A Reader’s Contribution…

16 Apr

A reader sent a comment that was just so delicious, we thought we really should publish it on its own. We’ve edited some stuff out for good reason but here it is, pretty intact. Enjoy! And write to us!

For Your Contribution!Thanks for the good reading material! (It’s almost worth paying the stupid RCS taxes to read your blog.)  LOL Life with an IQ above 130 is amusing isn’t it!  Sad you are nameless; I understand.  Ben Franklin had his pen names too! I have my ideas who you are. For 20 years [I’ve lived in] this moron-state a.k.a. the Ravena-Coeymans-police-state. I can’t understand with all they do to me I still get up and take another stand. (There are a few typo’s  in your blogs but who cares …)

The real truth is you’re going over their heads; some folks just don’t get it and they never will….remember…. KISS?” Keep it simple stupid; you have to keep it really simple for most of them. I love the parts about David’s [Soare’s] secretary [Darlington] she was a Soares loser in it all.
I think I just earned your next ten Dumb-Ass awards! LOL! Here’s one: I run into  Cathy [Deluca] in Price Chopper and tell her RK resigned from the BoE. ! The look of joy on her face didn’t disappoint me.  As I didn’t lose my sense of humor…  I then told her “No, he didn’t!” But that was my point–even if it was a stupid point. [Editor’s Note: Stupidity picks easy projects and avoids those that make you think. Then the writer takes us to his real point.]  Let’s just say, for instance, say that he [RK] was out of the picture …..

An Dwindling Tax Base…And they Still Spend!

We are still facing an approximated 10% increase in school  taxes. What are your solutions, geniuses?  If I remember correctly you all knew of the foreseeable reduction in tax base! You all should have seen the writing on the wall, the signs! [Great leadership, right?]

This loss of  revenue was coming already 10 years ago but the geniuses in charge spent our money on a pool that was a few feet too short–like so many other things in the RCS “leadership”– for any really serious competitive sports events–well, maybe the RCS Senior Citizens Water Aerobics Olympics! Did anyone look at the plans? Did anyone do any research? They must be the dumbest asses on earth! So much for people who build glass-enclosed pools; they really  should not build them across the street from a quarry company that blasts rock every day and cracks your glass pool every day! We’ve known about the vibrations problem for almost 50 years, since the RCS highschool was first built! Brainless wonders that you all are! [Thank you! Mr Deluca and company!]

Well, keep up the good work! If the FBI wanted you or RK you would be both gone by now. [But maybe now they’re looking more closely at the real home-grown local terrorists–they’re all over the place in RCS!] Give me a few days I have to go to Village of Ravena’s budget hearing on Tuesday and if I can make it to the school budget, too! Both at the same time…Go figure.

[Editor’s Note: We hope this correspondent will agree to make regular contributions, since he/she is very very intimately familiar with a great deal of the unethical and unlawful goings on in Ravena, Coeymans, and Selkirk. S/he is preparing a documents package substantiating this and much more and we’ll be looking forward to reading it and will publish it soon. FqC]

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7 responses to “A Reader’s Contribution…

  1. Bob

    November 15, 2012 at 6:00 pm

    …well I cannot find the appropriate place on the blog to enter this, so I am putting it here!
    News item at this link……. …..about someone stealing about $4000 of funds raised for student athletics….sure it is a bad thing and the person should be punished, but…can you imagine raising $4000 to help a program in a school district that has a budget in excess of $20 million? If they cannot find the funds in that pile then they don’t deserve a sports program.

    Besides, mixing volunteer monies with employees is a task begging for problems….that’s why we don’t ix them here at RCS….or do we?


    • RCS Confidential

      November 15, 2012 at 8:03 pm

      Hello, Bob:

      Thanks very much for your comment. Very appropriate for the state of affairs we have here in RCS.

      I’ve reposted your comment to a more recent, visible article where it can be read by more readers.

      Keep commenting when you come up with interesting points or news!

      Thanks again!

      The Editor


    • RCS Confidential

      November 15, 2012 at 8:04 pm

      Hello, Bob:

      Thanks very much for your comment. Very appropriate for the state of affairs we have here in RCS.

      The Editor

      I’ve reposted your comment to a more recent, visible article where it can be read by more readers.

      Keep commenting when you come up with interesting points or news!

      Thanks again!

      The Editor


  2. laszlo polyak

    April 22, 2012 at 11:25 am

    heres the state regs and where you can get staight answers ……Laz
    Skip To Content
    Pupil Transportation
    Parent Information
    Safety Training
    District Operations
    Regional Pupil Transportation
    State Operations

    New York State Pupil
    Transportation Director

    NYSED / P-12: EMSC / SOMS / Pupil Transportation Services /
    Pupil Transportation Services

    The State Education Department has oversight responsibility for school district provision of pupil transportation services to resident pupils attending public and nonpublic schools. Approximately 2.3 million pupils, or ten percent of the nation’s pupils, ride our 50,000 school buses each day. The 2008-09 statewide cost of services is approximately $2.8 billion with state aid of $1.5 billion. The Department processes 5,400 contracts and extensions annually for the delivery of services by private contractors. District owned school buses provide approximately half of all services and private school bus contractors provide the other half.

    The Department also has jurisdiction over the qualifications for hiring school bus drivers, monitors and attendants. It has established in regulation specific safety training requirements which help insure safe transportation for all pupils. The Department administers the School Bus Driver Safety Training Program which uses 1,000 School Bus Driver Instructors to provide school bus drivers, monitors and attendants with a comprehensive introduction to safety training and annual refresher training.
    News & Notes
    04/12/12 –
    All requests for NPO, NPC, and PIRP room approvals.
    Certificates for school bus driver, monitor and attendant – Basic and Advanced Courses of Instruction.
    Requests for lost certificates.
    MV 104F for school bus accidents (the NY State Education Department copy).

    Should be sent to:
    Pupil Transportation Safety Institute
    10 Adler Drive, Suite 102
    East Syracuse, New York 13057

    Phone: 315-475-1386 or 1 800-836-2210
    Fax: 315-475-5033

    PTSI Website

    02/10/12 – The 2011 status of pilot programs to assist school districts in the formation of regional pupil transportation systems. (1.13MB)
    02/02/12 – New York State Pupil Transportation Director Named
    06/15/11 – The May 2011 CPI to be used for the 2011-2012 Pupil Transportation contract extensions is 2.9%.
    05/03/11 – Better use of school buses. Do you need a seat for every student?
    03/22/11 – Non-Allowable Pupil Decimal Preparation and Filing – State Aid Website
    01/11/11 – Important Notice: 2011 Professional Development Seminar (PDS) for SBDIs (1/11/11)
    10/20/10 – Regional Transportation Pilot Study (25KB)
    10/20/10 – Planning Information for 2011 Professional Development Seminar (PDS)

    07/13/10 – Competitive Bidding Dollar Threshold
    08/07/09 – 2010 – 15th NCST – National Congress On School Transportation, NYS Delegation Members
    03/03/09 – Eligibility distances for schools under a contingency budget.
    03/03/09 – Requirements for Student School Bus Safety Drills. School districts are required to conduct training and three (3) safety drills for all students at prescribed times during each school year. The superintendent certifies to SED that the instruction and drills have been conducted for all pupils.
    03/03/09 – Transportation on Optional Holidays
    08/27/08 – Reducing School Bus Idling – Requirements and Notice Materials for School Districts
    Last Updated: April 12, 2012
    University of the State of New York – New York State Education Department


  3. Simon

    April 18, 2012 at 12:46 pm

    (Response to “Someone Who Visited This Blog”)

    Unfortunately, transportation is mandated in New York State for public schools.

    As for the costs of sports – I am always willing to pay my kid’s way.

    — S


    • Fides qua Creditur

      April 18, 2012 at 5:54 pm

      Thank you, again, for your comment.

      Whether trans is mandated by State legislation or regulation, that fact would have no bearing whatsoever on more efficient use of time and vehicles. In fact, if transportation is mandated then the district has the moral responsibility to properly schedule runs and to study the most efficient routings and timing for those runs. But then, much depends on the very noisy teachers and teachers association as to what gets done and how it affects their “plans.” Considering the overrepresentation of the teachers and teachers’ spouses on the BoE, it’s unlikely that anyting can or will be done without the teachers’ blessing. It’s unfair and unjust but it will remain that way until the voters wake up and smell the rotten garbage. Might take some time.

      We commend you for taking the responsibility for your children’s recreational activities; it shouldn’t be at the expense of the taxpayer; that’s why its called “extracurricular.”

      Thanks again for your comments.


  4. Fides qua Creditur

    April 16, 2012 at 6:38 pm

    [Editor’s Note: This is the text of a message sent to another reader by someone who visited this blog. It gives you some idea of what people are thinking. We do not necessarily share this writer’s point of view but it is a point of view worth knowing about. And yes, we have notified a number of education department officials about the situation. FqC]

    After reading this article with deep interest, I find it hard to believe that something as serious as this is going on in your peaceful village. Have you been in touch with the State Education Dept.? I think I would make sure they have a copy of this. It is my opinion that this issue is totally unethical. I would also, for your own protection, be very quiet about what you know, and who you reveal it to.

    The Ravena School District is something else! I am upset every time I read about the monies they want for their programs. One thing I do not agree with is their Busing system. Why are we paying for buses to haul kids to school that don’t want to be taught, If it was up to me, I would say to the parents, here is the school for learning; it is up to you to get your child there for learning. Car pool with your neighbors or pay to have them shuttled there. Look seriously in the cost of operating a bus to pick up kids that don’t want to learn.

    Playing Sports is not part of the learning experience. As far as I can see, this activity should also be ended. How many sports stars do you know who have come from Ravena, NY. I’ll bet there aren’t any, If the children want to play sports, let the parents make arrangements to get them there and pick them up. I’ll be willing to bet that the insurance premium would be cut in half if no sports program was in place.

    It is about time that someone complains about the political system and how crooked it is these days. Keep up the good work.
    Tom S.



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