This Is Your Town, Coeymans! Do you like it?

31 May

Warning: If you are a student or a minor, please leave this blog NOW!

Sometimes You Just Need To Sit Down and Write Things Out to Get a Real Feel for What’s Going On Around You. We Did And Here’s What We Came Up With…

Coeymans at Work

For about two months now we’ve been reporting on what’s going on right under your noses. It’s all stuff that you are not hearing about in the newspapers, the News Herald, the Daily Mail, the Times Union, who should be reporting and investigating this scandalous situation. We’ve encouraged you to complain, to fight back, to call the New York State Education Department, the FBI, the County Sheriff, and others. To stand up, speak out, fight back, take back your town, and peace of mind. Well, here are some thoughts and facts for you to chew on and to think about:


See our accompanying letter,  An Open Letter to the Albany County Sheriff and the Albany County DA.

  • Gerald “Jerry” Deluca is employed by the Town of Coeymans in the Coeymans Police Department
  • Gerald “Jerry” Deluca works very intimately with Gregory Darlington (“manager” of the Coeymans Police Department)
  • Gerald “Jerry” Deluca involved with Yes! side in budget debates (see our article, Secret Meetings on Budget at Public School?)
  • Gerald “Jerry” Deluca involved with teachers side on BoE
  • Gerald “Jerry” Deluca has conspicuous influence with Coeymans Police Department and with its members
  • Gerald “Jerry” Deluca is a former member of the RCS board of education and served as president for a time. After the scandal of his adulterous affair with his now partner Cathy (Long) Deluca, he was not re-elected and his partner, Cathy (Long) Deluca, lost her bid for relection. The Deluca legacy to the RCS central school district was the money-pit swimming pool (which was slipped in on the residents in the budget after failing to pass several times; a Deluca sneak job).
  • Gerald “Jerry” Deluca and the other loser candidates (most of his public following is made up of people who ran for office but lost) making up his entourage has been on a merciless campaign of misinformation and abuse of the present non-teacher supporters on the RCS board of education. Delucal heads the so-called Coemanazis [the Losers Club].
  • Gerald “Jerry” Deluca is a so-called police investigator and investigates local requests for law enforcement assistance (which raises many questions, considering he receives a check from the State of New York, and has quite a number of other jobs, some raising questions of conflict of interest and worse. See below for more details. And see our article on this blog,  Can You Explain This, Jerry?) There is apparently considerable evidence for Deluca’s involvement in criminal retaliation and coercion. (The Albany County Sheriff’s Department finall got involved and kicked some Coeymans ass; the investigation is now underway. Lost again, Jerry!)
  • Gerald “Jerry” Deluca directly involved in retaliation and coercion, but has not yet been charged!
  • Gregory Darlington (“manager” of the Coeymans Police Department) apparently works for Gerald “Jerry” Deluca, which may explain why the rogue Jerry Deluca and his accomplices has free hand in Coeymans.
  • Gregory Darlington, before he was hired to the Coeymans Police Department, was a garbage collector! He’s still collecting garbage and putting it in police uniforms. Most of the derelicts and refuse that was thrown off the Coeymans P.D. by former chief Scott Giroux, including on information and belief, Gerald “Jerry” Deluca and others, were hired back by Darlington!
  • Ryan Johnson, another rogue at the Coeymans Police Department, was previously in the military and deployed to the Mid East. He never adapted to civilian law enforcement and still thinks he’s in the military. Heavy handed, abusive. But on information and belief he was charged at least 4 times for perjury. Has this man ever undergone psychological evaluation for fitness to be in law enforcement, we wonder? Could he have been adversely affected by his military experiences?
  • Officer Kerry Thompson of the Coeymans Police Department is married to Darlington’s sister; this is the same Officer Thompson who, in retaliation, refused to take a woman’s harassment complaint against Joseph Edward Tracey, father of Deluca’s close friend and board of education member, Josephine O’Connor! Thompson is also with the Albany County Sheriff’s Department. Cozy, eh?
  • Gregory Teresi, a lawyer who is serving as both Village of Ravena and Town of Coeymans attorney, is the son of the notoriously infamous Joseph Teresi (NYS Supreme Court, Albany County). Read more about good ol’ dad’s escapades at Teresi: Part I. Fear the worst: Like father, like son! A dynasty of corruption!
  • The Coeymans town justice, George Dardiani, violated just about every section of the New York State Rules of Judicial Conduct, and broadcasted his bias and prejudice by publically displaying his political support for the Yes! side in the 2012-13 budget battle by displaying a Vote Yes! (ít’s for the kids) sign on his front lawn!  A complaint has been filed.
  • Between the activities of Gerald “Jerry” Deluca and Gregory Darlington (“manager” of the Coeymans Police Department) in the budget controversy and the attempts to remove board of education members tainted and compromised Coeymans Police Department, and the public announcement of bias and prejudice by a judge on the Coeymans town court (George Dardiani), there cannot be any reasonable expectation whatsoever of justice in the town of Coeymans (no convicting any No! sign vandals or anyone involved in criminal activity against anyone openly opposing the budget or the teachers union can continue their criminal activities in Coeymans with no fear of apprehension!)
  • Because of the collaboration and conspiracy between members of the Coeymans Police Department and the Ravena village and Coeymans town court, and the seeding of the Coeymans Police Department with known criminals and delinquents (McKenna, Johnson) protecting them on the Coeymans Police Department who, because of the favors and protection and support they are receiving from key members in the Coeymans Police Department, and the support received from the Ravena village and Coeymans town court, are key instruments in the campaign of retaliation and coercion by the Coeymans Police Department and abetted by the Ravena village and the Coeymans town court. (See our article on this blog, Corrupt Coeymans Police Effectiveness Compromised!!!)
  • The Coeymans Town Court with it’s tainted and corrupt justice George Dardiani (former cafeteria manager, completely ga-ga about the Rules of Judicial Conduct), and the tainted and corrupt Ravena village court with its jugdge Harold Warner (ex-cop, still-cop-at-heart so-called judge, TAINTED & COMPROMISED); Crandell, a Town of Coeymans town justice is still under scrutiny and had better behave for now, unless something comes up to show he’s in bed with the rest! (In fact, George Dardiani did not recuse himself from the Krzykowski actions, despite the fact that Dardiani was in bed with Deluca and Co. The fact that Dardiani issued a bench arrest warrant for a local resident but the resident was never served with the summons in the first place! (Despite repeated requests by the resident, the Coeymans court was unable to come up with the original summons! Isn’t that odd?) Odd that this should be a controversial board of education member and a local businessperson, who was cited by the DEC! That is “odd,” isn’t it, Jerry? You want to tell us something, Jerry?)
  • Deluca is closely involved with New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, the DEC, activities and has been working with them (How? He has no background in environment! He’s supposed to be working as a police investigator since about 1982!) and lists himself as “executive director” of a special interest automotive scrap organization called ARANYAutomotive Recyclers of New York–(Now, how did he qualify for that one?). He’s also running Deluca Public Affairs (no not his usual affairs) and an entity called the Main Street Small Business Corporation. Do you wonder why local business people are experiencing so many problems with the DEC, and why local scrapyard operators and others are having problems with the DEC? Shouldn’t we ask Gerald “Jerry” Deluca about his relationships with the DEC and ARANY why there are so many problems? (O.K., Jerry, we’re asking now!) (See our article on this blog, Can You Explain This, Jerry?)
  • Complaints about Coeymans Police Department likely to be handled by AlbanyCountyD.A. David Soares’ office…but Darlington’s wife works there…Gregory Darlington’s wife works forAlbany County D.A. as secretary to Soares!
  • If that isn’t enough for you try this on for size: Coeymans town justice Harold Warner’s daughter also works in Soares’ office! Remember Hal Warner, the ex-cop playing at town justice–and if you think teachers stick together like shite to a show, you don’t don’t know how tight cops are…or how close they are to the DA’s office! Does it get any more incestuous?!?
  • Albany County D.A. David Soares’ office is compromised and tainted by conflict of interest between the best interests of the public and gatekeeper Mrs Darlington; what does that mean when disciplining Gerald “Jerry” Deluca, Gregory Darlington, and the Coeymans P.D.
  • Investigations of criminal activity in Coeymans by Coeymans Police Department compromised by the fact of political involvements of Gerald “Jerry” Deluca, Gregory Darlington (“manager” of the Coeymans Police Department) (e.g. harassment and intimidation of local business owners, harassment and intimidations of board of education members and their families, retaliation and coercion, non-investigation of sign vandalism to No! vote signs)
  • Investigations of criminal activity in Coeymans by Coeymans Police Department compromised by the fact of Gerald “Jerry” Deluca’s involvement with teachers and support of Yes! group…(e.g. arrest of BoE president connected with father of BoE member falsely claiming an abusive phone call; Coeymans police “chief” Darlington can’t seem to get the incident report together. Imagine that!)
  • Gerald “Jerry” Deluca’s and Coeyman’s P.D. involvement in retaliation against BoE members and others to coerce silence or collaboration (e.g. violation of the provisions of the Americans With Disabilities Act-ADA,  arrest of BoE president; various delaying tactics in police investigations; harassment and intimidation of residents (numerous complaints of police misconduct; we have at least four (4) formal complaints in our possession!))
  • Questionable integrity of Coeymans Police Department members (e.g. Johnson, Gerald “Jerry” Deluca, Gregory Darlington (“manager” of the Coeymans Police Department), Laviano, and others). Are they faithfully and impartially serving and protecting YOU?
  • Attempts by Gerald “Jerry” and Cathy (Long) Deluca, David and Amy Bartlett, Donna Leput Hommel, Josephine O’connor, James Latter, and others to unsuccessfully remove RCS board of education members leads to secret meetings and attempts to “discipline or remove” board members. (Search our blog for articles on any of these perps and read about their mischiefmaking!) (See our articles on this blog, Can You Explain This, Jerry?, James Latter: Why Is He Still On the Board of Education?, We Asked…You Responded: Thank You!, Josephine O’Connor: A Role Model of Maturity and Mental Stability…NOT!)
  • Loss of majority of teachers’ supporters on RCS CSD board of education continues with heightened clear and palpable increase in clandestine retaliation and coercion methods to achieve same purpose of removing non-teacher supporters from the RCS board of education by other methods: conspiracy and retaliation (the most conspicuous and underhanded conspiracy was to use Joe TRACEY (father of board of education member Josephine O’Connor) to falsely accuse the BoE president of misconduct, resulting in the BoE president’s arrest, and then the retaliatory tactics of the Coeymans Police Department in refusing to promptly provide a copy of the police report on the arrest)
  • The Coeymans Police Department is clearly conspiring with certain elements of the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk district, including certain members of the current board of education, unsuccessful bidders for seats on the board of education, elements supporting certain controversial and political agendas in the district, most notably the 2012-13 RCS school budget in support of certain special interest groups, notably the teachers association, and teacher-related members of the BoE
  • The Coeymans Police Department is retaliating against family members of the feared blogger in the idiotic hope that reports such as this one will stop and the blogger will disappear (Sorry, Jerry, it’s not going to happen!)
  • And not the least of the corrupt and unlawful practices in the RCS district, do we really have to remind any of you of the gross and scandalous irregularities in the recent voting? If we do, please visit our article More Irregularities in the Voting? The RCS Central School District was served with papers on May 29th demaning an investigation; we’re waiting to see where the NYSED is going to go with all of this!

Time to Start Writing–Right NOW!

So, now that you have some facts to fill in any blanks, don’t you think it’s time to start using the Complaints Contact Sheet we provided (you can view or download the sheef from the blog article, Retaliation Is A CRIME! Let’s Go After the Criminals!)? Start sending letters, e-mails, complaint forms, demands to everyone and anyone on or off the list! Get those criminal bastids out of government, investicated, in jail where they belong. They’re crooks and criminals and shouldn’t be in your back yard. (Don’t bother calling the local Coeymans police, though, they’re the criminals!)

It’s time to do YOUR part in cleaning up RCS!

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!
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  1. Fides qua Creditur

    May 31, 2012 at 3:40 pm

    Wrong again! See we printed it (but without the bullshit). Why don’t you get a life, Trash?



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