Coeymans Ripe for Civil Rights Violations Lawsuits?

04 Jul

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With the Volume of Complaints Against the Coeymans Police Department and its Employees, Several Requests for Documents Under the Freedom of Information Law (F.O.I.L.) Reveal Some Disturbing–But Not Surprising–Conflicts of Information.

A Community for Suckers

Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or a lawyer. For specific technical or other advice on the information provided and related topics, please contact the author. But if you have a complaint to file for abuse or violation of your civil rights, now might be a prime time to file it…the Town of Coeymans and the Coeymans Police Department likely wouldn’t have a snowflake’s chance in hell of winning a lawsuit!

No sooner does the NY state Department of Education start investigating the multiple allegations of voting irregularities in the school budget vote, the Albany County DA, law-enforcement pimp David Soares and his corrupt band of sockpuppets reward the Coeymans Police Department for their incestuous relationships with a “gift” of $18,000 in taxpayer money, the Times Union publishes the New York State Comptroller’s devastating audit report highlighting the scandalous financial mismanagement in the Village of Ravena to the tune of hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars (the Town of Coeymans got its own reaming back in 2009 and there’s probably another coming soon), and the Town of Coeymans Board caves the the Coeymans Police Department’s request for an increase in petty cash, YES! “petty” cash, from $300 to $1000. It appears that Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk is populated by dunces, psychos, inbred waterheads, crackheads, and the braindead; zombies who do the bidding and dance the dance played by their trainers, the Coeymanazis!

But back to the Coeymans Police Department and the Policy and Procedure for Officially Investigating Citizens’ Complaints against the Coeymans Police. Oh! You say you didn’t know there was one? You’re not alone. Your Town of Coeymans town board didn’t know either! And your Coeymans Police Chief is not aware that his department is managed and overseen by the Coeymans Town Board!

Who’s in Charge?!?
Flach, Darlington, Dolan at Work.

(Meanwhile, Ryan Johnson’s beating up Grandma, Dirty- Hands Deluca’s Making a Deal Somewhere, Kerry Thompson is Deleting the Secret Policy.)

Our investigator has come up with secret documents that prove that the the citizens of the town of Coeymans are not only saddled with a gaggle of Mr Potatoheads who don’t have a clue what’s going on, and are plagued with a moneypit of a police department dominated by lawless thugs but the poor souls are faced with triple jeopardy:

  • Either they’re afraid to make a complaint or, if a citizen does try to make a complaint, the police may refuse to take it–in violation of their own internal policy!
  • If the complaint is accepted there may or may not be a policy and procedure for investigating it (no one in the Coeymans administration seems to know for sure–they’re “indifferent“)–but file the complaint anyway, when you sue you need to let them trip over each other…and they will. They already are!
  • The Coeymans Police Department is basically illiterate but they do have what they humorously call a “policy” but it’s mostly so stupidly written and full of mistakes it’s meaningless, and where you can make sense of it, it’s useless!

Darlington Continues the Tradition

So, our requests for any information clarifying the situation were made during June 2012, in order to find out whether or not the Town of Coeymans has a policy and procedures for properly investigating citizen’s reports and complaints of police misconduct. The Town of Coeymans’ response was that there is no policy or procedure for investigating citizens’complaints. In response to a request asking Who manages the Coeymans Police Department? the town replies in a letter dated June 15, 2012, in response to a F.O.I.L. request, the responding town officer states that “according to the Internal Control Officer for the Town [Darryl] Purinton, the Town Board manages and oversees the Town of Coeymans Police Department.” (Are you listening Coeymans Police Chief Gregory Darlington? Betcha you didn’t know that!)

That’s apparently news to Mr Gregory Darlington, so-called chief of the Coeymans Police Department, but he’s clueless about so many things, it’s no surprise that he doesn’t know the Town Board Supervises his gang of thugs (see below). Good ol’ sockpuppet Greg Darlingtona pawn for all to diddle with!

It gets worse. In response to a detailed freedom of information request submitted to the Town of Coeymens on June 27, 2012, asking for the policy and procedure for investigating citizens’complaints against the Coeymans police, the Town of Coeymans responds on July 3, 2012,writing, “I have been advised by the Town Supervisor [Stephen Flach] that such policy and procedure does not exist, therefore, I am unable to provide you with the requested information.” So, since the Town Supervisor is president of the Coeymans town board, and according the the town’s Internal Control Officer, Darryl Purinton, “the Town Board manages and oversees the Town of Coeymans Police Department,” it would seem that the Town of Coeymans has no policy or procedures for investigating your complaints against the Coeymans Police Department or any of its employees. But the federal and state courts say that towns and cities must have an effective policy and one that’s implemented uniformly or…Guess what? Big settlements and big awards!

Our little furry friend Thomas E. Dolan, member of the Coeymans Town Board, is the board’s liaison person to the Coeymans P.D. He, too, was handed a F.O.I.L. request asking for the same information. Dolan, who is supposed to be the go-between between the town board and the Coeymans P.D., allegedly stated that he didn’t think that the Town of Coeymans had a policy or procedures for investigating citizens’ complaints. (This clueless dolt is the very Thomas E. Dolan who is asking you to put him in the New York State Senate! If he’s such a magnus dorkus at town and village level, just think of the damage he could do as a state senator!)

This creates a very serious liability situation for the Town of Coeymans, especially in view of recent court decisions that have created quite a crisis situation in towns and cities across New York State, who either don’t have a policy/procedure or who have one but it’s so idiotic it’s useless…like the Town of Coeymans’…more on that later.

If anything, we are very thorough and cover most bases before anything gets published on this blog. This question was no exception to our policy. So we also filed a request to the Coeymans Police Department itself. The Coeymans P.D. provided a document that is apparently part of its “Law Enforcement Manual,” Administration Section  14.0, Subject: Internal Investigations / Personnel Complaints, and is dated April 1, 2008. So it’s already 4 year’s old and apparently no one has so much as run a spell check on it, much less made it even remotely readable in English.

The confused way the document is written and the poor level of English convinced us that it had to be a Coeymans document. That impression was confirmed when we read that the “Approving Authority” is none other than “Darlington, Chief of Police.” We don’t want you to think that we are unreasonable or too harsh when we say that a retarded chimp could probably manage to have written a more understandable document, so here’s a link to the actual document provided. Judge for yourself. Click Town of Coeymans PD P&P Citizens’ Complaints. (Please note, we have made no effort to clean up Darlington’s gibberish so you’ll be able to read it in its unnatural orginal state.)

The taxpayers of the Town of Coeymans paid Gregory Darlington $91,317.00 in 2011! Why can’t the good citizens of Coeymans get a literate, marginally intelligent police chief for that money. For about 19 employees on the Coeymans Police Department the good citizens of Coeymans shelled out more than $650,000 in Coeymans P.D. salaries alone in 2011! (The highest paid — besides Darlington — were Daniel Contento at $86,697; Nicholas Westfall at $68,351; Ryan Johnson at $56,331. We guess they got “Dirty Hands Jerry” Deluca on sale at Walmarts at just over $29,000.) Why can’t we get a decent law enforcement team that respects citizens and the law for that kind of money? The good citizens of the town of Coeymans are paying through the nose for morons, thugs, abuse, violations of their rights, retaliation, intimidation, and the lawsuits that result! Ever ask yourselves Why? [Editor’s Note: Salary source:

The real author of the Coeymans Police Department Policy.

We do want to comment on just a couple of sections, just to show how idiotic and useless the document is and how it reflects the author’s mentality and the overall dysfunction of the Town of Coeymans and the especially the Coeymans Police Department.

If at any time you feel you’re going to puke or panic, or both, just push the bullshit alert button below:

Use Only in An Emergency!

One caution before you even read the thing: You’d better be prepared to be confused as hell trying to figure out who is the personnel, the employee, the officer, etc. because there’s no definition of any of the terms used and the terms are being used randomly. (Don’t even pay attention to the paragraph numbering; it’s all screwed up!) So here goes:
In the “Introduction” we read:

“The image of the Department depends on the personal integrity and discipline of all Departmental employees. To a large degree, our public image is determined by our professional response to allegations of misconduct by police employees.”

This is an admission that the Coeymans P.D. is aware that how they appear (“our public image“) depends on the way the CPD employees act and how they respond to “allegations of misconduct.” In other words, they are aware of something. That’s a relief!

The document also states that it is necessary to

“promptly, competently, professionally, and impartially investigate all complaints … take appropriate disciplinary action…seek appropriate remedy for false allegations … establish rules, regulations, polices and procedures in order to direct and control the means by which law enforcement services are delivered in the most efficient and effective manner.”

Well, seems kinda lofty for the CPD, doesn’t it? We’ll be requesting copies of those “rules, regulations, policies, and procedures!” But especially to those among our readers, who may have experienced the C.P.D.’s notion of “the most efficient and effective manner;” their role models appear to be the Gestapo or the Nazi SS, after all the C.P.D. are the Coeymanazis.

Where the document really starts to go awry is in paragraph 24.1.2, where we read that the procedure or the policy, whatever it is supposed to be, “is for internal use only and does not enlarge an officer’s civil or criminal liability in any way.” So it’s useless in other words? We actually thought that the whole purpose of the procedure was to verify the facts of the citizen’s complaint. Silly us!

The same section goes on to state, “It should not be construed as a creation of a higher standard of safety or care in an evidentiary sense, with respect to third part claims.” It’s purpose is not to improve standards, safety, care? And shouldn’t the police be held to a higher standard of conduct, considering their power, than you or I? So the procedure is useless after all! Like we said.

What’s really damning is the part that reads, “Violations of this directive, if proven, can only form the basis of a complaint by this department, and then only in a nonjudicial administrative setting.” This whole section is the product of an idiotic, demented mind! So any violations can form the basis of a complaint by the CPD? What sense does that make? Also, any violations are non-judicial/administrative? What Darlington, the overfed moonbat, is doing is making law! Not surprising, though. Darlington, the same Darlington who had to take the police chief exam at least 3 times before he could pass it, is now making laws he’s not authorized to make! The Coeymans Police Department is now a mini-legislature!

Chief Darlington: Take Mabel’s Advise!

Here’s where it gets good: section 44.1.1 reads “As a rule, complaints regarding law enforcement personnel or operations wil be handled by the Chief of Police.” Does the Town Board know this? Does Tom Dolan, the board’s go-between dingaling with the CPD, know this? Does Darlington know that “the Town Board manages and oversees” his department. Does Darlington know that as far as the Town Board is concerned this document doesn’t exist? Does anyone in the Town of Coeymans administration know anything at all?

Section 44.1.4 states that “Any employee shall assist a complainant filling out a Report of Personnel Complaint.” Apparently the janitor or the plumber can help you fill out a “Report of Personnel Complaint.” But according to this section, there is apparently a form, a “Report of Personnel Complaint.” Do you feel safer now? You’re not!

Section 44.1.5 is the clincher, though, and we’re putting this in boldface type because it’s a boldface lie by Darlington:

“Every effort will be made to facilitate the convenient, courteous and prompt receipt and processing of citizen complaints, Any employee who interferes with, discourages or delays the making of such complaint shall be subject to disciplinary action.” [underlining provided]

 (We’ll wait a couple of minutes so you can recover your composure and change your undies, before we go on.) Was Kerry Thompson disciplined for refusing to take a woman’s harassment complaint? We’re wondering if Coeymans Police Department personnel are aware of this document, especially officer Kerry Thompson, who refused to take a local business woman’s complaint of harassment by Joe Tracey (Josephine O’Connor’s father!) but not only took Joe Tracey’s fraudulent complaint and actually arrested an innocent person! We only hope that the local businesswoman is reading this and has her attorney’s number ready!

By Now my Bullshit Meter
is Off the Scales!

How’s Yours Doing?

How’s this one: Section 44.1.9. “Complainants appearing or telephoning demanding to speak directly and/or immediately to the Chief of Police shall be immediately referred to the Chief of Police.” Is Darlington on this planet, even on a part-time basis? Did you ever try to get through to him? We mean before the Albany County Sheriff got involved in overseeing Coeymans police activities?

Darlington starts legislating again when he writes at Section 44.1.10: “Complainant will not normally be accepted more than 30 days after the incident.” How’s that make you feel? You won’t be accepted after 30 days. Does that mean you’ve expired or something? Besides, Darlington has already said this is an internal document so who’s to know?

Don’t worry, though, if you do decide to file a lawsuit, nothing Darlington puts in his gibberish manual will count for anyting because state and federal statutes of limitations will apply to your lawsuit. You attorney can explain the limitations to you. It’s also best to call your complaint a Notice of Claim, because it puts the department and the town on notice, as is required by law, that you have a claim against them. Might as well include the DA’s name on it too; David Soares is always behind the scenes.

The document goes on to say that “The Chief of Police shall:” [Editor’s Note: In this usage “shall” is obligatory and should be read to mean “is required to.”] notify the complainant a.s.a.p. of the receipt of the complaint, that the complaint is under investigation” (we don’t exactly know what this means), and that the investigation will be completed within 30 days.”  Now how does the CPD know that the investigation can be completed within 30 days? Probably it won’t but who cares? And then, “when the investigation substantiates the allegation” the Chief of Police must “take appropriate disciplinary action.” In this life, you wonder?

The document also states tha the Chief of Police must “record or cause to be recorded the internal investigation.” In other words, a record must be kept of the investigation. If you believe that, I’ve got a bridge to sell ya!

But in clear violation of law and good management priniciples, secton states that the Chief must “securely maintain confidential records of internal investigations in the Chief’s Office separate from personnel files.” The courts will go to town royally on that one!

Even I had to have a chuckle when I read section which states that the Chief of Police must maintain close liason with the district attorney investigating alleged criminal conduct. Where liability is an issue, the Chief shall maintain contact with the Town Attorney.” What does Greg Darlington do? Calls his wife Leah Darlington at the DA’s office to have David Soares fix a felony or something or cook some poor bastard RCS resident who has gone afoul of the Coeymanazis? We’ve already seen the great communications between the Town Board and the Police. NOT!

Before we give you a stroke for laughing so hard, there’s one bit of gibberish in this document we’s like to close with. It has to do with the interview of the accused officer for “administrative purposes” by the police chief.

“If the Chief of Police wishes to compel and employee to answer questions directly related to his or her official duties and the Chief is willing to forgo the use of such answers in a criminal prosecution…no answer given nor any informatin obtained by reason of such statements can be admissible against the employee at any criminal proceeding.”

Purest rubbish and characteristic of the document as a whole! The chief of police does not have that authority! This is a perfect example of sheltering potential criminality and protecting the very persons who are literally most likely to deprive you of life, liberty and your civil rights and not only abuse their power, but even if they are guilty they won’t be held accountable, and they won’t have to fess up like you or I with their legal costs because the municipality indemnifies them! The best of all worlds and at your expense. Police and teachers have it all and you’re paying for it!

Gerald “Dirty Hands Jerry” Deluca Unmasked!
Enjoy! Suckers!

The Editor

Afterword: We don’t want to make the impression that the town of Coeymans and the Coeymans Police Department are the only tainted, corrupt, and inept examples we know about but they are almost perfect examples of how a town administration, if left totally alone to do what it likes, can go rabid. It is also an almost perfect example of what happens when citizens don’t bother to get involved or to get too lazy to oversee their officials. So, people of Coeymans and places like Coeymans, all of this crap is partly YOUR fault. YOU have to clean it up!

Our next article will continue to discuss the so-called policy and the Town of Coeymans’ indemnification of police officers; that means that the Town of Coeymans pays the bill for any defense of the accused officer–guilty or not! They play, you PAY! Stay tuned!

A couple of final questions for you to ponder: Has anyone asked Why “Dirty-Hands Jerry” is allowed to pack a weapon on RCS school property when not on duty and not officially on call? Aren’t firearms prohibited on school property? And  has anyone asked why a police presence was required at recent school board meetings to re-assure a certain psycho who needed to be accompanied to the ladies room? Who paid for the courtesy body guards and why? (Note that the police have no legal duty to protect you! That’s a fact! So, any police presence for Deluca’s female friend had to be a favor at taxpayer expense. Right?) We’ll have some questions on overtime, too.

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!

2 responses to “Coeymans Ripe for Civil Rights Violations Lawsuits?

  1. cookie

    July 5, 2012 at 6:45 pm

    How could they not know of their own policy and procedure? You bring up so many points here. Somehow you know more about their p & p than they do!


    • Fides qua Creditur

      July 5, 2012 at 8:57 pm

      Brilliant question and one for which I don’t have the answer. First of all, the law requires that they have one. Secondly, the Coeymans Police Department is allegedly managed by the Town Board, according to the Internal Control Officer. Thirdly, the Town Supervisor, Flach, tells his Town Clerk that no such policy and procedure exists. Fourthly, the Coeymans Town Board member, Thomas E. Dolan, who is the board liaison officer to the CPD says he doesn’t think one exists. Fifthly, the CPD produces a chapter from their CPD Law Enforcement Manual that sets forth what the CPD alleges is the P&P for investigating complaints against CPD personnel. All of this information produced in respons to F.O.I.L. requests! What’s a fact is that places like Utica, Rennslaer and many other cities and towns across New York State have been creamed in the federal and state courts for far less than this and huge settlements and jury awards have been upheld for civil rights abuses and violations by police officers where the plaintiffs have shown that there was liability based on indifference. Most of the cases are very recent so there’s been a wave of decisions against towns and cities for not having a P&P in place that works. Apparently, I do know more about what’s going on in their board rooms and bedrooms than they do!

      Do you think it’s got anyone thinking yet? Probably not. Over their pinheads.

      Financial mismanagement, administrative mismanagement, judicial mismanagement, executive mismanagement. It’s starting to sound like New Baltimore, isn’t it? It’s just a microcosm of the Mother Babylon, Albany, where the Godfathers meet.

      There’s more to come but we’ll let them digest the P&P for now.

      Thanks for your comment.




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