the Times Useless blather. So one of our readers mentioned that a link to this blog should be given equal time, just to provide an alternative voice. Well, you can guess what happened. Or can you?

        No. No space was given to alternative voices. The link disappeared every time it was posted. When a prominent supporter of this blog posted comments on the “Friends,” Cathy Deluca consistently appeared ordering the others to “Just ignore him!” The icing on the cake came when one of the so-called administrators, Michelle Waldenmaier Koeppel, decided she was going to purge all of the “political” posts (In whose opinion, may I respectfully ask? Was it a committee evaluation or just hers?). According to Michelle Waldenmaier Koeppel, the purpose of the “Friends” is “for people to get together and share good times.” So I guess the site is for the delusional and those still on LSD or something?

        Anyway, I would be hypocritical if I were not to admit that they have every right to control their own site. We have rules here so why shouldn’t they. Our readers read this blog of their own free will, no one forces them to read it or to look for it. So, if they do like or dislike what they read, it’s their dime. Go figure!

        The mind boggles when one reads something like the Koeppel woman wrote; she’s going to try to lock out reality and let only the good times in. Maybe that’s how we got to where we’re at now? It must be a very frightening world to those very small, closed minds at “RCS Friends.”

        But “Show me, don’t tell me!” is exactly what the reader told several of the “Friends” when they accused this blog of publishing lies. The challenge was: “If you see something that you feel is wrong, tell the blog owner, provide proof why the blog is wrong and you are right!” No takers.



    • Simon

      July 17, 2012 at 8:02 am

      The editorial is asking for something that just simply won’t happen. The Commissioner of Education will not remove anyone from a BOE unless there’s *serious* misconduct. Not just personal spats. He also won’t do anything about the election results as there really isn’t any compelling physical evidence. Only anecdotal.

      Your example of the SED employee at the events that evening is highly irregular. SED has no standing to remove students out by the highway; it’s outside the electioneering limited distance. The commissioner also won’t look into any fiscal issues, as it’s within the local BOE’s discretion to determine their budget and have it approved by the public. The fact that everyone is overpaid is our own damn fault for voting in people who negotiate away our money in contract negotiations. It’s not the state’s job to get involved in that – – that would interfere with our base beliefs that the localities can determine their school spending.

      The surprising thing for me about all these allegations is that there is NO physical evidence. Only anecdotal. And I’m sorry, but I don’t believe ANYONE on EITHER side of this issue to lend any credibility to anecdotes. My question is this – – we have cameras all over these schools. They’re used to handle discipline all the time. Were there signs on the wall? Perhaps — I don’t know. But if there were, that’d be all over the video records, and would have been talked about by now. Were voters looping through the lines? Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows? The video would. Was Ms. Whalen electioneering within the minimum distance? I don’t know. But our video would.

      If there were “5 or 6 undercover SED employees” there, why has that not been included in the conversation?

      Like I mentioned, everyone on all sides of this issue are so motivated to sway opinion that I don’t believe any of them anymore. Show me. Don’t tell me.



  4. Simon

    July 16, 2012 at 8:22 pm

    I’d be curious to know who wrote the editorial. The web copy had a general by-line. Did the print version have a name attached to it? Anyone we know?

    Personally, I thought the editorial was a little aggressive. But that could just be me.



    • Fides qua Creditur

      July 16, 2012 at 8:51 pm

      I didn’t see any by-line on the online version. I don’t read the TU normally so I usually just follow up on reports sent to me. I was surprised to see that no one attached their name to the piece, too.

      I, too, thought it was a bit over the edge…aggressive, if you prefer. Totally unnecessarily so. They’re really showering an inordinate amount of attention on this small hovel of a community…makes one wonder what their motivation might be. I have my own theories but they’ll have to wait til their better substantiated.

      Thanks for the comment and the loyal presence.



  5. Peter Sorell

    July 16, 2012 at 7:31 pm

    All i know is that if John and Rodney was a teacher they would get paid until they was found guilty but being a Board member I guess your guilty until proven innocent……..fact New york post had a list of teachers and how much they made until they was fired we are talking Thousands of dollars so it was years that the taxer payer was paying them….Thank you Teachers union


    • Fides qua Creditur

      July 16, 2012 at 8:06 pm

      We all know that all the noise being made about John Vadney and Rodney K. is part of a conspiracy by a bunch of crooks who just can’t see anyone doing a better job than they did while they were raping the school district. The teachers included. Those hypocrites who are framing John Vadney and hounding Randy K. are the same hypocrites who are covering up James Latter’s crookedness and his unlawful and indecent behavior that so many parents have complained of and called him out on. He still hasn’t answered Mr VanAllen’s questions regarding the taxes for the RCS athletic association or his cozy relationship with his stepfather and the RCS Sportsmens gang. Nor has he responded to the well-documented charges of his violations of FERPA confidentiality and placing students at risk. But the teachers clique on the BoE put that pervert up for president and vice president! Then Jerry Deluca goes around posting his defense of that crook Matt Miller and defames Judy Sylvester. They are so vindictive and sour about getting booted it’s unbelievable. I don’t doubt for a minute that they are behind all the negative press about RCS. They don’t give a shite about this community; all they care about is how much they get out of it all.
      Then there’s the other lackies like Josephine O’Connor. That looney tune was instrumental in breaking the tie vote to put that outrageous 2012-13 budget on the ballot, which in turn led to the multiple frauds and irrecularities committed NOT by those who opposed it, but by those who had to benefit once it was passed. But they’re blaming the citizens/residents side of the Boe, Vadney, Lukens, Robbins, Rodney K., Sylvester. The question I have is: For What????? For winning elections and getting the majority when the idiot teachers and Matt Miller have been losing for at least two terms? For Cathy Deluca and her horn-dog husband getting booted off the board for their immorality and nastiness?
      And no one has let out so much as a peep about O’Connor’s having voted to give her own husband tenure while she was vice-president on the BoE. What’s in hell is going on in RCS????
      Joe Tracey harrasses and threatens a local woman; the Coeymans Police refuse to take her complaint (Josephine O’Connor is a very good friend of the Delucas; why would Deluca’s Coeymanazis take a complaint against her father?) Then Tracey goes after John Vadney and John Vadney makes a complaint and asks for protection. The court gives him a protective order telling Tracey to stay clear of John and his family. Then Tracey gets arrested because he mouths off to the Bethlehem Police. What does he do then? He perjures himself and makes a complaint agains innocent John Vadney and Vadney’s arrested, smeared, defamed, and his son is ambushed in the high-school by some thug! Do we hear anything about that or about O’Connor or Tracey in the Times Useless? Hell no! It’s all fixed!
      I’ve written a number of times about how that group around Deluca and the teachers are dying to get their hands on that $41 million! They play, we pay!
      This community has got to stop lying down and playing welcome mat for those bastards!




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