A Recap of the Facts

11 Jul

Warning: If you are a student or a minor, please leave this blog NOW!

Seems There’s A Lot of Misinformation Going On, Thanks to the Albany Times Union (The Smalbany Times Useless) and Other Rumor and Gossip Mongers

Let Go of His Ear, Biatch!

 So We’d Like To Set The Record Straight On A Couple Of Facts:

FALSE: The constantly repeated allegation RCS central school district board of education president harrassed or threatened anyone at all is absolutely FALSE. But it is TRUE that the local press, especially the Smalbany Times Useless rag  and the Coeymanazis are perverting the facts and willfully misinforming the public!

TRUE: The RCS central school district board of education president was set up and framed by special interests, to be specific, the Coeymanazis, in an effort to keep their majority on the board and keep control of the $41+ million dollars of the school budget. And it is TRUE that their attempt failed miserably.

FALSE: It is not true that the May 15 RCS central school district voting on the 2012-13 school budget of more than $41 million dollars was lawful. It is TRUE that it  burdened RCS property owners with an additional 6.8% increase in tax, and it was in many respects unlawful.

TRUE: The RCS central school district is being investigated for voting irregularities, possible voting fraud, and has been lambasted in an audit for its deficient financial practices.

TRUE: All of the previous corrupt and conspiratorial practices uncovered by this blog and in official investigations occurred while the Coeymanazis were in control of the board and the teachers clique and the teachers union, under Matt “the Mutt” Miller, pushed special interests.

TRUE: The citizens and residents of the RCS central school district now have control of the board, and the special interest groups, the teachers and teachers union no longer have a majority.

TRUE: John M. Vadney was reelected to be president and Mike Robbins was elected to be vice-president  of the RCS central school district board of education. Neither Vadney nor Robbins has anything to gain by being on the board; in other words, they are there in virtue of good will and community spirit. This is not true of the teachers clique (Engel, Latter, Reville, Whalen), who stand to benefit from their board activities. John M. Vadney (president) and Mike Robbins (vice-president) received the RCS Central School District Board of Education vote of confidence!

TRUE: Josephine O’Connor engaged in conflict of interest and benefits directly from her vote to give her husband, an RCS teacher, tenure. She should have abstained from that vote. She also engaged in conflict of interest by voting in favor of the adoption of the 2012-12 school budget from which she stands to benefit directly.

TRUE: Josephine O’Connor’s father, Joseph Edward Tracey, harrassed and threatened a local business woman and her family; Tracey then harrassed the school board president. Tracey was arrested and an order of protection granted against him. Tracey was used by his daughter Josephine O’Connor in a conspiracy to discredit the school board president in a failed effort to force his resignation. If this is true, O’Connor and Tracey are guilty of perjury and conspiracy, and aggravated harrassment. They and the Coeymans Police Department and the Town of Coeymans can be charged with violation of the school board president’s civil rights! The possible result: civil rights lawsuits and big cash awards! The community pays for the indifference and corruption of the Town and the Police!

TRUE: It is true fact that Josephine Tracey-O’Connor’s father, Joseph Edward Tracey, was arrested by the Bethlehem police, it was not because the board of education president, John M. Vadney, demanded that he be arrested, it was because Tracey was disorderly with the police when the Bethlehem police called to talk to him about Vadney’s complaint and about his behavior; if Tracey didn’t act like a jerk he would probably never have been arrested! Only when Tracey became disorderly did the Bethlehem police say “Enough!” and arrested him. It was only then that at Vadney’s request, Judge Jordan, Bethlehem town justice, granted the Order of Protection against Tracey, ordering him to stay clear of the Vadney family. The Order of Protection was granted by Judge Jordan because Tracey was a danger and a threat! Not only did Tracey violate that order through the retaliation by and through the Coeymans Police, but in a sworn deposition, Tracey admits to going to Vadney’s home on the next morning, but seeing the police there, did not stop. Tracey admits in his own deposition that he willfully was violating the judge’s order! Please note that it was not the Coeymanazi police who arrested Tracey but the Bethlehem police, and it was not a Coeymans town justice who imposed the protective order but a Town of Bethlehem justice!

TRUE: The Town of Coeymans supervises and manages the Coeymans Police Department. The Town of Coeymans Supervisor, Stephen Flach,  has stated that the Town of Coeymans has no policy or procedure for investigting citizen complaints against the Coeymans Police. The Coeymans Police Department claims to have a policy / procedure but does not enforce it. The Town and the Police are indifferent to citizens’ rights!

TRUE: Officer Kerry Thompson, a part-time employee of the Coeymans Police Department and an employee of the Albany County Sheriff Department, refused to take a local woman’s complaint against Joseph Edward Tracey, father of former board of education vice-president Josephine Tracey-O’Connor, in clear violation of the Coeymans Police Department’s alleged policy and procedure for investigation of citizen complaints. The policy clearly states that employees of the Coeymans PD must take all complaints or face discipline. Thompson was never disciplined according to the “policy.” The Town and the Police are indifferent to citizens’ rights!

TRUE: Matt Miller, a teacher at the RCS high school, recieves a full teacher salary but has a reduced teaching load (2 periods only), so that he can do teachers union work as president of the RCS teachers association. In other words, he is paid to do union work representing the special interests of the teachers, on teaching time and with taxpayer money. Until recently, during that same time, Miller was receiving an additional $10,000 in compensation for acting as the RCS energy manager: he told people to turn the lights off!

TRUE: On July 10, 2012, the newly installed RCS school board took its first decisive step in removing waste and corruption: the board voted to revoke the position of RCS energy manager. This means that Matt Miller will no longer be in that position and will no longer collect the additional $10,000 he was receiving as double-dipper-in-chief. The teachers clique on the RCS board of education fought wildly to keep their little darling pet Matt Miller in the position but reason prevailed and the citizen/resident members on the board voted to remove him (this does not mean that the position was eliminated). The citizen / resident members of the board stood for what was right and in the spirit of one resident’s words: “We don’t need a position” that pays someone an additional $10,000, “to tell people to turn off the lights!”

TRUE: The local media, especially the Albany Times Union (Smalbany Times Useless), a division of union-busting Hearst Corporation, has consistently misinformed the public and this community about the facts, and has failed in its civic duty to provide fair, objective, and unbiased reporting on local issues.

TRUE: The Coeymanazi gang was conspicuously absent from the May 10, 2012, RCS board of education meeting. There can be only one reason for this silence–they’re on the run and are busy hatching another plot, another conspiracy for the ruination of any collaboration or cooperation in this community. Be on guard for new misinformation by the Deluca-Bartlett-Latter-O’Connor-Hommel-Engel-McTigue-D’Esposito-Roman (TU)-Coeymanazi gang! Let this blog know what you find out and we can put a stop to the corruption and conspiracies before they even hatch! It’s up to the good citizen /residents of this community to clean house!

TRUE: A contributor to this blog has reported that s/he has received what can be interpreted as a death threat: “I swear when you turn up dead I will know who killed you. Me.” This threat is under investigation and we can identify the source. The information will be turned over to the New York State Police and to the FBI for investigation and prosecution. Stay tuned for an update!

There are many more instances but these should be enough to convince you that the truth is out there but it’s not getting to you.

You Know Where
You Heard The Truth
The Editor

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!

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6 responses to “A Recap of the Facts

  1. Simon

    July 12, 2012 at 3:40 pm


    If this much noise is being made about a 48 signature-to-vote-count discrepancy for the budget vote with a published 200-ish vote result margin, shouldn’t a much LOUDER noise be made about the Board Member vote where the difference between 4th and 5th place was only 24 votes? That is *within* the disputed vote count number!



    • Fides qua Creditur

      July 12, 2012 at 4:06 pm

      I’ve already published my advice: FIDO–Forgive It and Drive On. Forgiving does not mean forgetting. The investigations must proceed, the errors and irregularities must be honestly discovered, the lessons must be humbly learned. To go further than that would be inviting more chaos than this community can survive and remain viable.

      Once the audits are completed and the investigations summed up the results will be published. I don’t think that the chain of evidence is perfect enough to be able to reliably make feasible corrections so this will have to remain a case study. The findings must be taken seriously, though, and the causes of the defects eliminated summarily.

      There is no way in hell that the suggestion of a re-vote would serve any useful purpose, in fact, a revote would very likely be more than simply destructive, it would be demoralizing.

      What we have now is a workable mix. Even more encouraging is that we have the opportunity to start a new era with changed attitudes. I was very impressed with the board members’ stance when they were confronted with the APPR on June 28th. The bottom line was we are not rubber-stamping, we will pursue ethical and professional practices, and “trust” is nice but we don’t make our decisions for the community on such flimsy foundations. The commonsensical and strong leadership the board exhibited in the face of aggressive arguments, superintendent’s recommendations, a pattern of performance that suggested good results, but the common sense stance that this is not right, should not continue so, and needs to be dealt with now was encouraging.

      If the citizen/resident side of the aisle did not have the majority it is very clear where the decision would have gone: the teachers clique would have continued the energy manager position, Matt Miller would have continued in the position for another year, the taxpayers would be down another $10,000, and the logrolling would continue as it always has done…downhill.

      As I have already written, the signs are good and the writing is on the wall: positive change is on the horizon and this community will be all the better for it economically, communally, psychologically, and spiritually.

      It’s up to the other side of the aisle to pitch in and make it work. But I seriously wonder if the Engels, Whalens, Latters, Revilles, even without the Travers and the O’Conners, are up to the challenge of setting aside their arrogance, their sour grapes, their non-productive alliances, and saying NO! to the special and self-interests in favor of the commong good and the community. Only time will tell.

      The decades of patriarchalism and authoritarianism has take its toll on the community; people have become frustrated, withdrawn, humiliated, silent. Once they discover that there is wiggle room to develop, there is some respect for the dignity of the people of the community, that no one is better than any one or all of us, they’ll start coming out and blossoming. It will be Springtime in Coeymans!

      For the moment, it’s a good sign that the Delucas, the Bartletts, the Hommels and the other Coeymanazis made themselves scarce at this inaugural session. God willing, they’ll stay away.



      • Simon

        July 12, 2012 at 7:52 pm

        Society does not historically support “revotes” anyways. Refer to the Bush/Gore election in 2000. 🙂 Anyone could reasonably predict that the Dept of Education wouldn’t do anything, but the fact that the organization of the voting nights will be redone is a good thing.


        P.S. – Didn’t the “citizen/resident” side have the majority last year? And we had chaos?


      • Fides qua Creditur

        July 12, 2012 at 9:52 pm

        Perhaps the c/r side did. Or was it Engel, Whalen, Traver, O’Connor, Latter (5, teachers clique) vs. Vadney, Robbins, Lukens, Randy K. (4, citizens/residents). I think the seeds of chaos may reside external to the board. Lock the board up and I think they’ll do well. Add the external ingredients (teachers association + other interests, Coeymanazis, etc.) and the mix gets explosive. Let’s see what happens now that the catalyst is proving to be effective…last year there wasn’t a blogger or blog collaborators.



      • Simon

        July 12, 2012 at 7:55 pm

        By the way (response to my own comment) – I do NOT encourage a teacher majority, contrary to what you must think from this and other comments. I’d love for there to be a third group (extra terrestrials? tax evaders? Selkirk residents?) so that there could be 3 factions of 3. We’d get some REAL discussions then. Not just 5-4 votes all the time.



      • Fides qua Creditur

        July 12, 2012 at 9:58 pm

        Fun-eee! I’d go with the aliens, although it looks like we have enough of those scampering around already 😉 Aliens play banjos, don’t they?

        I think the two factions will have the balls to break ranks once in a while…as long as there’s the understanding that that’s the way it’s got to happen now and then. It would be extremely suspicious to see votes going along faction lines at all times and I would then be very energetic in asking questions or encouraging others to do the same.

        But in all honesty, on condition that there’s fair play and professionalism on the board, I have a feeling that this year is going to be a bumper crop and they may fool everyone and work together. My sole concern is that the teachers clique can control themselves and think out of the box, put aside their special interests, stop with the arrogance and defensiveness, and treat the citizen/resident members as peers, colleagues, not as opponents. Public commenters have been asking for, demanding this for as long as I have been monitoring the BoE activity. It would be nice if the notion would finally sink in.

        Pace e bene!



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