The Times Union Newspaper: Print Bullyism

29 Mar

If Albany, New York, a.k.a. Smalbany is aptly characterized as a one-horse town it’s just as accurate to characterize it as a one-source town for its news, too. When there’s an hegemony in any system, there’s abuse and it’s even more true when that power is used to misinform and to shape the public’s opinions.

The Times Union is Albany’s one-source printed news (also online, of course) and is a company of the Hearst Corporation. Heard enough yet? It gets much worse, still!

Like a huge squid pumping black ink into the waters to hide its own ugliness and to blind anything in its reach, the Times Union dominates the news scene in Albany and in its reign of tyrannical terror, has the people and the city’s institutions in a strangle hold.

The Times Useless as it’s popularly known in the area is a specialist in pulp fiction journalism and newsprint bullyism. While struggling to keep itself alive and its journalist bullies in jobs while confronted by an already illiterate public increasingly getting its information online, it epitomizes the worst in scandalous tabloid reporting and its inept journalists–from the food critics to the crime reporters–have perfected the notion of newsprint bullyism.

Times Union (Useless) Journalist at Work

Since nothing really happens in Albany–when it does it’s usually bad and the politicos and the reporters need to keep it pretty–the ace reporters at the Times Useless have to keep busy and they do manage: they usually go out and pick on some poor bastard who can’t fight back and has no voice. Why not? If you go after anything larger it’s liable to bite back or sue!

Recent case in point: One of the Times Useless’ star reporters (that’s meant to be sarcasm) obviously

Dayelin Roman - Bully-ette - and Times Useless "Crime Confidential" blogger. Pulp-fiction Journalist

had nothing to do so she, Dayelin Roman, some import from Florida turns from her backwoods assignments and sets her sights on a local pioneer spirit,  who has the cojones to stand up and fight the system (Anyone remember the Boston Tea Party? Taxation without representation?) and libels him to the point of calling him a “terrorist”! Does it matter that the people who know him best in his community chose to elect him to the school board? Hell No!  Ms Dayelin has to trash him, his reputation, and his good work. Together with a couple of local psycho vigilantes she’s out to destroy something and Rodney’s on the menu today. This is typical of what the Times Useless is doing….not to mention the fact that like the old padded wad of 20’s (remember that trick? You wrap a $20 bill around a wad of plain paper to make people think you’re loaded. Well that’s what the Times Useless does: Old news wrapped around a core of advertisements and rubbish.). Well, read the entire piece at Times Union is a Bully. Where’s Rodney supposed to go to respond? Answer: Nowhere. Bully’s knocked him flat.

Not the first time, certainly not the last time. But if Mr Rodney Krzykowski can’t fight back, some of us will stand up for him!

Stay tuned for more on the Times Useless as this blog develops.

Read my Letter to the Editor submitted on March 30, 2012 at Newsprint Bullies.


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One response to “The Times Union Newspaper: Print Bullyism

  1. Fides qua Creditur

    March 30, 2012 at 5:04 pm

    The editor of the Ravena News Herald, Melanie Lekocevic, replied to our submission of a Letter to the Editor for publishing in the News Herald:

    “Unfortunately, we will be unable to run your letter to the editor in the Ravena News-Herald. We cannot run letters which don’t identify the author, and the letter attacks a reporter at another newspaper (the Times-Union) about an article that ran in another paper and not our own.
    “I would recommend you contact the Times-Union to voice complaints about their article. Thank you.”

    We have resubmitted a revised letter removing the problem texts.

    (Note: Please see the link above for the revised letter text.)



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