Real Bullying at School is By the Teachers

19 Apr

The Real Bullying at School is by the Teachers and the Teachers Union/Association. Thanks to An Ignorant Voting Public, They’ve Stuffed the BoE with their Retirees and their Spouses. The Non-Teachers on the BoE haven’t got a Prayer.

What the Teachers Want the Teachers Get…And You Pay for It!

Should your sacrifices go straight to the teachers' bellies?

Facts: 50% of the RCS Board of Education is made up of individuals with special-interest connections!

  • 2 BoE members are teachers
  • 2 BoE members have spouses who are teachers

Does anyone besides me smell a potential conflict of interest or abuse of authority, ethical conflict in this situation?

It’s really disgusting to see the board of education bullied by the teachers and the teachers greed in action! “Pay me now and pay me later!” seems to be the local teachers’ mantra as they flood the meeting room, and put on their sad faces, crying: “I get emotional about this (M. Miller).” [I’ll bet he does! Giddy is a better word!!] “I really don’t know what to say!” (the teacher whose husband just got tenure and who had to be phoned to get her to the meeing. “Ms Apologies” sitting to the president’s left, and who’s expecting to become a teacher! She’s keeping her bread heavily buttered.).

It make one want to vomit to hear them talking about their school loans they needed to take out to become teachers and have to pay back. What?!? Just them? I just finished a master’s in divinity (M.Div.); The minimum credits for a M.Div. is 75 credit hours, I did 90 (some schools/seminaries require more than 100!) The M.A. for teachers is a mere 24-30 hours. What the hell are they complaining about? Almost everyone attending college in the USA is saddled with student loans, not just the “poor” teachers! Funny how in this country the only ones crying poverty are the rich and the teachers! And they come out with salaries way above the average with very generous benefits and bullying power, too! (Just look at the RCS teachers association).

Then there’s the teacher who addressed the RCS BoE and the public complaining that she and her husband are teachers and property owners in the district; that they’ll get hit twice with the pay freeze…but she cleverly neglects to note that they get two paychecks from the district!

You really need to listen to the stories these conivers are feeding the district residents to believe they’re really saying it. Belongs on pay-per-view but for adults only. I’d hate to expose the children to such deviance but Hey!parents are putting their children under these perv’s influence every school day! What’s up?

Matt Miller, President of the RCS Teachers Association.

Miller teaches advanced deception at RCS.

Kewl, fashionable, stuck-in-midlife-adolescence Matt Miller was supposed to have met with the superintendent at 4 p.m. prior to the BoE meeting with the teachers association proposal. Miller showed up and presented the BoE with the teachers association proposal 2 minutes to 7 p.m. while the board was in executive session. Note: The public proceedings start at 7 p.m. How is it possible that the president of the teachers association presumes to submit a proposal and have that proposal adequately discussed when he submits it at the 11th hour! That’s outrageously irresponsible and unprofessional. To then make the impression on the public that the Board is being unfair in not accepting it is outright dishonest and is playing the voting and taxpaying public for fools! Shame on Mr Miller, shame on the teachers association, and shame on the teachers for allowing this charade and fraud.

If Matt Miller’s representation of the teachers association is representative of the teachers themselves they are a despicable, self-serving, hypocritical group who do one thing through the teachers association and their representative Matt Miller and talk a different talk when at the podium. Either that’s fact or Matt Miller is a snake. [Over the past couple of weeks of reviewing him on tape, we opt for the latter.]

The facts: The proposal is that from July 1, 2012, and for five months the teachers will have a pay freeze (no increases), then 1.5% increas for the remaining year, and in 2013-14 a 1.5% pay increase (3 sick days can be transferred to personalleave (they now have 2 days personal leave)).
In the period 2014-16 (two years) teachers are guaranteed a 2.5% pay increase. (If the budget is not passed, this all doesn’t happen; it’s null and void.)

The total savings would be about $130,000, and would bring the budget increase down from 7.3 to 6.8%, which can be used to offset the tax levy but not by a substantial amount.

The teachers presented any number of misleading scenarios and should be ashamed of themselves.

Here’s a little game: Guess which ones are the teachers/former teachers/spouses of teachers:

[Editor’s Note: We are paraphraseing/summarizing the remarks. The members’ exact words can be heard in the online video recording online and available at 17APRIL12BOE.]

BoE Member: ‘Just received the final draft of partial pay freeze, amount of savings received will not outweigh the costs to the district if the 8 conditions are followed. A full-year pay freeze would have been nice. I will not be supporting the proposal. I don’t think it sendas agood message wehn it sends the message of future increases when we’re asking so much form our taxpayers.’

BoE Member: I support the pay freeze, they don’t have to offer up anything…it was an offer…that would have helped. We were hoping to get a total pay freeze from al lthe units. The most highly paid unit is offering only a partial pay freeze when the others couldn’t possibly affort that.’

BoE Member: It is not a full pay freeze it is a partial pay freeze. In these hard times everyone should have to step up. I will not support the partial pay freeze.”

BoE Member:  “I don’t agree with the partial pay freeze and i don’t agree with giving it to us at the last minute, basically hanging it on us. I don’t believe it is enough and it won’t solve our problems at all. I won’t be supporting it.

BoE Member:  “I will be supporting the partial pay freeze. I feel it is a fair proposal. What the teachers have proposed is fair and progressive and should be passed. I applaud the teachers association for stepping forward with at least a plan.” [Whalen misses the fact that the teachers are giving up a part in exchange for future increases!]

BoE Member: “I agree with the pay freeze I agree with anything that people are willing to give back, especially if they don’t have to. I would be grateful for anything anybody will give.” [Mr Engels has a lot to learn about making tough decisions; his position is simply laying down and rolling over; its passive management and a management style for losers!]

[Editor’s Note: So many of the speakers are asking for guarantees, certainty of the Board. What we don’t understand is the total disconnection with reality of so many of the speakers; they appear not to be living in a real world. They are consistently asking for guarantees and certainty. We’re at a loss! It’s incredible to listen to these people.]

Local Resident:  (so-called treasurer of the controvertial RCS Sports Association; his wife is a teacher):  Budget comment. Savings and achieving savings so that services are not affected. Referring to the the 11th hour partial payfreeze, accuses the board of rejecting a savings of $300,000 savings [Editor’s Note: His math is a bit off.]  Teachers are evil, want money, highest paid unit. Nothing to do with me personally (Gotcha! Billy boy! Your wife is a teacher! Or didn’t you know that?). Admits that he does not know the terms or the conditions attached to the proposal (Then sit down and shut up until you have the information!) It might not have been as much as we wanted but we turned it down. I’m saddened by that.

Local Resident: I have to echo Bill McFerran’s remarks. Truly disappointed that the offer was rejected. [Brown obviously does not want to admit knowing that the RCS teachers association president submitted the proposal minutes before the public meeting!]  But she does mention the $10K paid to teachers association president Matt Miller in addtion to his teacher’s salary, stating that the meetings discuss that when there are other savings to be made. Is Partridge-Brown defending her friend Miller’s double-dipping and suggesting that it shoud be simply overlooked? Not questioned? Sorry, $10K is $10K; it aint chicken feed, in other words.

Local Resident/Businessperson: There were conditions associated with the TA proposal. What were those conditions? (No-one knew!) It appears that those conditions were a determinant factor in the Board’s acceptance of the proposal. Very disappointed that there were conditions attached to the proposal by the teacher’s union. All the unions have not stepped forward with a solid proposal that would make a real difference. Whether the support is coming from state or federal, it’s still money coming from taxpayers. Very disappointed that people have not come forward with solid proposals. If the budget does not pass there should be cuts in teachers, support staff, and administration. Students should be given the credit for being able to learn in a class with 15 students and with 30 students, it shouldn’t matter, they can learn.

Matt Miller: Yeah! This is the same Matt Miller who pops the proposal on the board 2 minutes before the public session. He whines: ‘No other way to say it but “Unreal.”‘ [It’s “unreal” alright; unreal how he gets away with his conspiracies!] Healthcare copays have increased (so have mine!). We got our people to do the right thing. The conditions,” My contract, I wrote the thing.” It lessens the impact on my people but gives the district relief next year. The conditions are not, I feel, too stringent. Miller is about money, money, money! The conditions didn’t have anything to doe with costing the district anything [We should hope not! It was supposed to save the district money]. The conditions were to save jobs w/o increasing the tax levy.

Jesse Newman: I know that there are a lot of differences and conflicts on the board. I thought you guys made some very tough decisions. I’m amazed…it seems like a slap in the face to the teachers…(Does he know what he’s talking about? Nobody knows about the proposal or the conditions! But he’s lambasting the board.). These teachers did a good thing. (How the hell can he say so?!?).

R.J. Esposito: Very disappointed. You asked for s.t. you didn’t get what you wanted but they met you half way. A lot of people don’t agree what to cut so they cut everything; they need to be explained to that once the things are gone they are gone. They are not coming back next year. They need to pass this budget. Can you explain what happens next year. [The superintendent explains that is what she’s going to be doing…she will be addressing PTA groups on the subject. If looking at a 0% we might be looking at school closures or full-day kindergarten to halfday, etc.]]

Melanie Potter (special-ed teacher): “I’m a bit upset. I’m a parent and I know parents and I know business owners in this district. Bare-bones services.”
In the real world there are millions who are homeless, jobless, paying back student loans, unable to afford healthcare or insurance, and making nothing or next-to-nothing, and paying taxes, including school taxes. It is scandalous to hear one highly paid group, the teachers, crying the blues and putting on an act as if they were being mistreated. 

When are you going to wake up?!?

Residents, Taxpayers, Everyone: Wake up! Vote down the budget proposal. It’s the only real alternative. Spend, Spend, Spend! Pay, Pay, Pay! Is simply not going to work. Cuts have to be made. Sacrifices, real sacrifices, have to be made; not sacrifices tied to conditions like the teachers association is trying to force down the board’s throat at YOUR expense. Shame on the teachers! But shame on you, too, for allowing them to do what they are doing!

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4 responses to “Real Bullying at School is By the Teachers

  1. Darlene

    June 26, 2012 at 5:48 pm

    I see what they made in 2011 on seethroughny…..and they’re complaining????


    • Fides qua Creditur

      June 26, 2012 at 6:55 pm

      Plus the perqs, the stipends, the continuing ed benefits. And yeth, they’re still complaining. You see, it’s the “more game;” they have something and they want more, they get it and they still want more. They’re never satisfied and they simply don’t care who they take it from as long as they get it. Get it?

      What made me really laugh was when former board of education member Josephine O’Connor, who was perpetually late or on another planet on meeting nites, voted to grant her own husband tenur, and then voted to pass the 2012-13 budget–all serious conflicts of interest, need I remind you–and on the nite of the vote (the BoE vote that passed the budget to go to the ballot (April 17th)), lamented almost tearily that she didn’t know how they were going to make it if there were a pay freeze! Simply idiotic but they got what they wanted–although it doesn’t appear to be legal.

      There you are!

      Thanks for visiting and thanks for your comment.



  2. Simon

    April 19, 2012 at 11:33 am

    It’s us, the public’s, job to make sure the board is balanced. Too many times people vote because they’re POed at one group or another and end up with someone worse with a personal agenda.

    If we’re upset at the over-weighting of the Board towards the teaching profession, please take this into account when voting next month and DO YOUR RESEARCH on the candidates. Voting someone in simply for the reason to get someone else out is how we end up with Boards like this in the first place.

    Voting for the budget should go the same way. Many (most?) of the people involved in this process just plain suck. Try to separate your reaction to all this crap from the task at hand. You want a lower tax increase (fixed income?) Vote it down. You want to protect the education options (because you have kids?) Vote for it. But don’t let these people’s (both the BoE and the speaker’s) antics affect the issue at hand, either way. Make an informed decision, one way or the other.



  3. springtime

    April 19, 2012 at 10:13 am

    Thank you!! It is shameful how such a small group in our community and sitting on the BOE can get away with promoting ONLY what is benefitting their own. The Public, must be activated to

      vote this budget down

    and make the changes necessary for children to obtain an education. The primary purpose of school is not to be a social club [or a gold mine] for teachers but a resource for students’ learning experience. NOT for the teachers!! The teachers must realize [and accept] this; it is not a game they are playing with us and our children!! Role models–no they are NOT! Money Money Money!!



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