For the Sake of Decency and Respect…

16 May

For the Sake of Decency and Respect for the Professionals Who, Because of the Misconduct and Egregious Conduct of the Few, Might Feel They Are Included in the Parade of Scoundrels…

We Know Who You Are!
Thank You!

In the heat of the battle and in the distraction of the attacks we sometimes overgeneralize and innocent bystanders and the good get hurt. Collateral damage, if it occurs, is always regrettable.

But, once identified, we have a moral duty and ethical obligation to try to mend the hurt caused to the innocent.

In the past several days we have made some pretty serious accusations against members of  the Coeymans Police Department and mentioned several members of the Department whose names and derelictions have been published. But it’s very important to explicitly state and to publish also that the misconduct and ignorance of the three or four bad apples should not and must not reflect on the whole Department; that would simply be wrong!

To Be Clear: Our remarks on this blog are directed at named individuals for specific misconduct or bad practices and ONLY at those specific  individuals.

There are some very fine law enforcement professionals on the Coeymans law enforcement team and they deserve our complete support and respect. We, I, the Editor, expecially want to aknowledge the Coeymans police officers who are truly good and professional public servants and distinguish them from the rotten apples.

We know who you are and have every respect for you; you have our support and our anger and frustration is not directed at you.

We apologize if we made you feel you were included with the derelicts!

The Truth is:
Most of You Are American Heroes



2 responses to “For the Sake of Decency and Respect…

  1. springtime

    May 16, 2012 at 1:10 pm

    Thank you on behalf of all of us for your efforts to make this town a better place to live and work._your fair and factual approach is sooooooo needed!!!



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