Coeymanazis Doing Their Worst…Aided by the Times Useless

20 Jun

 Warning: If you are a student or a minor, please leave this blog NOW!

If the Coeymanazis under the Leadership of Gerald “Dirty-Hands Jerry” Deluca and his paramour Cathy “Bottle-Gal” Deluca Don’t Do Enough Damage in the Community, There’s Always Dayelin Roman or Scott Waldman to Misreport Something or Misrepresent Some Facts in the Times Useless!

FaceBook Journalism
Cathy Deluca, R.J. D’Esposito, and Dayelin Roman Put Their Heads Together and Come Up With One Whole Brain!
(Well, Almost. Some Minor Parts Still Missing)

And so, there was Ms Times Useless herself, Dayelin Roman, seated idiotically between some key speakers at the June 19th RCS board of education meeting, and, despite the pundits around her, still managed to misreport what was going on. But if there’s one thing we can count on the pulp-head journalists of the Times Useless to deliver, it’s their typical negativity and inaccuracy. They never disappoint.

[One Times Useless reporter reported the 29 seniors’ of the class of 2012 to be vandalism, today Roman calls it a harmless prank. Hope everyone having an opinion caught the downgrade.]

And then there’s the typical Times Useless cheap shots at the board members who are not part of the teachers clique or the Coeymanazi gang! You’d almost get the impression little miss Floridian Dayelin Roman, star reporter for the “hill towns,” is in bed with them…figuratively, of course?

The best stuff though is what we get from FaceBook and the Coeymanazis there; you know, Cathy “Bottle-Gal” Deluca and her screwball sidekick R.J. D’Esposito. Here’s just a sampling of highlights from the blather of misinformation they spend their worthless lives chattering about:

Bob Fonz Williams represents the “kill them all” camp, and lumps the whole board of education in the same litter box. Bob apparently isn’t a thinking type and sees everything in an all-or-nothing or strictly black-and-white field. He writes:

“and that should START with the BOE !!!!! never happen,too much shit in the pot ! it is a shame for the kids.”

No, Bob Fonz, it’s a shame for the adults, who are acting like such asses! I really am a bit sick and tired of hearing “about the kids.” First of all, it’s not the kids that allowed this putrid mess to develop, it was the complacent sheeple, the all-or-nothings, the black-or-whiters, and the Coeymanazis  that got us into this mess. And it’s them that handed the power to the Coeymanazis but forgot the accountability! Bob, Fonz, whatever your moniker is, read some of the comments! And Wake UP! It’s attitudes like yours that is empowering the Coeymanazis!

C’mon Bob Fonz!
Stop Talkin’ Shite!

Bob represents one group of mentally challenged residents who seem to think that if you get rid of the entire board of education, that you’ll possibly get a functional one. That’s idiotic. The first step would be to get the teachers and the retired teachers and the spouses of teachers off the board! That’s where the conflict of interest problem lies. Another problem is that people like Bob fail to break down the whole picture. You need to ask yourself: Who on the board is making all the accusations, demanding resignations, attacking other board members? Who’s been recruited by the Deluca Losers Club that got booted last time and now are sour grapes, rallying behind the Delucas and the Hommels of the community?

Dorothy Dutton addressing R.J. Esposito’s stupid remarks, intelligently and prudently asks D’Esposito:

“First of all I would like to know where you are getting your information from, and if it is true or just more rumors about the BOE. Second….I do not think what Mr. Vadney said to Ms Connors (?) [O’Connor] called for such a reaction from her father. She is a big girl and can stand up for herself. To me this whole thing is just nonsense that got blown up out of preportion!!!”

Thank you, Dorothy! Takes guts to demand truth instead of rumors and gossip. It takes guts to call a nut case a nut case, especially when the nut case is a close relative of one of the Ravena ruling tribes, the Persicos, and a close friend of arch-Coeymanazi Gerald “Dirty-Hands Jerry” Deluca! It’s people like Dorothy and AT who are going to ultimately save this community!

AT (I’m using her initials because she has in the past asked that she not be identified), A fairly regular commenter writes the a real sparkle of sanity that appears on the fascist FaceBook page:

“What is shameful is all the gossip. What is shameful is that teachers and students are bullying and attacking (literally, ATTACKING…watch the video!) a young man because of the budget hype and differences of opinion. What is shameful is a public post on seeing if everyone is going to the BoE meeting tonight for sensationalism and more gossip. Why don’t you try going to a BoE meeting for educational issues sometime. It is people like you [meaning Bob Fonz Williams] who continually stir the pot that leads to the shameful behavior. Grow up! Don’t you have kids?? Try being a role model.”

BRAVA AT! No, most of the Coeymanazis have been sterilized by their own venom! Why have kids? The Coeymanazis never bothered to grow up and act like adults!

Debbie Oatman captures that same thought when she writes:

 “What??? I hope, for the sake of the students, this nonsense stops! The “grown ups” really need to grow up!! It’s shameful, to say the least.”

It was Cathy “Bottle-Gal” Deluca who started the entire discussion, when she wrote:

“[Cathy DeLuca] It would seem that indeed Mrs. V has filed a notice of claim/intent with the distict. This constitutes a “contract” according to the district code of conduct and Mr. V would have an “interest” in said contract. It is required by law that it be publicly disclosed in writing and made part of the official record. It is prohibited by both the RCS Code of Ethics and Article 18 of the General Municipal Law for a board member to have an “interest in a contract with the school district where a board member has the power or may appoint someone who has the power to negotiate, authorize of make payment…..” See section 1340(pg 52) of the RCS BOE Policy Manual. As for a VIDEO, where is this available for viewing?”

Now, Cathy, Let’s Put On Our Thinking Cap!

But Cathy “Bottle-Gal” Deluca  is as ignorant as her misinformation-monger [c]hubby Gerald “Dirty-Hands Jerry” Deluca when she calls a “notice of claim” a “contract.” Who cares what the RCS Code of Ethics says? It was probably written by Deluca who seems to know little or nothing about law or law enforcement. They totally misunderstand the Article 18 text and then go on to exhibit their ignorance publicly by misinforming the public about its meaning! But admittedly, if anyone knows anything about conflict of interest and misuse of one’s public office, it has to be the Delucas! But ya gotta let them make absolute asses of themselves; they’re so deluded they actually think people are taking them seriously. Them days is gone, Jerry.

R.J. D’Esposito, another Coeymanazi who, like Donna Leput-Hommel, is constantly sucking up to Cathy “Bottle-Gal” Deluca, leaves little to the imagination when it comes to the depravity of the Deluca Losers Club:

“[Rj DEsposito] As far as I know the lawsuit has nothing to do with Josie [Josephine O’Connor of “He Called Me Fat!” fame]……I not really sure why you think it does. As far as what he said to her it was wrong and deliberately hurtful. That being said it did get out of hand.”

We really need to note that R.J. (Really Jerky?) D’Esposito doen’t have a clue what is going on. She’s a bloated gossip! We’d like to know how she knows that anything was said and how, in fact, it was “wrong and deliberately hurtful.” This is a perfect example of how these cows don’t think! But, to R.J.’s credit (and I mean this sincerely), she does admit that “it did get out of hand.” At this point, there’s still some glimmer of hope for R.J. until she manages to screw up a beautiful moment and writes:

“[Rj DEsposito] Are you kidding me!!!!….it was the police (state not local) that said he started it all. And now his father is suing. Does it not concern you that the lawyer has to consult the board on how to proceed? You think his vote won’t be to settle. Do you really believe he will not use his inside influence to make things go his way. I would love to have a BoE meeting that is just about education but the constant negative action of some board members will not allow this to happen. If you choose to bury your head in the sand and not see that the actions of some board members are down right disgraceful that is your choice but it is not mine. As for how i raise my kids I want them to stand up for themselves and if something does not seem right I want them to ask questions and stay informed not follow like mindless sheep. Believe it or not people can disagree completely and still be respectful. So please do not bring my kids into this mess.”

We the Sheeple
The D’Esposito Motto

R.J., confirmed “Really Jerky” now, has really confused all the facts and has created a pornographic fantasy of her own. She expresses the wish “to have a BoE meeting that is just about education” and goes on about standing up for one’s self, asking questions, stay informed, avoiding becoming sheeple. I read this and ask: Where is this woman? From which alternative universe is she viewing these events? She’s in the very group she’s condemning and apparently is unaware of it! She’s starting to make Josephine O’Connor look sane!

Well, there you have it. Straight from the cows’ udders. We hope you have a clearer picture of the finer side of the Coeymanazis.

Stay tuned! We have Part II of the conflict of interest series coming up.

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The Editor

 P.s. I’ve just been informed that R.J. D’Esposito may be a male gendered type (it’s sometimes difficult to tell with these Coeymanazi types; I mean with all the facial and body hair, and the sheer bulk). I have assumed all along that the banter on FaceBook was a girls’ club PMS outburst. Could still be…but if you are male, R.J., it really doesn’t change my opinion of you 😉

The Editor

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!
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