Topple the Teachers Tower on the Board of Education

09 May

Warning: If you are a student or a minor, please leave this blog now.

The Teachers  and False Prophets Are Building A Fortress to Push For Their Special Interests on the Board of Education. We Have Some Suggestions On How to Topple the Teachers’ Tower!

Teachers Association Building a Tower of BS

Step 1:

Stop being afraid! Stop fearing your neighbors! Fight back, damn it! That’s exactly where the perps and the pervs want you: afraid and quiet. They’re bullies and as soon as you come out and defy them, watch the bastids run for their rat holes! 

You’re Being Bullied! Stop the Coeymanazis!

 Step 2:

Urge your fellow residents to Vote NO! on the entire ballot on May 15th. Discuss the vote everywhere you go. Print out pages of this blog or the Vote NO! flyer we provide at  Why You Should Vote NO!

Step 3:

Get the Vote NO! signs up and watch for sign vandalism. There have been a large number of reports of sign vandalism in the district. When the Vote NO! signs are being destroyed you can bet it’s not the residents who oppose the budget! What more needs to be said? If it’s kids, where are the parents? If it’s adults, well, that’s why we need to be getting the cops involved…but then with people like Deluca, Darlington, and the perps in uniform on the Coeymans Gestapo force…Nah! Small chance. The best bet is to call Agent Holly at the Albany FBI (Telephone No. Phone: (518) 465-7551).

Confidential = Secret!

A reader is asking for help in getting text and graphics for Vote NO! signs; you need to get together to create the signs, to form groups to put them up, to form groups to distribute flyers. Let us know in a CONFIDENTIAL comment if you’ll be willing to host a sign-party, be an organizer, join a Vote NO! group. Send us the CONFIDENTIAL comment and we’ll make sure it get into the right Vote NO! captain’s hands (CONFIDENTIAL comments are secret!). You need to act NOW! Time is running out!

Step 4:

Start drafting write-in candidates. Find people who are not teachers or married to teachers, good role models, no criminal or anti-social skeletons in the closet, intelligent (intelligent doesn’t mean having an MA!), and truly interested in the community. Spread their names around as write-ins. Spend $10 to have some flyers printed and distribute them. Write yourself in, if necessary, to prevent the Teachers’ Choices from getting the numbers!

Step 5:

Put a Vote NO! sign on your lawn or in your window! Let everyone know your position on this issue of uncontrolled spending and giveaways.

Step 6:

Be unafraid! Be a role model for your neighbors! Stand alongside victims of intimidation! Be a fighter, damn it! Be the anti-bullying champion in your community! 

Topple the Tower!


14 responses to “Topple the Teachers Tower on the Board of Education

  1. notinbcdistrict

    May 14, 2012 at 3:39 pm

    Why wont you print my comments? I said only the truth sir. Do you only print comments you can argue??


    • Fides qua Creditur

      May 14, 2012 at 3:50 pm

      Dear NotInBCDistrict: Please read the Rules of the Road. If you have a comment that is civil and not attacking a person and discusses a topic of this blog sensibly and factually, we’ll print it. We have no problem printing comments we don’t agree with. Just look at the comments, they’re both pro and con. But they’re on topic and they don’t attack a particular person (I do, but it’s my blog, isn’t it?).



  2. KS

    May 14, 2012 at 9:45 am


    The “Advanced” in Advanced Placement is NOT a fiction at RCS. Have you been to the annual meeting where dozens of students are honored for receiving high scores on their exams? The number with high AP scores are increasing every year. With your negative attitude about the RCS education system, how do you expect to accomplish anything? When you say the RCS report card sports mediocrity, that is the unfortunate truth. However, isn’t that something you’d like to see improve? You can’t improve anything if you begin with a pessimistic outlook.

    Saying that “it is fiction that better schools are demanding AP” is so outrageous, it’s comical. Have you ever researched the complexity of the college admission process and what is expected from the applicant? In a competitive applicant, colleges look for a challenging schedule (i.e. AP courses), high grades and test scores, and many extracurricular activities. They don’t look for these criteria because mainline teaching is poor, they do it to see if the student is a hard worker, challenges him/herself and succeeds. Obviously, you can apply without fulfilling these criteria, but you will not be accepted to a selective institution without them. If you expect to get in with the core curriculum alone, you’re in for a rude awakening. I admit, colleges put too much weight on AP and IB exams and standardized test scores that I don’t agree with at all. However, if a student has dreams of attending a prestigious university, that is what is required of them. He or she does not have a choice in the matter, and in order to evolve, the RCS school system doesn’t either. In my own college experiences, I have spoken to at least 50 administrators, deans, counselors, and recruiters and have visited 14 universities. Each person I encountered said the same thing: a rigorous course schedule and a plethora of extracurricular activities are a must for acceptance. It says right on the “Budget Q & A” of the RCS website that passing the budget preserves these things for our students. THAT is why I’m voting yes. We would be doing our students a great disservice if we took these opportunities away from them.

    I am aware of what the budget entails and yes, I am aware of the conditions of the MOA. However, what the budget will preserve is my ultimate concern. With every other argument aside, that is what’s most important. RCS students deserve the chance to get into the college of their choice. It’s not about ego and it’s not about entitlement. Everyone deserves to go to college if they wish. If they don’t, that’s perfectly fine, but the opportunity should still be available to them. The current students at RCS ARE the future of this community and it is our job to prepare them for it to the best of our abilities.


    • Fides qua Creditur

      May 14, 2012 at 12:28 pm

      Regardless of what you might argue, the standards are so low and the test scores so manipulated and fudged, that AP or any other “special” program is a myth, a fiction, a deceit. I don’t really care what the number of so-called awards are, quite frankly, not when they get points for putting their names–if they can remember them–in the right place, for handing the work in. Hell! They even get points for breathing!

      And thank you for allowing me the truth that the performanc report card for the RCS CSD is the incarnation of mediocrity; I’ve already commented on what can be improved: the teaching quality, the learning quality, and the quality of the role models to whom these children are exposed. They’re 16-17-18 and ready to graduate and they still can’t articulate a sensible sentence or, if they can, they lack the civil and social skills necessary to join civilized society. Again, read some of the outrageous comments those infants left on this blog and then tell me they have some potential. For what? A maximum security institution?

      More recently, any university is looking at the people skills of the applicants together with their academic performance. I know! I’m in the system! Even at specialized graduate institutes, the quality of the admitted applicants is deplorable. Why? Because they think they have a right to higher education. NOT SO! You have to be the right stuff!

      Why in hell do you think we have the economic crisis? Because students and graduates were not taught ethics and morality and anything but the worship of idols! That is the shortcoming not of book learning, my dear, but of the other side of teaching and learning: ethics, mores, and socialization. A failure of both the schools and the parents.

      I don’t give a damned for the propaganda material or any QA that might be posted or printed. It’s rubbish, garbage, misleading, and cooks the facts. I go to the scholarly articles on the subject; I go to the source documents; I go to the objective reports, not to the pedestrian fairytales published to indoctrinate the gullible and to get what those in power want. Can you be so naive?

      May I ask how you know what’s in the SMOA? I’ll wager you didn’t have a copy before I posted it or you are part of the bully gang about whom this blog is reporting. And furthermore, if you know about the contents of the SMOA, how can you possibly, in good conscience, even consider voting YES!. It’s counterintuitive, it makes not sense–unless you’re one of those who will benefit from advocating and promoting the fiction.

      I stand by my comments. Your arguments are far from convinving and are spurious. You need to do more serious thinking about facts and reality.



  3. KS

    May 14, 2012 at 7:37 am

    Perhaps you didn’t have AP classes and did fine, but times have changed. AP courses CANNOT be dispensed with because they are a necessity to go on to a good university. Nowadays, colleges are demanding them and that will only increase with the years to come. Something like that is not extra nonsense – it is imperative. A kid who has an excellent motivation and upbringing is wonderful, but unfortunately, that is only a piece of the puzzle. For a kid to succeed, he/she needs to be given the opportunity to do so. [Redacted] Passing this budget will give our students the chance to excel. A core curriculum is definitely important, but by today’s high education standards, it is inadequate by itself. This isn’t the fault of the students because they are snot-nosed and greedy, nor is it “giving them special treatment” to give them these educational benefits. These benefits are not a luxury, they are necessary. [Redacted] Whether a student takes that opportunity is up to them, but we cannot fail them by denying them that chance in the first place. We on the YES! side ARE looking at “the long-range side of things.” That’s why we’re voting the way we are. Those voting to pass this budget are looking ahead to a better future and are choosing to come to terms with reality: Expectations and the competition to get into college are at an all-time high. If we want to see our school improve we cannot stay where we are or go backwards – we must go forwards.


    • Fides qua Creditur

      May 14, 2012 at 8:09 am

      You don’t need to quote half the blog, friend, you can assume that if anyone is interested in your comment, they’ll go to the article itself. Don’t waste our time or the reader’s time quoting extensively.

      The fact that we published your comment with minor redactions even though we strongly disagree with the remaining commment should serve to more than counter some of the accusations that we are selective in publishing. That is simply untrue as demonstrated here.

      First of all, the term “kid” used to describe a human being is a deplorable misuse of a poorly contrived metaphor, and belongs in the same bucket as “impact” in all of its forms, except perhaps in its use in “impacted stool.” The term you might consider using to describe a young person or a schoolage person is pupil or student, child or children. They work perfectly fine. Yes, they are longer than three letters but most of our readership can handle that, trust us!

      You tend to overexaggerate and write in hyperbole–you’d make a great reporter for the Times Useless or might consider a career in non-historical fiction; non-historical, because you wouldn’t have to worry about getting the facts or even getting them right, which is so characteristic of the so-called “YES! side.” Facts really aren’t your or your supporters’ strong point.

      AP (advanced placement) is a fiction as is well represented by the charade of “advanced” anything in the RCS Central School District unless you’re referring to the advanced corruption or the advanced separation from reality that one observes in practically everything that happens in RCS. Don’t take our word for it, just look at the most recent New York Department oF Education report care for the RCS CSD: the most conspicuous feature of that report card is its MEDIOCRITY and the fact that RCS is just BARELY AVERAGE, at times accidentally exceeding average but not by much. Just read some of the foul-mouthed and asocial, disrespectful comments made by some of your RCS students, and then tell me that they’re ready to be released into the world as ‘model citizens.’ Misfits! And for that kind of product and performance the residents of the RCS CSD are being called out to accept an INSANE 6.8% increase in their tax levy? You’re all NUTZ!

      We would take issue with your statement, again more fiction than fact, that better schools are demanding AP. That’s simply rubbish and if you knew what you were talking about you’d probably not have made the statement. They may look for AP because the standard of mainline teaching and education is so poor! If the level of teaching and learning were generally raised, if the bar were raised for ALL students, AP could be dispensed with, the teachers deployed elsewhere; the budget could be reduced, the property tax levy reduced, and students overall would be exposed to a more competitive learning environment in which they can opt to be mediocre or excel. Your logic that AP is necessary is FLAWED! It is a model of segregation and discrimination; it is more of an advertising, promotional slogan that sells an unnecessary product. It’s an ego trip for deluded students and their even more deluded parents. Excuse the expression, but everything you write in your comment is purest crapola!

      As for your delusional statement that the 2012-13 school budget is a formula for the future and that you and your “YES! side” are looking towards the long-range side of things is INANE and INSANE. You are looking to a future of continuing your fictions and deceits and you are looking towards long-range disaster! Again, evidence of your total disconnection with reality and your total ignorance of truth and facts as is obvious from your superficial statements. Have you read any of the budget? The Supplemental Memorandum of Agreement that ensures that the teachers association, the teachers union, gets everything at everyone else’s expense? We’d guess NOT!

      Sorry but you and your supporters are qualifying for the next DumbAss Award.

      But with a handle like Maroon Banana, what more could we expect?


  4. Simon

    May 9, 2012 at 7:14 pm

    The only reason we recruit our own internal (and unqualified) candidates for the positions of Superintendent and Principals is the past scorched earth history of this district makes it so that anyone with genuine qualifications wouldn’t want to work (let alone live) within 20 miles of this community. Without strong leaders both in Administration and on the BOE, there’s no shot of reining in the masses to get everyone on the same page.

    I’m unsure if this perfect storm year is really THE year to draw a line in the sand. Granted you have some who would say that EVERY year.

    I really would have liked some of these hard decisions to have come up last year, but there wasn’t really the foresight of the BOE to recognize these issues were coming (did noone really put the 20 year red sticker on the calendar back in 1992 to mark when the PILOT agreement was expiring???).

    Must depart for now; getting a call from the H.S. about some misbehavior in the parking lot at school.



    • Fides qua Creditur

      May 9, 2012 at 7:34 pm

      That’s a truly unfortunate oracle, S., but we must live in hope, not [over]expectation.

      Thanks again for your insights.



    • disappointed

      May 13, 2012 at 10:13 pm

      I thought this blog was supposed to be less pedestrian than using aggressive, rude statements like ‘people like you’ over and over. If you want to be taken seriously I suggest cutting out the aggressiveness, however I doubt that is possible with the outlandish ideals represented. [Readacted] This blog is a disgrace to the community and the future that lays within our young people.


      • Fides qua Creditur

        May 14, 2012 at 7:45 am

        Well, “Maroon Banana,” I’m sure there’s a story behind that handle but we also don’t think this is the place to explore that story…this is a civil and decent blog.

        Regrettably, most of your comment violated the very simple Rules of the Road in terms of on-topic and civility–words you are obviously struggling with. What you term outlandish ideals are simply ethical and cvil ways of doing business, they may appear “outlandish” to some depraved individuals but trust us, they are generally accepted by a large majority of socialized people. You may have trouble with words like ethical and civil, even with truth and transparency, but in time you may get it.

        This blog started, in fact, because of people just like you; although we didn’t officially dedicate it to the ignorant and tunnel-visioned, it’s for you and your ilk! So enjoy your 15 minutes of notoriety and then return to your abyss of mediocrity and self-loathing.



  5. concerned parent

    May 9, 2012 at 12:38 pm

    Well you say vote no on the budget, but do you understand what that means for the children? I’m not talking about teachers or any other adult figures associated with the school, just the kids. Voting no would mean a 0% tax increase but this would also destroy the school. No sports, no advanced classes (hell, there’ll be nothing but core classes left), no extracuricular activities and many other items stripped from the kids. This is going to do a few things, for example: it will make being competetive during college applications impossible. Without any of the above oppurtunities provided it will be impossible to prepare for, much less be accepted into, any competetive 4 year schools. It will also ruin property value in the rcs district due to a steep drop in the quality of the school. now all teacher/administrator issues aside, how could you in all good conscience take those oppurtunities away from the children by voting no to the budget? I feel like you are most likely childless or you would not adopt this sort of attitude so easily.


    • Fides qua Creditur

      May 9, 2012 at 1:05 pm

      Thank you, Concerned Parent, for your comment.

      One caveat before I launch my response: Please stick to what you know and avoid making assumptions of anyone’s marital or parental status. That’s not the issue or the topic and never was. The real topic and issue is whether it is realistic to continue spending when there’s no real basis for justifying it.

      Look, the nices in the school program are nice but not necessary. When it comes to austerity we keep the necessary and dump the nice. Get it? Too bad if the kids have to make do with “core classes;” maybe if they don’t have all the other distractions they just might learn the basic core skills like spelling, writing, math, even social skills. Maybe the parents may even have to do some parenting, which includes socializing their little beasties, or teaching them social skills, manners, conversation instead of texting, etc.

      I wouldn’t worry about the competitiveness for 4-year schools. At the rate the RCS system is failing and in view of the most recent report cards, you’d better worry about them getting into a Walmart 2-year college. If they do get into a 4-year college, at the rate the colleges are going industrial, you’d better start thinking about the debt!

      It’s beyond me how people in denial will search for any crappy justification for their misguided rationalizations! Property values and school quality correlation? That’s a new one. Property values go down because of the corruption in the government and in the financial institutions; property values go down when there are no business opportunities or no services in an area; property values go down because people get frustrated and depressed and the place looks like downtown Appalachia; property values go down when you have slum lords and slums and people rent out or sell to the lowest bidder just because they can’t either afford the area anymore due to tax levies or the community is just too nasty. Don’t talk to me about a correlation between property values and school quality. Example: New Baltimore has no schools but downstaters are buying up property at fairly decent rates. And most of them have no children!

      Why don’t you stop whining about taking away from the children and encourage parents to start taking parenting more seriously. What you’ve taken away from the “children” is their childhoods, their role models, their kinship security, their self-respect, their ability to develop an identity, and you’ve made them overly competitive, self-centered, social and cultural misfits with unrealistic visions (= hallucinations) and expectations, and stuffed their greedy little hands with electronic devices that further impoverish them.

      The community must vote NO! because the teachers, yes your dear teachers, have not sacrificed their pay raises, even though they make an average of twice the mean income in the community! The community must Vote NO! because it simply cannot afford this levy or the next one or the next one! Grandma’s eating cat food and your talking tax her more!

      If those kids have enough time to spend a day sending comments to this blog; if they have the level of education that enables them to feel that they can use such filthy language as they did in those comments; and if you think that, as one of those delinquents wrote, “the teachers were there, too, laughing,” don’t talk to me about the quality of the schools declining, they’re already there!



      • concerned parent

        May 9, 2012 at 1:17 pm

        So you’re saying that children coming from RCS have no future? That’s your justification for taking away oppurtunities such as AP classes which have actually helped push many current students into a number of prestigious colleges in the past? The current tax increase is estimated to cost ~250-350$ more per household. That’s like smoking one less pack of cigarettes a week for a year. It’s nothing out rageous and this is coming from a low income household. People should be willing to make small sacrifices so that the children may have a better future through their education


      • Fides qua Creditur

        May 9, 2012 at 1:51 pm

        Poisons, when administered in low doses, repeatedly over protracted periods tend to make the recipient insensitive to increasing frequency of doses or moderately higher doses over time.

        It’s mind boggling how short-sighted people like you tend to be. You don’t look at the long-term, wider-range of what you agree to today, nor do you have the foresight to envision what might be coming next. It’s people like you spend, spend, spend on the credit card; or push the investor’s tolerance to the limit that caused the recession in the first place. The education system, if I may use the term so loosely, is like the healthcare system; you can dump all there is into it and it still asks for more. It’s a money pit if it’s not trained. All children are not gifted and all children do not have the smarts or the right to go on to higher education; some have to settle for the noble tradesman positions. No matter what you spend on healthcare to preserve those who should naturally be allowed to die or those whom nature should and would have taken much earlier, does not change the fact of our mortality; death always wins!

        No, I’m not convinced that AP classes are good nor desirable. What I will repeat is that if we stop all the extra nonsense and do what has to be done and do it well then the AP classes can be dispensed with. A kid who has a genuine thirst for knowledge doesn’t need AP; s/he needs a good home environment with interested parents. We didn’t have AP classes and we did pretty damned well, even if I do say so.

        People like you always come up with it’s “only” this or that. But multiply the “it’s only’s!” Do the math! Better still, see if your kid CAN do the math! Now, you used the 1-pack of cigarettes a week simile. Here’s one for you to mull over: The cost of smoking that one pack of cigarettes a week…the real cost in terms of healtcare costs, disability costs, loss of productivity costs, etc. Then take that savings from the one pack a week for a year, plus the projected costs involved in smoking 1 pack a year, and reallocate that money! There’s a solution for you! Or, here’s another one: stop the foreign wars! Plug the education gap with the war chest!

        I’m truly sorry but your arguments and justifications are too pedestrian, too simplistic, too fraught with holes to hold water.

        The schools systems need to get back to teaching, back to learning, back to reality and need to learn some austerity. Parents and politicians have done American youth the greatest disservice immaginable by making them feel special and entitled when they’re simply not. They are isolationist, misinformed, antisocial, misguided, lazy, and greedy…chips of the ol’ blocks, right? That’s why we’ll never catch up internatinally because we are mollycoddling generations of misfits.


        P.s. By the way, if your per-household figure is correct you are not counting those individuals who may have more than one property and pay school taxes on each of those properties but get only one vote, and my not have any children at all. You’re also not taking into account the beneficiaries of those taxes who don’t pay taxes. Did you even give a thought to the increasing poverty in this district that is approaching 38%–read the NYS schools report card for RCS and the number of free and subsidized school lunches (the poverty level for Albany County in 2012 was about 25%)?



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