FBI is Watching: Somebody Know a Big Brother?

02 Apr

The suggestion has been made many times that this country is quickly becoming a police state, ruled by fear and anxiety; that this country may be ruled by laws but not by justice, by fear and anxiety rather than by the ideals promulgated by the Founders and the notions of ethics and justice of our Judaeo-Christian traditions. But isn’t that the very reason we put up this blog?

Should we be flattered?

Well, imagine our surprise (but then, maybe not so surprised, Big Brother is everywhere) to see on our tracking statistics three visists on April 2, 2012, from Guess who! the FBI Criminal Information System in Woodbridge, Virginia (USA) (IP No.

The first question that arose in our minds (and perhaps it should in yours, too) is:

Is this going to become the supreme act of bullying?

Now, does this mean that the FBI Criminal Information System in Woodbridge, Virginia, is now tracking all or many private blogs or just those discussing of all places, the backwater Town of Coeymans? Doesn’t that seem a bit odd to you readers out there? Feeling a bit paranoid?

The other possibility is that someone in Coeymans is feeling a bit uncomfortable and is contacting a “friend” or, even more likely, one of the characters in the satire, the three-ring circus we’re currently looking at is making anonymous tips and the FBI Criminal Information System is dutifully looking into the tips. My money is on the second possibility.

Our first inclination is to look in the direction of Albany County DA P. David Soares’ office, since Coeyman’s Police Chief Darlington’s wife is Soares’ secretary, and a local opinion is that Mr Darlington has a peculiar admiration for Deluca–perhaps the Darling-tons are misusing their positions or influence to help their darlings, the Delucas? Sound like a possibility in Smalbany or Coeymans? There are serious administrative and even legal consequences for that sort of unethical/illegal misconduct, and we’re going to try to get Mr Soares’ take on this, perhaps through a watchdog agency. We don’t think for a second that Soares will tolerate being put on the spot for misconduct by his confidential staff. Do you? (Does that qualify them for the next Dumb Ass Award?)

Whatever the interest, it’s sure to increase interest in this blog. That’s a good thing, by the way.

So, what’s our reaction? Well, we’re certainly not surprised that someone’s getting uncomfortable but we’re confident that we’re on the right side of the law and are trying to ensure that they are, too.

We’ve written to the FBI through their Albany Tips line saying:

“I have noticed on my blog site statistics that the FBI Criminal Justice Information at Fbi Criminal Justice Information Systems ( has visited my blog Albany NY a.k.a. Smalbany twice since the blog was posted: on  and three times on 2 Apr 09:03:04 and 2 Apr 08:57:42 (once to referring link)). The origin of the visits appears to be Woodbridge, Virginia, United States. [Editor’s Note: We apologize for the grammar, we were trying to write the message to the FBI when we noted a new visit…we got sidetracked 😉 ]

While I am flattered by the FBI’s interest, I would like to know immediately why you are visiting my blog site.

Thank you.”

We’ll also be contacting state and federal representatives to ask why we are receiving the attention of the FBI. What’s next? A “stray” bullet through my office window some night? Plot thickens, doesn’t it?

Stay tuned and we’ll post the “Company’s” response to our inquiry. This might get interesting.

Will BB leave a comment?

Just that you are aware, Guardians of Domestic Liberties, we’re watching back!

 P.s. If we suddenly disappear or go silent, call the American Civil Liberties Union, we’re doing that right now.

Read my letter to Clifford C. Holly, Special Agent in Charge, Albany New York Office, FBI: FBI Letter

Read my letter to Donna Lieberman, Executive Director, ACLU, New York Office, re: FBI visits: ACLU Letter


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