Gun at School & Budget Vote Irregularities…Did you see…

16 May

If You Think Election Fraud and Misconduct Are OUTRAGEOUS, Ask Superintendent Elizabeth Smith and Principal Brian Bailey About a Recent
Gun on School Grounds

and Why Established Security Procedures Were Not Followed!!!

Guns On School Property!!!
Get Answers…NOW!

An anonymous report and unconfirmed details indicate that there may have been an incident of a student bringing a firearm weapon on school grounds. Giving all benefit of doubt, we don’t know whether the alleged weapon was a toy or the real thing. We also don’t know whether it was a simple mistake or if there was something more to the incident. What we DO  know is that the informant, a parent, was VERY outraged that the established emergency security procedures were not immediately implemented for the safety of the children and the personnel. We urge you to contact the Superintendent for details, if available. Contact information is at the end of this article.

Now Back to Election Fraud, Misconduct, Abuse and Bullying of Students at RCS.
Ain’t Yer $$$$ Doin’ Great Work???

 FLASH Update:  May 16, 8 p.m.  We are receiving new information from residents who have stepped up! It appears there are some serious irregularities in the administration of the voting on May 15th. Stay tuned!

  • A resident reports having returned to the voting location and was asked by one poll attendant, “Do you want to vote again?” The resident laughed and respondeld, “Sure!” The attendant replied, “Well, people are doing it.”  WHERE WAS THE ELECTION INSPECTOR, THE POLL CLERKS?!?
  • There are numerous reports that proof of residency was not asked for or presented by attendants.  IRREGULARITY!
  • There are several reports of students wearing vote YES! t-shirts in the immediate arey of the voting, and in the halls leading to voting. ABUSE!
  • There are several reports of vote YES! posters/signs in the immediate area of voting and in the halls leading to voting. VIOLATION!
  • The “receipt” chips handed out apparently to show that the voter had reported in and signed in, were no longer handed out after 6 p.m. No control or monitoring of voting, voters, or procedures. ELECTION IRREGULARITY!
  • A senior election “supervisor” William Schwartz (a retired RCS school superintendant!) left the polling area for an extended period of time, during which the voting was not supervised.
  • There are reports that there is a discrepancy between the sign-in books and the number of votes! CONSPIRACY? FRAUD?
  • And what were all the police doing there? Uniformed, unmarked cars, plain clothes, especially our Main Man, the Intimidator-in-Chief, so-called police investigator Gerald “Jerry” Deluca (see our exposé ( Click Can You Explain This, Jerry? on this former RCS CSD BoE president…his legacy was that money pit pool! Why was he parading around if  not to make a statement in support of his Yes! campaign efforts? That was WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! INTIMIDATION!
  • Did anyone see that idiot J. O’Connor’s clown act? “He Called Me Fat?” (the same Josephine O’Conner, “mostly-absent, always-late,” got my-husband-tenure-bye O’Connor; see our article, Josephine O’Connor: A Role Model of Maturity and Mental Stability…NOT!)? ENTERTAINMENT!

This is OUTRAGEOUS! Misusing middle schoolers and highschoolers is ABUSE and BULLYING by teachers or students! This is also a case of election fraud and misconduct! Report it! Demand Action! Contact those in charge of the district:

Ms Elisabeth R. Smith, Superintendent
RCS CSD District Office
15 Mountain Rd.
Ravena, NY 12143
Phone: 518.756.5200

And the entire RCS CSD Board of Education at e-mail:

and demand an investigation and a public report by the Board of Education and the Superintendant.

Very Important: We and the New York State Education Department want to now and others want to clarify whether these irregularities need to be investigated by the authorities, and whether prosecution and discipline is required. Obviously, the answer to that question is a Yes! 


Please continue to let us know if at any time during the voting on May 15, 2012, at the RCS High School you saw any of the above irregularities occurring!

You can let us know by confidential comment or by e-mail to CONFIDENTIAL. Please be sure to include the word “Confidential” in the subject line of your e-mail or comment. That will ensure that it is not published and your personal information will be kept secret. All confidential communications are destroyed after review; communications are published at the Editor’s discretion.

Thank you!


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8 responses to “Gun at School & Budget Vote Irregularities…Did you see…

  1. Simon

    May 18, 2012 at 9:17 am

    The report I heard was that the student in question is a hunter and had gone hunting before school and had accidentally left a shotgun style hunting gun in the trunk of his car when going to school. A staff member spotted it, and reported it immediately. The principal called the police. The act was an accident, and since I understand the kid (who was 18) is an exemplary student who made an unfortunate slip of the mind I hop something can be done to mitigate the situation.

    That being said, this incident (I believe) was handled appropriately. A letter was in fact sent home to everyone on May 9th, more than a week ago. (Your “informant” is a little slow!). Nothing is being done to conceal the occurrence (the letter is on the High School’s web site: ), and as the parent of a student on that campus, I am comfortable that the situation was handled correctly.

    I would be curious as to how you feed this situation should have been handled differently given the details in the letter linked to above.

    There are many things wrong with our schools, but this wasn’t one of them.



    • Fides qua Creditur

      May 18, 2012 at 12:00 pm

      Thank you, Simon. I believe we handled the report as non-hysterically as possible, giving every benefit of doubt, and leaving plenty of wiggle-room for everyone. We did hear, however, that the emergency security lockdown procedures were NOT promptly implemented, which could have caused a catastrophe had the incident taken a different turn.

      Procedures are in place to be implemented at specific times under specific circumstances. It appears that they are not at RCS, this being one example. Another serious example is teacher-on-student, student-on-student, and peer-on-peer (teacher or student) bullyism. Yes, procedures are in place but to be effective, the implementers must be attentive and aware, and the procedures must be implemented; ptherwise put them on a roll and install them in a toilet stall.

      You mention that “the act was an accident, and since I understand the kid (who was 18) is an exemplary student who made an unfortunate slip of the mind,” my point would be: How often do we read about “exemplary kids” having a mind slip and killing a dozen or so of their schoolmates and teachers? Exemplary kids can do as much damage as degenerate chronic offenders given the right circumstances. My argument stands as to procedures, administrators, and implementation.

      Moreover, whether the report is tardy doesn’t deter from the fact that the event occurred, is sufficiently recent, was apparently hushed (most likely because of the upcoming vote!), and affected a school district where parents are scared shitless to say anything in publice because of fear of retaliation by the Coeymanazis, the teachers, or other students (at the teacher’s direction). These are facts.

      Thanks again!



      • Simon

        May 18, 2012 at 1:18 pm

        I’m not saying there shouldn’t be a punishment.

        RCS has a long history lasting 10+ years of not enforcing procedures. That’s why it’s so difficult for them to get rid of a teacher.



      • Fides qua Creditur

        May 18, 2012 at 1:24 pm

        Thanks, again, Simon. Wish 10% of the RCS CSD administrators had the sense you have in your little toe! We’d be at the top of the Schools for Excellence list, instead of trailing the turd mill.


  2. cookie

    May 17, 2012 at 1:44 pm

    I actually enjoyed myself while in line waiting to vote, nothing but nice people around me. They did run out of chips because there were more people there than they were prepared for. I saw nothing inappropriate, went well actually considering the size of the crowd.


    • Fides qua Creditur

      May 17, 2012 at 3:08 pm

      Hi, Cookie, I went early and, yes, it was orderly and pleasant. The poll clerks were upbeat and pleasant. I met several neighbors and people I know, chatted. As I mentioned in one of my comments, it was orderly and went well. But I can’t vouch for the rest of the time, of course. I went in the morning, early, school was in session, I did see students in the voting area but I was distracted by acquaintances so I really didn’t get to see much. Only later did I get e-mails and phone calls.

      Thanks for the comment. We appreciate the feedback!



    • Simon

      May 17, 2012 at 7:17 pm

      The workers at the polls were amazingly good matured. Kudos to them.

      All in all, nothing really happened that we haven’t seen in previous years. School votes are notoriously lax, although you don’t need to show residency proof (not even a drivers license) even in a general election if you’re “in the book”. The books, however, are virtually always out of date.

      I did not see any signs in the school, but I really wasn’t looking until we got in the hall by the gym. It was at that point last year that I had to bring one of the sample ballots displayed on the wall to the coordinator’s attention, as someone had circled one candidate’s name.

      They had run out of chips as well when I was there in the evening.

      It wouldn’t surprise me at all if there’s a discrepancy in the number of signatures versus the number of votes taken. There must have been 6-10 people that I saw during my half hour there alone that happily went and signed the book (no line!) but when they realized they had to stand in a 30 minute line to actually VOTE, they simply said “forget this” and left. As a result, I would expect the number of signatures in the books to exceed the number of votes taken.

      All this is not unique to RCS; I have a coworker who reported the same issues in their district as well. It’s organized chaos. (Disorganized order?)

      I spoke briefly to one board member who insisted that this was the same number of people voting that we had the last several years running, and that everything was under control. I think he was on something. 🙂 Other poll workers stated that the volume was hectic after 12pm for the whole afternoon and evening.

      I did not see any of the verbal heckling that supposedly happened earlier in the day.

      Generally speaking, it was orderly. But the process definitely could be improved.




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