No News Like Old Smear: Times Union Responds

06 Jun

Warning: If you are a student or a minor, please leave this blog NOW!

True to Form and to its Questionable Ethics and Pulp-Fiction  Journalism, The Times Union (Hearst Corporation) of Albany, New York, Is Scraping for a Story to Save Face and, Apparently, to Curry Favor with Its Local Minions.

 All they have is STRAWMEN and straw! And don’t think for a minute that the Times Useless or any of the Scoundrels Feeding it the Sleeze and Smear Have this Community’s Interests at Heart; Hell No! They’re Feeling the Crunch of this Blog and their Only Possible Way Out is to Smear…And Do Something Cowards Do Best: Grasp at Straws!

We haven’t seen the Times Useless smear yet but we’ve heard about it. But we already published the same material several weeks ago; maybe the Times Useless can’t read. But Don’t Be Mistaken! They’re Not Dealing With Some Poor Bastid Who Can’t Fight Back or Won’t. If It’s War You Want…Bring It On! We’ve Got the Ammunition and the Troops! They’re on the RUN and like all rats, get real nasty when cornered!

But as the I Ching teaches, ‘always leave the enemy a retreat route.’ Here’s how: You Coeymanazis and members of the Deluca Losers Club can behave–and save– yourselves by finally acting like adult socialized and civilized human beings, something most of you in the opposition may not be very good at but if you give it a try, it just might work.

Ethics! What ethics?
The Teresi Legacy

In the meantime, we’ll be publishing the Geneology of Corruption that is the history of Ravena-Coeymans and stretches into the power centers of the Albany County administrations and even into the New York state court system, even the New York state Supreme Court. The players cover the entire alphabet from B-Biscone to W-Warner, and everything in between! 25 years of corruption and finagling and a New York State Supreme Court judge, who rose from village attorney to new heights while milking the locals for everything, and now his son is doing the same! We’ve acquired a stack of incriminating documents that we’ll soon be publishing: “Of Incest and Banjos!”


Times Union: You’ve Been Scooped! DumbAsses!

Stay Tuned!


HOW EMBARASSING! RCS Losers Club Clique Still Doesn’t Get It!

We’ll also have a commentary on the June 5th Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk Board of Education Meeting that Was a Free-for-All!

Backstabbing and Cutthroating at Its Best.

Residents Voting for A Budget that Can’t Deliver the Cake!
Waddaya Gonna Do Now, Coeymanazis?
You got your Yes! Vote…Now Deliver!

Bet You’d Like a Facial!

Residents Really Pissed and Demanding that the “Cliques” Grow Up!

The Mother of Times Union Media Bullying.
They’ll report on anything but the real news!

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!

15 responses to “No News Like Old Smear: Times Union Responds

  1. Pundit

    July 10, 2012 at 7:25 pm

    …well, we continually vote them in!
    They haven’t a clue as to how to manage anything much less a tax collecting organization, and I mean NONE of them-from local government, to school boards, to county government, state and upward!!
    Even simple things like Highway maintenance smacks of a complete lack of organization and/or planning.
    I am sure we all can put forth at least one very good example and here is mine:
    Coming to Albany from Slingerlands on NYS Route 85, just past another of the worthless roundabouts–which need a lot more land to even have half a chance-there was a stretch of road in very good shape-at least in my humble opinion. This road led into Albany where, just about at the City Line where it moved to divided highway, there was a sign saying something to the effect of ‘Rough Road’-the sign is still there.
    Of course, NYS came along and repaved-you guessed it-the part from Slingerlands to the Rough Road sign, leaving the sign to remain correct!!!
    I read a story about it and NYS has let the road deteriorate to the point where it now needs complete replacement, something like Fuller Road and countless others. Now I hear the portiion of 9W starting at the Coeymand/Bethlehem Line and continuing to Ravena will be repaved, leaving the far worse Bethlehem to Glenmont portion alone! I am sure NYS will do nothing about the slip-shod implementation of the traffic light at the High School while repaving. By slip shod I mean there is no dedicated left turn lane heading North which fosters cars to pull around to the right of those who happen to be caught behind someone making a left turn…

    Another joke is the amount of money thrown at advertising for the NYS Lottery-the same Lottery that a couple of years ago stopped ‘awarding’ scholarships to each High School in a cost saving measure!! Imagine that-promoting something that takes money form a lot of people who can least afford it and shoveling it at large ad agencies or a large unit of the NYS Lottery!!!

    Then there are things like the NYS Thruway and its tolls!! I often wonder if we removed all the tolls, closed all Thruway offices, got rid of all the employees and their computer systems just how short funded we would be to keep the road in a better state of repair than it is now? Sure someone would have to do the maintenance but we could bid it out and know EXACTLY how much it costs. Now there is no way!!

    Then we can go to the RCS District for more, but….

    Lots of others, but my fingers are sore.
    Thanks for listening…


  2. Pundit

    July 10, 2012 at 4:45 pm

  3. Pundit

    July 10, 2012 at 4:43 pm

    ..editor…nothing about this post but, I thought you might be interested in an email from Governor Cuomo I received today…here is the email and the link in the message is interesting….

    “Dear Fellow New Yorker,

    Cyberbullying is a widespread form of bullying that one in six of New York’s students experienced this past year. Through e-mail, social media, instant messaging, websites, texting, and other electronic means, this form of harassment has become pervasive in our children’s lives.

    To protect our children against this particularly harmful form of bullying, Governor Cuomo signed legislation yesterday that will strengthen New York schools’ responses to harassment and bullying through improved reporting, investigation, intervention, training and prevention.

    “We must do all we can to ensure that every child in New York State feels safe in the classroom, and this new law will help our schools create an environment that is conducive to educational success,” Governor Cuomo said.

    Click here to read more about this critical new law.

    The new law requires schools to take immediate action when students experience cyberbullying or other forms of harassment. To support every student’s right to learn, the law ensures that schools work with families, communities and law enforcement to help prevent any form of discrimination and harassment, including cyberbullying.

    By working together, we’re making New York safer for our children.

    The new New York is working for you and your family.


    The Office of the Governor”


    • Fides qua Creditur

      July 10, 2012 at 6:57 pm

      Thanks very much! I heard the report on WAMC. I sorta laughed to myself because I was thinking of the physical bullies populating the highschool and the administrators can’t discipline them or protect the students. Now Cuomo in his infinite political wisdom is saddling them with another supervision and reporting mandate that they can complain of and avoid enforcing.

      Did we really need a law to tackle this problem…or good role models and effective supervision at home and in the schools? Perhaps a couple of million fewer handheld devices? Oh! But that would adversely affect the nonexistent job creation in the USA…or China?

      Where do these nut jobs come from, Pundit?




  4. Pundit

    June 7, 2012 at 4:45 pm

    on a completely different topic, I received the following email today-I am not a Democrat but receive the emails for some reason(my return comment follows):

    On 6/7/2012 4:05 PM, nydems wrote:
    > Dear Fellow Democrat,
    > Under current state law, individuals in possession of small amounts of marijuana in private view – for example, kept in their pocket or home – are subject to a violation, punishable by a maximum fine of $100 for first time offenders. However, individuals who are caught with the same amount in public view – for example, held in an open hand – can be arrested and charged with a crime.
    > In New York State last year, over 50,000 arrests were made for possession of small amounts of marijuana in public view. Of the individuals arrested, 50% were between the ages of 16 and 24, and 85% were either Black or Hispanic.
    > To bring fairness to New York State’s marijuana laws, Governor Cuomo announced legislation this week that would make individuals caught with small amounts of marijuana in public view subject to the same penalties as those caught with the same amount in private possession. The legislation would save thousands of New Yorkers, disproportionately minority youth, from unnecessary arrests that can permanently damage an individual’s record and ability to find a job.
    > Click here to learn more about the Governor’s proposed legislation.
    > “This is an issue that disproportionately affects young people — they wind up with a permanent stain on their record for something that would otherwise be a violation,” Governor Cuomo said Monday, joined by Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver, Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries and Assemblyman Keith Wright, our new state co-chair, as well as district attorneys and other law enforcement officials from across the state.
    > Assemblyman Jeffries commended Governor Cuomo on acting to end existing practices, which he says, “needlessly scars thousands of lives and waste millions of dollars in law enforcement resources, while detracting from the prosecution of serious crime.”
    > By standardizing New York State’s marijuana laws, the Governor is working to end inconsistent practices that are adversely harming our minority youth communities.
    > Charlie King
    > Executive Director
    > Paid for by the New York State Democratic Committee ( and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee

    **************…why not let things stand as they are now, but, when the case goes before a Judge or, better yet, a hearing officer, we agree to drop and forget all in return for the name of the person the drug was purchased from? That accomplishes the same thing for the accused but should get some dealers off the streets–or are we going to solve the problem by appeasement–as we know that always works. What fools we are.******************


    • Fides qua Creditur

      June 7, 2012 at 5:02 pm

      I don’t get it. Either it’s legal or illegal! One or the other. If you have the stuff in your possession either its a crime or it’s not.
      Particularizing the circumstances is idiotic as is equalizing them to be less illegal. I can’t see the logic in that when it is clearly understood that youth should not be exposed to cigarettes, alcohol, certain films, but may be legally in possession or under the influence of marijuana. Clearly there are more pressing issues in the world or even New York for this idiot governor to tackle. That’s not high on my list.

      Thanks, Pundit, for a good laugh! And we wonder what’s going awry with the kids!

      The Editor


  5. cookie

    June 7, 2012 at 2:46 pm

    I watched the entire board meeting on video. It is disrespectful, and other than Ms. Traver being disrespectful from the board, it was from the speakers and audience. I keep asking what happened that brought forth such anger. I also wonder why would someone bother to be on the board, receive no pay and get harassed at the meetings and in public. I do not know any of the board members well, but I would think it is due to a sense of duty and community spirit that they are there. It is such people that I find deserve respect, although I may disagree with their points entirely. But from some there will be no respect, which is a shame. Most people would not put their necks out there, I haven’t either. Why are our homes not selling, why are people moving away, why are our children leaving? Watch how people treat each other on this video for an answer.

    As an added thought, could there be somebody, some mediating group that has no agenda toward one side or another that can help bridge some of this? Maybe a church group or something where people would find restraint in their behaviors. THis would only be a healing effort mind you, not an official meeting of the board, but hopefully attended by the board. Maybe I’m dreaming. Would be easier to move away.


    • Fides qua Creditur

      June 7, 2012 at 3:36 pm

      Hi, Cookie, and welcome back. I couldn’t agree with you more. The whole thing was disgraceful, embarassing! And the Times Union is fanning the flames and misinforming the public. I’m amazed that this community allows that rag to do and say what they want to the world in half-truths and unchecked blather. The Times Union makes the entire community look like a bunch of inbred idiots. They make the enitre place into one big monkey circus. But we can say, truly, we’ve made our own beds.

      The entire community is in desperate need of professional therapeutic help. There are some great people crying out for it to stop (I’d like to count myself among them, but I’d more likely get shot) but their voices get lost in the storm of ugliness and hostility. Where’s it all going? Who knows.

      But one thing is certain, those respectable ones on the board deserve a lot of credit. I really can’t say how I’d react if someone said or did to me what they do to some of the most respectable board members. What can you say when a colleague board member is a screwball? How do you respond when a lunatic stops the business to demand you resign for some undisclosed reason? That’s naziism not democracy!

      But you’re so right. Thank you for your comment and your insight!

      The Editor


    • Pundit

      June 7, 2012 at 4:39 pm

      Aptly put.


      • Fides qua Creditur

        June 7, 2012 at 4:42 pm

        Thanks, Pundit! Concise and correct. God I wish I could be brief sometimes 😉

        The Editor


  6. StarFish

    June 7, 2012 at 10:25 am

    This from the TU blog:
    14.I would like to know what John Vadney thinks about this blog. He just sits there while the rest of the community self-destructs. So John, how exactly do you feel this blog has moved us all forward toward community healing? How has it strived to squash all the discontent and bring everyone together to work together as a productive unit? Maybe we can get some answers to these questions at the next meeting.
    His sister, Ann Marie Vadney, proclaimed the blog to be “the only thing that makes sense” during her comments last night. If his sister sees degrading local residents, making a mockery of scripture and inciting people to violence as “things that make sense,” I’d really like to know how her brother – our board president – feels.
    And what is the response down here ? The superintendent gives this guy an award and takes a “cake break” mid meeting. Un-friggin-believable!
    Put an end to that blog before it creates a situation more criminal than calling someone fat, because that’s where things seem to be headed unless someone steps in and takes this saga down a notch! Someone feeding this insanity should have to make a choice: continue to correspond with the blog authors on their own dime OR step down from their post as board president as there is an obvious conflict of interest! It’s insane for me to read about bullying when not one person even debates this! How can the divided ever come together with all this background noise?
    And, like another wrote earlier: THANKS NY STATE for all your help in dealing with this! There is a reason why us residents are fleeing this state in droves!

    Any comment?


    • Fides qua Creditur

      June 7, 2012 at 11:08 am

      Yes. We do have a comment:

      Well, “Starfish,” thank you for forwarding the comment from the Times Useless blog. Is it yours? Or did you lift it from the Times Useless lair of lies for a purpose. Are you attempting to ask a question? If so, why not ask it? I’m not amused by the stupidity of sending an idiotic comment and then finding you apparently have no opinion, unless you are accepting the writer’s opinon as your own.

      If someone wants to know John Vadney’s thoughts about the blog why are you asking us? Ask John Vadney! How in hell are we supposed to know what someone thinks about this blog if we have never spoken to that person about it, have never received a comment from that person, and have never asked that person??? We can do a lot of things but mindreading is not one of them.

      Who in hell are you to send an idiotic comment that asks idiotic questions of an idiotic newspaper blog and then expect us to comment on them? That itself is idiotic. We’re not one of them!

      I have in the meantime reviewed the June 5 Board or Education meeting video at least twice. All I can see there is that the RCS Central School District recognized the achievements of a number of self-sacrificing, dedicated workers. So what if it became a cake-punch-party. They do public work in the public’s interest. Why shouldn’t they be publicly honored? When something goes wrong, whether factual or not, you’re all ready to publicly shame them, aren’t you. Why not make nice and publicly honor them when something goes right?

      Surely this community can’t be that far gone, can’t have degenerated that much that all it wants to see and all it wants to participate in is the negative and shameful? Or has it?

      As for Ann Marie Vadney’s remarks and Donna Pasquini’s remarks, they were spot-on! We couldn’t have said it better. And judging from the uncivil, childish behavior coming from one board member, Tracey Traver, the evil twin of sulking Josephine O’Connor toying with her water bottle off in the corner like some special ed child under discipline, and the disrespect and discourtesy coming from the Deluca clique in the galleries, well, what more can be said?

      Mr Vadney, to his credit, has never communicated with this blog that we are aware of. It is simply not in his character to get involved in such polarized discourse. Mr Vadney is uniformly civil and respectful; that can be documented in numerous taped Board of Education meetings. More need not be said.

      As for this blog, we publish pro and con comments. That’s obvious. We publish documented and documentable facts. That’s obvious, too. While it is true also that much of what we publish goes way over the heads of the average reader, we have to apologize for their ignorance and our failure to stoop to their level. That having been said, we do find that if so many people find this blog so objectionable and hate it so much, why are the numbers continuing to climb? I, for one, consistently avoid the Times Union because I have no respect for its journalism. Normally, when you find something unpleasant or objectionable, you avoid it. Why then, are the numbers growing? You figure it out and then share your conclusions with us.

      It can’t be because of the pending budget vote as once was suggested…that’s long been history. Let me suggest that increasing numbers of visitors and readers are finding what they need and want to know here. That’s the silent majority and there are a great many of them, indeed. The loud-mouth minority are the ones writing the Times Useless comments and condemning the blog and its authors. Got a functioning brain? Think about that…but please don’t strain yourself.

      So, in closing this response to your inuendos and intimations, we continue to advance the opinion that the residents of Coeymans have got to take off the sheeple skins and stand on their hind legs in defense of themselves. They have to reject the destructive forces represented by those cliques with self-serving agendas. The residents of the RCS community and the RCS CSD must object strongly to the misuse of the worn out and untrue slogan “It’s for the kids!” It’s not! It’s conspicuously NOT! If it were for the “kids” the damned adults would friggin grow up and start acting like adults!!! No wonder there’s bullying in the schools! The ADULTS ARE BULLIES and are BULLYING EACH OTHER at the board of education meetings!!!! Talk abaout role models! It all starts with the individual, my friend, someone has to make the decision to grow the frig up!

      Morons like Tracey Traver and her evil twin Josephine O’Connor, Traver with her idiotic calls for resignation (did she ever call for the resignation of James Latter?) and Josephine O’Connor with her imbecilic “fat” thing and the outrageous and tragic outcome of that childish display defy even reproach! If those two were not leaving by natural causes they should have long ago been booted from the board. That sort of dysfunction by sitting board members is a travesty.

      And the best the Deluca clique can do after have snookered the community into voting YES! on the budget is to stand in the sidelines and let things self-destruct. Oh yes! Cathy Deluca takes the podium to announce a bottle drive. A freakin’ BOTTLE DRIVE! Good Lord, how low has the RCS district descended into its inbred stupidity! The Dark Side snookers the community into giving them and their cronies more than $41 million and then turns the idiotic parents loose on the sitting school board for increasing class sizes! No one seems to catch on what the Deluca-Bartlett-Hommel clique is doing. So, RCS, you’re all happy-happy, warm-and-fuzzy, you’re going to have a “bottle drive.” Let’s seen how many bottles does it take to make up $41 million? Shite, you’re either a bunch of whores or just plain dumbasses! Which is it? (And I’d like to tell Cathy Long Deluca where she can put those bottles…if there’s any more room there!)

      And you talk about John Vadney? His response to Traver’s repeated exhibitionist discourtesies and disrespect was a simple, “please be professional.”

      Give me a break!

      The Editor


  7. Pundit

    June 6, 2012 at 11:35 pm

    What a nice article in today’s T-U….you know the article in which the author posts the first comment on the article content!
    If he would have thought about it he may have avoided the need to post a comment at all.

    You know, if people are talking-no matter what the volume is-at least they are talking and that certainly beats keeping quiet. It is important to note I am not in favor of not allowing a meeting to have the attendees in a mob setting but it seems to be a fact of life here.

    We need to really get this thing to be about kids and it is and hasn’t been for an awfully long time. When 80% of your business’ budget is not exposed to cuts for over two succeeding/successive years, one will be unable to find significant savings elsewhere-not in Classroom Help, Grounds-Keeping, Transportation, Maintenance, Chairs, Desks, Library materials or anything else. Most of these-I guess I would have to call them ‘apparent expendables’- have been cut pretty well as of late, leaving the largest part of he cost of doing business as untouchable!

    Can’t work that way-Pilot or no Pilot.

    In closing, I really think the budget flap served to be a distraction to what is and was really going on-that MOA presented just before that fateful 7:00 meeting start up.
    Was that really ‘for the kids’?


    • Fides qua Creditur

      June 6, 2012 at 11:55 pm

      You’re right, Pundit! It’s NOT about the kids…it’s about a handful of adults who have never grown up and are stuck in a sort of adolescent narcissism complex and can’t get out. All they know is a juvenile “I want and if I can’t have, I hate you!”

      I just finished watching the Board of Education meeting of 5 June and even from my office, I was truly embarassed at some of the childishness and the stupidity that was going on. The disrespect, the ignorance! A couple of speakers hit the nail on the head and I must bend a knee to Ms Donna Pasquini, she doesn’t mince words and hits the nails right on the head.

      Some members of the board really need to go! They are so dysfunctional it makes a can of worms look intelligent! Lashing out at each other and the disrespect is apalling.

      The whole purpose of this blog is to be a catalyst. Not to crucify but to get people to take a look from a different perspective. Like a parable, it takes the commmonplace, the familiar and presents it differently; it shakes up their comfortably world to teach an important lesson. Some get it, too many don’t. Those who don’t are the hate mongers, the clique denizens, the Coeymanazis!

      I’ve heard about the TU article…but I have not seen it nor do I expect that I’ll be interested in trying to find it. The Times Union offers nothing of substance; but it does offer quite a few low lives a place to hang out and spew venom.

      The Times Union practically lives on this blog…you’d think that they’d take home some pointers on good journalism? Nah! No chance 😉

      The problem is that people don’t work together to work with what they’ve got. They’re core-greedy…and don’t know what sacrifice is.

      As always, thanks very much for sharing your thoughts!

      The Editor


      • Simon

        June 7, 2012 at 6:43 am

        Of course, you realize that Donna’s comment amounted to a criticism of people who get together on the Internet to slander and that you shouldn’t believe everything everything you see written on the Internet?

        I also think it’s irresponsible to pass (albeit initial) judgement on an article you admitted you hadn’t read.

        While there’s a few parts which stretched things (and a couple of “gimme” points missed), the take-away of the article is really about how people on the outside of our community looking in are viewing us.

        I also think you may need to do a little soul searching if you consider the purpose of your blog is “not to crucify”. I would point links back to your articles here, but I’ve already criticized redundancy! And you’re still going nuts with your tags.




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