Hubby Opens His Fat Mouth…She Has to Apologize!

13 Jul

Warning: If you are a student or a minor, please leave this blog NOW!

One of Our readers Who has Requested Anonymity has Provided Us with a Copy of an Exchange Ignited by Jerry Deluca’s Poor Choice of Words On One of Those Secret Club-Members-Only FaceBook-type Social Media Sites…And Jerry’s Backup, Cathy Deluca, Had to Come Up Real Quick with a Humble Apology.

Dirty-Hand Jerry Steps in it Again
Wotz That Smell, Jerry?

Of course, we don’t have access to the RCS Friends and More* site’s contents, and we’d probably be banned if the administrators knew we were reading it, too, but we do have some people who are keeping an eye out for the community and who sometimes send us some tidbits of interest. We thought you’d like to hear what your neighbors are talking about…

As we predicted, the Coeymanazis and their ringleaders are taking some well-earned flack. The Delucas are finding out that the community is sick and tired of their nastiness and their constant bellyaching, and the community is starting to talk back!

It seems Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca was not at all pleased with the re-election of John M. Vadney to be president of the RCS board of education, a real vote of confidence by the RCS community and the board itself, and was just as unhappy when Mike Robbins was elected to be vice-president. (It should be noted that a member of the teachers clique and Deluca pet, James Latter, a guy with a really unsavory history, was nominated to be president, LOST, and then was nominated to be vice-president, and LOST again! And you wonder why we baptized the Deluca gang The Losers Club“?)

Deluca left the meeting fuming when his pet, Matt “the Mutt” Miller got the boot! So what does Dirty-Hands Jerry do? He tries to smear the newest member, Judy Sylvester! Well, no-one was going to put up with that!

Read the comments and then read Deluca’s apology! (Editor’s Note: We’ve changed the names of the commentors to prevent retaliation by the Coeymanazis.)

“Dirty Hands Jerry” DeLuca may not have had his usual Coeymanazi backup at the July 10th board of education meeting but that didn’t keep him from sowing the sour grapes through a local gossip page on the Internet. Old “Dirty-Hands Jerry” writes:

I went to the Board meeting tonight in the hopes that The candidate who said she was an independent voice would use this opportunity to start to move RCS fowward. It was clear tonight that Mrs. Sylvester is totally alligned with the faction that continues to Bully and bring this district down. Fisrt she voted to relect Mr. Vadney as President and then voted to elect Mr. Robbins as VP. The coup de grace though came when she voted to oust Matt Miller from his post as director of energy conservation. The gang has it in for Matt and will do whatever it takes to punish him. Matt has saved the district a lot of money, but because they do not like that he stands up to their bullying they are trying to punish him. Our community is clearly a good community and good school district, we deserve real leadership. Do the right thing Judy.

Nice goin’, Jerry!
Can you get the other one in, too?

Matt Miller: Pet Weasel

Judy Sylvester did the right thing, Jerry! Of course, it wasn’t anything you would have done…it was the right thing, and Ms Sylvester has the full support of the community, too! But we really have to hand it to you, Dirty-Hands, in that remarkably small space you managed to bad-mouth just about everyone on the citizens/residents side of the board; 3 out of 5! It was no surprise, of course, that you spared the teachers clique and your pet weasel, Matt “the Mutt” Miller.  How do you manage? Well, you’ve had a lot of practice, haven’t you.

R.J. D’Esposito: The Fly on the Wall.

Well,  according to another of our sources, “Dirty Hands Jerry” was at the board meeting earlier in the evening when voting for officers was taking place and he stormed out when he heard the results. Neither Dirty-Hands Jerry or his partner Cathy Long-Deluca were  at regular meeting but their fly-on-the wall R.J. D’Esposito was sucking up everything. We’ll believe their sincerity and change of heart when their lackey whore journalist at the TU prints apologies to BoE!

R.J. D’Esposito

Little  Deluca pet R.J. D’Esposito appears to need a life! Or does he actually have one but spends it texting on the RCS Friends and More FaceBook site, that is, when he’s not heeling to Jerry Deluca or doing the almost-but-not-quite-famous RJ-staredown at the BoE meetings? Does he take off the dog collar when Jerry lets him out?

Whatever! This little muskrat has earned himself a real place among the girls on the gossip sites…not many of the local guys can make that claim to fame, RJ. Lucky you! Keep it up, muskrat… (Betcha like gladiator movies, too. Doncha?)

We get a real feel for the anti-Deluca sentiments and the growing support for the board of education from the community in some of the comments made by residents in response to Deluca’s usual whining and hate-mongering:

TA writes:

This kind of small-mindedness is maddening! Holding people accountable is now bullying?? What ‘gang’ are you referencing?? [redacted personal information] Who are the members?? Aren’t you some sort of detective?? Throwing around the words….gang?? So, because Judy voted along the same lines of some board members that you obviously don’t like, she is now a member of a GANG???? She no longer has an independent voice??? Oh my goodness, with thinking like that…what are you doing dealing with our community members and police force??? WOW…..

TA responds  to a Deluca/Miller supporter, Melissa Ashby:

 I didn’t see where Mr. DeLuca stated anything at all about his children. I did see where (see above!) he attempts to characterize Judy Sylvester as being “aligned with” and “a member of the gang” that is attempting to bully our district. All because she voted YES or NO and other board members voted the same YES or NO. Mr. Miller may be a stand up guy but that doesn’t mean the RCS district needs to pay someone $10,000 a year in addition to their salary to be the Energy Manager. The majority of the Board voted to end that. It’s about time some tough decisions are made in this district. We are one of a few of the only schools IN THE NATION to have relatively no cuts in these economic times.

TA continues:

Oh…and what is the “right thing” you are asking Judy to do, Mr. DeLuca? Vote how you would vote?? That really gives her an independent voice, doesn’t it?

TA and then responds to Melissa Ashby (a member of the Deluca camp?):

And yes, [Melissa], I do have a child. He’s grown now, a smart, independent young man, college grad and member of the United States Navy. I’m a very proud mom!

BRAVO! TA and congratulations on having parented a fine young American!

Another commentor, SP, then  joins the conversation:

A[redacted], you’re so right! Not one thing was about the kids…..only about the board and Matt Miller….[Editor’s Note: We apologize. The continuation of this response was cut off in the copy we received.]

SP continues: As for time even I don`t get on her mobile when I am out. This is the last thing I think of doing! LOL
CPE writes:

ENOUGH, all of you. Enough is enough. I was not brought up in this school district and I do not know all of you as well as the rest of you obviously do, however I have to agree with the individual who stated that the RCS School District is the laughing stock of the capital district, and I might add that it may be the rest of the state. When I receive newspaper clippings from my home town some 150 miles away from here telling all of those people there that RCS didn’t receive extra grant money because we don’t have the right senators or congressman representing us then the problem is much greater than the minor squabbles that are going on here. You are all beginning to sound like and act, (from the stories I am hearing) like high school girls merely gossiping amongst themselves. Do we need change, I don’t know. What I do know is that if we have thugs on the school board who are trying to manipulate and bully the other members to vote the way they want, then shame on them, and shame on the other members who don’t have the backbone to stand up for themselves. If people have to go then get rid of them, if we need to bring in an independant investigator to look into this supposed voter fraud then do it. I’m sure that nobody on the board would have a problem with that, what with all of them being the upstanding honest citizens that they are supposed to be.  Start there with your witch hunt, and see who voices the loudest opposition and you just might find out who the rotten apple really is.

 MS writes:

I’m sorry but did I hear correctly, that there was more votes than signatures in the registration books? The $64,000 question, how many votes difference? One? Five? Two hundred? How many? Way bigger news than who failed to overthrow the current administration of the BOE. Now THAT warrants an investigation by the authorities, and I KNOW that the LOCAL authorities will recuse themselves from any possible criminal investigation of voter fraud….. RIG. As far as the re-election of officers goes, lets clarify the job duties and titles of the board of Education members. They are representatives that are elected by the residents of the said district, Sorry, that are preferably alive, are supposed to fiscally mindful of the tax dollars collected in the said district and see that those collected tax dollars are spent in a manner that is the most responsible for the Education of the children in the district. This does not mean that the board members are to be “bullied” by the administrators, teachers union, past and present teachers/residents, employees of the district or family members of ANY school district past or present employees.
Please stop with the wrapping of the shroud of “its for the children” why everyone should continuue to vote for cost gouging budgets when people are just trying to buy food “for the chidren

TA replies:

I think it was 48 but I’m not definite on that. And yes, it would be nice if the Board was allowed to operate without a few certain members of our community creating chaos all the time. We have recently had news of our Town and Village Of… [Editor’s Note: We apologize. The continuation of this response was cut off in the copy we received.]
SP voices his opinion of the Delucas:

The disgrace is you and your wife [referring to the Deluca pair] that want to control the school from the cheap seats. The taxpayers voted her [referring to Judy Sylvester] in, not you and your wife [Editor’s Note: OUCH!]………the school is in trouble, or we would not qualify for over 300,000 dollars for the middle school…….don`t you think you should get in behind the board and not try to add discord in the school district….Is this the way you act as a detective? If it is God help us!

Cathy DeLuca responds:

Everyone (even a police investigator) is free to express thier opinion and’exchange ideas on this page. It’s very sad that you seem to think we are having such a negative effect on the school district. Aside from expressing an opinion, I’m curious to know what you think we are doing to “control from the cheap seats”. I believe it is important to listen to constructive criticism as long as it’s done respectfully. I am NOT trying to provoke you in any way.

TA reponds:

I agree, [name redacted]. It appears that Mr. DeLuca thinks that Judy doesn’t have an independent voice. Why? Because she voted Yes or No at a Board meeting whereby the likes of Mr. Vadney (gasp!), Mr. Robbins (oh dear!), etc voted the same Yes or No. Anyone who knows Judy knows that she is no shrinking violet. She didn’t run for the Board to join a team. She very definitely has her own thoughts and voice. Perhaps this should be YOUR wake-up call, Mr. DeLuca. Could it possibly be that it made sense to her to vote that way?? Apparently, according to you, that couldn’t be possible. RIDICULOUS!! What next!!??


Mrs. DeLuca that was not opinion it was a statement….by a policeman that his salary is payed for by tax payers…….

Cathy DeLuca responds to the outrage expressed by a number of subscribers to the FaceBook posting by her dear hubby, Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca and [falsely] humbly writes:

Hello Everyone, First of all I want to thank Ashley Anne Irwin, Karen Countryman and Elsie Proper Croteau for making me re-evaluate my own words and actions on this page. Ashley is correct, a long time friend of mine, Mr. Daniel Gonyea, is the creator of this page and it was intented to be a positive thing for our school and community. Dan gave me the privilage to be an administrator on the page and I have not held true to his original intention, however I WILL from here on out respect and honor his original intention. My apologies Dan. Jerry and I have discussed the current situation at great length and have agreed that neither of us will engage in negative banter any longer. Therefore, I am taking down Jerrys comment from last night. Ladies you are correct, thank you.
Unfortunately, I believe the use of social media has become a double edged sword. Although, we are able to more freely exchange ideas and opinions, we all have a tendency to choose our words with less caution than if we were speaking to someone face to face.

Yeah, Cathy, “social media has become a double-edged sword” and you and chubby chubby-chaser  hubby just cut your own throats with it! Sure, it’s tough controlling yourself when you’ve always felt you could hide behind members-only groups and say what you liked…when, really, have you ever speak to anyone respectfully, much less face-to-face? It’s tough when no one wants to talk to you anymore or when they cross the street to avoid you. And worse still, when dear hubby can’t keep his fat mouth shut, you have to come up with a groveling apology! Nice work, Jerry! Your home life must be getting real cozy about now! Now where’d you put that pet rat?

Nobody’s Listening, Deluca!
The Editor

* Clarification: The RCS Friends and More FaceBook group is actually an “open group.” Visitors can see the posts but you must request “membership” for any other privileges, like posting a comment. Cathy Deluca is an “administrator” and is probably screening members but we can’t say that for certain. By the way, does anyone happen know where Cathy Deluca is getting the police information she appears to be posting on the site?

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!

7 responses to “Hubby Opens His Fat Mouth…She Has to Apologize!

  1. Bobo

    July 14, 2012 at 2:06 pm

    I have lost all faith in the members of the school board and the community who protest the elimination of the lightbulb position at a cost of $10000 a year. There are members of the community barely making $10000 in total. According to Seethrough NY, Mr. Miller made over $88,000 in 2011, I believe that’s before the lightbulb money so generously endowed to him at the taxpayers’ expense. Looking at the retiring salary of Ms. Whalen, one can well understand how she is indebted to the president of the teachers’ union. What is the “for the children” rationale behind the lightbulb position? If Mr. Miller is happy, then the children are happy? I have known of Ms. Sylvester for many years for her selfless church and community involvement. She appears to be answering a personal calling to dedicate herself to the youth of this community but not at the expense of the community, even though they are too naive to realize what they have been voting in year after year… “for the children.” There is no doubt that Judy will be voting independently and will never have allegiance with the teachers’ side or the don’t waste money side. She has proven herself to be well deserving of this position and I respect her even more for it. Its a matter of unbiased common sense.
    One last thing, please if you happen to be one of the couples that this blog focuses on, for your own good, sit back, stop reading this, and enjoy your family. It is hurtful to me as an outsider to see anyone with family being made a mockery of. If you step back and get out of the limelight, it will go away and someday just be a bad memory.


    • Fides qua Creditur

      July 14, 2012 at 5:18 pm

      That was very beautifully articulated, BoBo! Very gently and lovingly said. Thank you!

      The Editor


  2. Fides qua Creditur

    July 13, 2012 at 9:24 pm

    Ashley Anne Irwin, a commentor on the RCS Friends and More FaceBook group, and one of those thanked by Coeymanazi Cathy Deluca, apparently was misquoted on the RCS Friends and More FaceBook site, and decided to have a rant of her own on that FaceBook site against this blog–typically for the group she is lashing outward rather than correcting here own group’s errors–; rather than simply leaving a comment or telling us that there was a problem and allowing us to fix it, she needed to give a typical histrionic performance for her FaceBook audience. Of course, with that group of slanderers and libelers, histrionics is trump and seems to be the fix-all. Brains and reason don’t work very well for them.
    So, we thank Ashley Anne Irwin for again proving our points, and again illustrating the discourtesy of ranting rather than seeking meaningful corrective dialogue, and for her contradictory statements made on the RCS Friends and More site; she is indeed a dues paying member of the Deluca camp.
    That having been said, Thank you! Ashley Anne Irwin for your diatribe, your accusations, your judgementalism, and the rest of the crap you wasted your time writing for your perverse audience on the RCS Friends and More site. But most of all, Thank you! for the opportunity to correct what was a misunderstanding, not on our part, but which was produced by the idiotic rantings on the RCS Friends and More FaceBook site. We have corrected our error, perhaps you and your ilk wil proceed to correct your own errors.

    For those who may be remotely interested, Ashley Anne Irwin writes in part:

    Dear “One of Our (Smalbany Blog) readers Who has Requested Anonymity”, Please notify the blog- that they made an error.
    Where it states:
    “TA and then responds to Ashley Anne Irwin (a member of the Deluca camp?):

    And yes, Ashley, I do have a child. He’s grown now, a smart, independent young man, college grad and member of the United States Navy. I’m a very proud mom!”
    Audrey Toussaint was not in anyway responding to me. She misread the name, Melissa Ashby and called her “Ashley”. Take my name off your pathetic blog. [Editor’s Note: Ouch! Are we angry, frustrated, histrionic? Yes we are! Cool your jets, girl. Take a pill. Get some new batteries! ] I am no member of ANY “Camp” except for one that supports the community and thinks that if ANYONE has anything to say, it should be done IN PERSON, Not by hiding behind a blog or other internet forum. The “Blog” is one of the many things I was talking about when I wrote the post:

    Contradictions? If you are so convinced that “if ANYONE has anything to say, it should be done IN PERSON’ why are you posting so many items on the RCS Friends and More site? Why not show up and comment on the community at town board meetings, board of education meetings, etc. IN PERSON?

    Peace! And get some anger management counseling!
    The Editor


    • I guess I need anger management counseling too?

      July 14, 2012 at 1:32 am

      This entire blog is a giant rant.


      • Fides qua Creditur

        July 14, 2012 at 8:14 am

        We’re all entitled to our opinions, and our opinions are moulded by where we come from and how we view the world. If one prefers to reject moral freedom and responsibility, one simply lets things remain the way they are, good or bad, ugly or beautiful. If one is going to accept responsibility and evolve, progress, I guess one has to respond (an essential component of responsibility is the response component). We see things and react to things differently, depending on our character and values.

        Some of you may see in this blog only a “giant rant.” That says more about you than it does about the blog, you know. Some may feel moved one way or another by this blog, that’s good because you’re responding. Others will think differently about their world when the are exposed to the propositions offered by this blog, they may go out and push for positive change. That’s even better because you’re thinking and open to alternative ideas. As I mentioned above, how you see this blog depends on what you are, what your character has become, and what values you hold. In other words, whether or not you are responsible, or how responsible you are.

        To rant implies interest; to rant giantly implies giant interest. Thank you! You have actually said what I’d like to hear. In your statement you actually are complimenting me and the blog. How? Well, if to rant is to be interested then this “giant rant” is an expression of great interest, great responsibility, and responsibility comes from love, which is the foundation of relationship, which is the seed of community. I hope that you are able to follow that thought.

        When I read a comment like yours, though, what I feel is a great sadness and loss, what I see is a very dull, lacklustre person, an imperfectly formed, immature character, and limited values. A muskrat.

        That becomes even more evident when the pseudonym you use to identify yourself is longer and says more than the statement you actually attempted to make. Think about that.

        “I guess I need anger management counseling too?” (40 chars)
        “This entire blog is a giant rant.” (27 chars)

        Fortunately a very, very large number of people do not share your opinion. There’s still hope then.

        And Yes! you may also need anger counseling; you may have hit on something there.



      • I guess I need anger management counseling too?

        July 14, 2012 at 10:20 am

        Well, actually, it was more or less a statement of disbelief. I’m new to the blog, and was just passing through at first. After seeing the names and the finger pointing, I was intrigued. You’re very observant, a good quality to have. It’s one that comes with age, and experience.

        I actually appreciate your openness, and freedom to express what you believe in. It is something I often tend to refrain from posting online, because I avoid drama. It’s easy to say something online, but the statements are often misunderstood. I’m not sure if the statements in this blog will cause a “positive” change, however.

        It will cause change, whether through yourself when you step out from behind the computer or others when they get off this site, but I fear that it may just make everyone more bitter and condescending than they were prior to one of your entries.

        I can follow that thought perfectly fine, sir, but I am not a muskrat. I am simply a young person with a bigger hope for this community than this blog expresses. Freedom of speech and expression are guaranteed, and yes, I understand it was my choice to click on this link and read your opinions.

        I do not share the interest of condemning people, throwing names, and attacking people through the web or otherwise. I do not agree that this would be any form of progress for our community. It is just a root of frustration.

        Don’t sadden yourself, sir. I have much more life to live, and may change my opinion. But, I will never have the same opinion as you. I do believe in progress, but I do not see any positive progress coming from this blog.

        Anyway, I will shut up with my rant, and get off your blog 🙂

        Try to enjoy your life, and I’m sure we will cross paths again. Thank you very much for your time.


      • Fides qua Creditur

        July 14, 2012 at 10:28 am

        If you are blessed with a longer life and if you are fortunate enough to acquire not only knowledge but also responsibility and wisdom, there is still hope for you.




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