A Miraculous Conversion: The Harlot Becomes A Saint!

06 Jul

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Wouldn’t It Be Wonderful if People Could Change their Character Overnight? If Conversions from Harlot to Saint Could Just Happen Miraculously?

Can the Harlot Become a Saint Overnight?
Could the Whore Babylon Become Jerusalem?
Can the Leopard Change Its Spots?

 There was a time, long, long ago, when stories were told of miraculous conversions such as the one about St Francis taming the vicious wolf of Gubbio, or the Gospel parables of the harlot who becomes a saint. There are many, many such stories and they all require suspension of logic, a leap of faith to swallow. But they’re all nice stories…a bit hard to believe…but the basic lesson is that even the worst can still become good. But it takes a saint like Francis, or a man-god like Jesus to do the job; it doesn’t just happen!


Today a reader forwarded to us an article that appeared in the July 5, 2012, Times Union, “Redeeming value of a bottle, can drive. RCS Bottle Blitz aims to boost community spirit, pay for school trips” and scrawled by the Deluca sockpuppet Dayelin Roman. As we’ve observed several times already, Dayelin Roman seems to write on command and you really have to wonder who it is she works for, the Coeymanazis or for Hearst Corporation? Prostituting herself for a cheap, short-lived story, it seems. But the point remains: The Times Union – – again, as usual, still – –  is reporting on an event that happened several weeks ago and is really no news at all. Congratulations, RCS! You’ve made the nothing news again!

Anyone in the RCS school district knows that Cathy Deluca waddled up to the speakers podium during a RCS board of education meeting in early June and announced her idiotic bottle-and-can drive to raise money for extracurricular programs. But at a previous meeting, at the May 22 board of education meeting, to be exact, Cathy Deluca lumbers up to the podium wearing one of Dirty-Hands Jerry’s conflict-of-interest organization’s blouses, one displaying ARANY (Automotive Recycling Association of New York), right over the left hooter horribilis!

Cathy Deluca in ARANY Sweater!

Cathy Deluca in ARANY Blouse!
We know who dresses you, Cathy!

Never trust a talking cow!

Brazen moo! But having noticed her shameless sporting of one of her husband’s so-called clients (Dirty-Hands Jerry lists ARANY, the Mainstreet Small Business Coalition, the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, the NYS Assembly, Deluca Public Affairs as his other employments, in addition to being employed by the Coeymans Police Department. Why hasn’t the Times Union looked a bit deeper into those claims?) But back to our story–it’s all going to come together in a minute: In about 1996, when hubby Dirty-Hands Jerry was wooing the community to put him in public office and wowing the community with promises of using his “political connections” to benefit the community…we’re still waiting, Jerry…he made a public commitment in the public media but never ponied up!

Cathy Deluca, Jerry Deluca: Why not get your political connections to work and raise some real money. Jerry: Why not ask Deluca Public Affairs, ARANY, the Main Street Small Business Coalition to get together and raise some money to support the programs. Now there’s an idea you never thought of! Why not make good on your promises you never kept since ’96!

Now  after all the backstabbing, the Times Union publishes a story that portrays the worst Coeymanazi ringleaders, the most toxic of the venomous reptiles in RCS, none other than Cathy Long Deluca, who whines that she is ” tired of all the nonsense…Tired of reading about voter fraud allegations, tired of Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk school board members facing charges, tired of hearing about a vitriolic blog…” Of course, Cathy, you’re tired of hearing about your sins; it’s a heavy burden to bear but it’s yours, Cathy, all yours!

The Deluca Method

But there’s no mention of Cathy Deluca and her Coeymanazis as having been the ringleaders in all of the problems Deluca is so “tired” of! She and her husband, Dirty-Hands Jerry, together with their band of thugs, started the whole mess, ending up with the Delucas’ good friend, Josephine O’Connor, starting her “He called me fat!” fraud, and her getting her father, the village idiot Joe Tracey, set up to frame the board of education president, and then good old stupid Tracey gets himself arrested! As a direct sequel to all of that, a kid gets ambushed and assaulted at the high school, and lawsuits get filed! Who was behind it all? The Delucas, Hommel, D’Esposito, the Coeymans Police (= Deluca), Josephine O’Connor, and her idiot father, Joe Tracey!

Connect the dots, people! Connect the damned dots!

Now that the Coeymanazis are on the defensive, all of a sudden the rats are cornered and it’s “let’s make nice time.” One thing is for certain, the Delucas and their cronies can’t change their characters over night. The leopard can’t change its spots.  That’s impossible. But they are real quick-change artists when it comes to putting on a new mask. The snake can shed its skin but it’s still a snake.

Now, back to fundraising for the school programs (we won’t mention the recent auditor’s finding that a number of people at the high school have been being overpaid for years to the tune of $thousands$. Or the other negative findings on questionable financial practices that the auditors identified. But now, after having practically handed the Delucas and their friends more than $41 million they hope to get to play with, and spread around a bit, the good residents of RCS need to collect bottles and cans, and dear St Cathy Deluca is going to be the patron saint of the effort. No, thank you! Times Union.

What makes me want to puke is that Cathy Deluca the great complainer, finger-pointer, the great divider can say with a pudgy straight face without even so much as creasing a dimple: “I wanted to do something to get people to come together on,” DeLuca said. “In these budget times, field trips are one of the first things cut. This is just a small token compared to what we face with the budget.” Have we all forgotten that the 2012-13 budget that saddled RCS property owners with an additional 6.8% in taxes and was pushed by the Deluca gang, who didn’t hesitate to use every dirty trick in the book to get it pushed through the vote, a vote that has been getting some pretty serious investigation lately? (Even RCS Superintenden Smith had to admit publicly that signatures and votes did not tally up!) Now, after Deluca and crew got what they wanted, everyone else gets the dirty end of the stick, and sweet-thing Cathy is going to save the community and the programs with What?!?!  the RCS Bottle Blitz!?! RCS has been “blitzed” and it hasn’t been by bottles! More like Cathy Deluca and her Coeymanazis!

How Many for 1 Kid/1 Fieldtrip, Cathy?

Is this the same Cathy Deluca who sits with the other toxic clowns in the audience and make obscene noises, gestures, and adverse comments during board of education meetings? Is this the same Cathy Deluca who, with her husband Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca, at almost every BoE meeting regularly waddle up to the podium to attack, insult, and degrade the board and other citizens and residents? Is this the same Cathy Deluca who with the Dave and Amy Bartlett, Donna Leput-Hommel, R.J. D’Esposito, James Latter, Josephine O’Connor, atheist-teacher Matt Miller, and a handful of others have spread hate and suspicion throughout the RCS community and whose husband, Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca works the same black magic from the Coeymans Police Department? The same Delucas who inspired the Josephine O’Connor-Joe Tracey conspiracy? Yes! Friends, it’s the same Cathy Deluca who that stupid cow Dayelin Roman quotes as saying, “Just to try to show people that you can still disagree and be respectful about it,” DeLuca said. “It’s not a bad community. It really isn’t. Maybe this is a step in the right direction.” The step in the right direction for you, Cathy, would be a long walk off a short pier.

Why doesn’t Cathy Deluca approach the local business associations—I mean the ones that she and Donna Leput-Hommel didn’t try to slander and punish during the budget campaign (are there any left?). Burnt too many bridges, Cathy, Donna? Or why not get the local churches to pitch in, like the Church of St Patrick in Ravena. Jim Kane has already allowed you to desecrate the sanctuary, not much more left for you to soil. Truth is, Cathy, nobody wants anything to do with you and your group, and nobody wants to work with you or your thugs. Should’ve thought of being respectful and decent years ago! Or even just months ago—but then you thought you still had something to gain, still saw some self-interest benefit. But you LOST, Cathy, Jerry, Donna!

Excuse me, my stomach is turning!

Odd Effect the Times Union Has on Its Readers!

By the way: Has anyone noticed how quiet the Deluca crowd has become now that the video cameras can pan in on them in the audience? We all know about their childishly stupid clownlike behavior when they thought they couldn’t be seen and identified.

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!

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2 responses to “A Miraculous Conversion: The Harlot Becomes A Saint!

  1. Anonymous

    July 13, 2012 at 12:12 pm

    Do you even know who Dayelin Roman is? She’s one of the nicest people that I have EVER MET. So don’t you DARE call her a sockpuppet! I know that most reporters get hate but this blog post made me sick to my stomach. The Times Union is a great paper- disclosure: I do not work or intern for the TU- and I know Dayelin and a couple other reporters that work there. Try to get to know people before you criticize them. Geesh.


    • Fides qua Creditur

      July 13, 2012 at 12:22 pm

      She’s a bloody SOCKPUPPET who’s PROSTITUTING HER JOURNALISM to court losers’ popularity! Send her back to Florida, the’re plenty of losers to pick up down there!

      As for that union-busting, hypocritical rag the Smalbany Times Useless, it is such a bottom-feeding rag and so useless at objective reporting and getting true facts, it’s the entire Capital District who has to do the puking! From which leach field in hell did you slither out of, expert-for-all-seasons, Anonymous?!?

      How dare you allege that we don’t know the biatch! To paraphrase a popular source: We know her by her fruits.


      P.s. Real gutsy defending your so-called friend Dayelin “Coeymanazi Biatch” Roman using the really courageous “Anonymous.” What are you afraid of?



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